In The Scheme of Things

Recorded during a Home Circle on the 5th of December 1990

Peace be unto you.

That is the message that you give out at Christmas time, is it not? Peace be unto you. But do you sometimes stop and think what that peace will be? Is it peace within your world, from a worldly point of view? Or peace within your hearts, within your minds, within your souls?

Your world is in a state at the present time and although the prayers are going up from millions of your people asking for peace to come yet there is still the feeling around that war is inevitable and that you will find yourselves facing it in the future. We are not going to prophecy as to how your events will turn out because although you know that we from the other side of life, as you term it, are doing our best to bring about a peaceful solution to your problems, yet there are those on your earth plane who are determined to upset things and to make war.

What can you do as individuals, apart from praying for peace? We want to remind you of the words that Jesus of Nazareth spoke, while he was walking the earth plane, when He told you to consider the lilies of the field. When He told you that He came not to bring piece, when He told you that you had got to do your duty, as you saw it, and in the words that are given in your Bible to render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's and to God the things that are God's.

Your earth plane, as we have told you so many times, is just one episode in your lives. You come to Earth in order to learn things that you cannot learn completely from Spirit. You come to experience the difficulties of Earth. You come into a body, a human body with a human mind, and you find yourselves in circumstances sometimes extremely difficult and sometimes very pleasant. But everything that happens in your Earth is so very minute compared to eternity.

Your time, while you are here - whether it be long in years, as you term it, or short - will consist of experiences that you have thought are necessary to your development. You must not lose sight of the fact that you are spirit; that you have been spirit and you will be spirit. The time that you are in a body of Earth is just one brief episode in your existence.

It is often very difficult to put into your language the things of Spirit.

When you leave your Earth body behind and go forward into the Spirit World - taking with you the experiences that you have had while you are on the earth plane - so you will pick up again the threads of the existence that you had before you came to Earth. Adding to those threads what you have learned while you are in a body of matter.

We have said very frequently that time does not exist on our side of life. Time is a thing of Earth; is a thing of body; is a thing of matter. When you pass from this world - the world you are living in now - and come over into our world it is as though you just stepped out of one room into another. You leave behind the darkness and you go forward into the light. You will then remember what you were before you came to Earth and, as we have said, you will add the experiences of this particular phase of your existence to all those that you have accumulated in other lives, in other worlds, in other eons.

We are finding it difficult to express ourselves in a way that you will understand.

You sing the hymn "A thousand ages in Thy sight are like an evening gone". Can you accept the realisation of an existence that has no time?

We, who come back to try to help you, in your terms probably lived thousands of years ago and yet, if we care to turn the pages of our memories, it seems as yesterday.

And the future, what lies there? We are all on a path of progress; you in your physical bodies and we in our spiritual state. What we learn; what we experience goes to develop; goes to make ourselves nearer to God.

There are going to be changes in your world, changes that will seem enormous to you and yet changes which are inevitable. There are rays of hope for Earth because it is in the scheme of things that Earth will rise in The Great Project. But, before that happens, there will be many, many changes.

We ask you, while you are on the earth plane, to make the most of Earth; to make the most of life. To look within yourselves and realise that there is God within you. To look for the God in other people; even to look for the God in those whom you think are criminals of the very lowest. Every man, woman and child; every animal, every plant, everything that has life is on the same road, the road of progress. The road that will eventually lead everything into the being whom you term "God".

As we leave you we do say God bless each one of you and we give you our love and we send you our light.

God bless you.

The forces of the world surround the borders of Kuwait as Sadam Husane holds out after his invasion from Iraq. Sanctions do not seem to be working fast enough and a January 15th deadline is proposed in the United Nations after which hostilities are authorised.

J.H.H. 6th December 1990.