Spread Out The Light

Some thoughts from Sister of Mercy, November 6th, 1990

As we come into your circle once again we bring with us, as you know, a blessing from Spirit and we want you to share that blessing with those whom you come into contact on the earth plane.

We want to say to you that your world it not as black as you sometimes think it is. From where we are we can see the light and we can see the hearts of men beginning to open to the things of Spirit. It is so easy for you (to think that way) while you are confined in your body, while your mind is conditioned by everything that you see around you. It is so difficult for you to visualise your Earth as a whole and to realise that the events which take place on Earth are events which are intended; it is a sign of the Earth's evolution. Everything is in a state of flux, in a state of growth, in a state of development.

This development is not even, it doesn't just run along smoothly; every now and then it seems to turn on it's self and go backwards yet, when it starts forward again, it starts from a higher point than it did originally.

There is much on your earth plane that is so dark and dismal, but we do ask you to keep your thoughts and your spirits light. We ask you to look out, as we have said before, for the joy that there is in life and take a delight in the simple things: in the flowers and the birds, in the skies, in the colours of your trees, in the love that exists between man and woman, between parent and child, between friends. There is such a lot of love in your world, such a lot of unselfishness and such a lot of hope. But overlaying it all there is a darkness and, if you just concentrate on that darkness, then you are spreading it, whereas, if you concentrate upon the light, if you think of the good things that there are, if you look at your life and the things that you enjoy in it and take pleasure in, those are the things that eventually will bring your world through this troubled period. We know it is difficult for you; the bad news gets shouted at you from every side. You hear it on your wireless, you see it on your televisions, you read it in your newspapers, you hear it among the people that you meet. If only the good news could be spread in the same way then you would find the atmosphere on your earth plane would be lightened.

As it is we come down into your little circles and we bring with us a light that we try to spread upon each one of you and through you upon those you meet: upon your families, upon your loved ones, upon the wider circle of your friends and acquaintances. It is only through you that we can spread this light, that we can make a difference to your world.

We hear so often men and women saying "if there was a God He would not allow this or that or the other to happen". God is not an arbiter of everything, he does not control your world; you control it yourselves! It is your thoughts, your actions, your deeds, your love, your hate that makes the Earth what it is today.

We have often likened it to a school that you go through, lessons that you have to learn. When you come to the end of your time at school, when you are ready to step out into the "Greater World" then you will look back and see how you have been guided, how the events of your life have shaped themselves into the experiences that you needed.

As we have said so often there is no judgment day, there is no court in which you will be expected to condone your deeds. There is only your own mind, the spirit that you take with you when you leave your body behind, and it is only when that spirit is ready to judge yourself that you will begin to realise. Yes, you will have to face a judgement, but it is the judgement of you own conscience. But side by side with that judgement you will have the knowledge of the good that you have done, of the love that you have spread on the earth plane, of the lives that you have lit, even if it was only for a short while and with a dim light, even so, it is light.

Your earth plane, it seems so dark at times to you, does it not? Yet there is light there, there is love, there is understanding. Each one of you, as you face your journey through Earth will face the good and the bad. Often you will not know which to choose, you will not know how to live your lives, you just have to rely upon yourself, knowing that each experience that comes along, whether you triumph or whether you fail, it is all part of the plan for your life on Earth.

We look back upon our life when we were on the earth plane and we realise the mistakes that we made, but we also realise the good that we have done; and as it is with us so it is with you. So do not despair over your life on Earth and, as we have said before, if you do have a hard row to hoe, if your path is difficult then rejoice because you have got the strength, you need the experiences in order that you can develop your souls.

Try to make the best of the things that you have got on Earth, try to embrace all the experiences so that you will grow and develop and then, when the time comes for you to leave the earth plane, you will take with you the whole of your lives, what you have learned, the lessons that you have attained, the failures that you have made; they will all be there, all part of the experience of life on Earth.

We give you our blessing, praying that each one of you will keep the light in front of you and will show that light to all those who come into your orbit, and when they come may they realise that you have got a knowledge that you can share with them, you have got the love that you can pass on to others.

Goodnight and God bless you.