Like Attracts Like

Some words from Sister of Mercy

Recorded in the Circle on the 18th of December 1990

God bless you.

Once more you have linked up in your circle, sending out your thoughts to those who need help on your side of life. Sometimes you wonder what is the purpose of it; why should you put into words what you think when you know that your thoughts are received by spirit as you think them. What we would like to point out to you is that in formulating the words, in giving out the names, you are projecting your thoughts further than they can be if they are unexpressed.

Your minds upon the earth plane in a human body are so limited, are so finite. You are restricted by the circumstances of your lives and by the conditions under which you have been reared: by the things which you have learned, by the experiences which you have had. You know that you are spirit in a human body; spirit that has no particular place. It doesn't occupy a square centimetre of your Earth's surface; it is all around you. It is so difficult for you to appreciate the universality of Spirit.

Each one of you attracts to yourself certain forms, certain expressions of spirituality; even as upon the earth plane you are attracted to certain people; often you find that you have much in common with them. So it is with the realm of Spirit. Because Spirit occupies all space and no space so you will find that, mingling with your mind, there come thoughts from those on the other side of life, as you term it, who are in sympathy with you: with your ideas, with the knowledge that you have and with the intuition that you experience.

On your earth plane you are often told that like attracts like; so it is with Spirit. Even though you cannot limit Spirit to a particular time, a particular space, a particular section of your world; yet it is true that out of that Great Spirit you draw to yourself the essence of what you need. You often find that you know things without really realising how you have learnt them. Perhaps you awake one day and find that something that has been puzzling you, to a greater or lesser extent, for some considerable time is suddenly a part of your mind and you have grown that little bit and embraced it.

Trying to put into words the feeling of Spirit is very, very difficult and in some ways it is not possible to make you understand, and yet, each one of you, because you are, what you term Spiritualists, because you sit in a Circle of meditation, because you are trying to link up with Spirit, so you can draw to yourselves intelligences that have passed beyond the realm of flesh and are manifesting in pure Spirit, and they can draw near to you; in the sense that you understand drawing near.

The Spirit World is not a world that you can visualise in terms of length, breadth and depth. It is a world that is infinitesimal and yet it is vast. We come back to you from time to time not because we are more advanced than you are; we can perhaps see a little bit further than you but because we feel the sympathy with your ideas. Sometimes it is necessary for us to give you thoughts that, perhaps, are contradictory to those that you have enjoyed in the past; but that is a way of learning, a way of realising that everything is in a state of change.

You are not the same person that you were yesterday and you are not the same person that you will be tomorrow. The experiences that you have in your earth plane today will make just that little bit of difference to you. When you look back over your past life how much can you remember of what really transpired? The events come back to you, the highlights of your lives; but the little things that you have been doing, the contacts that you have made, the love that you have shared with so many people over your life, you will not remember them with the body of Earth; they go to make up the World of Spirit, and, when you leave your body behind and step out into the next world, the next life, then you will find that you will be able to remember; you will be able to renew links, perhaps, of friendships that you made when you were children, when you were growing up. All through your lives upon the earth plane you are influenced by those around you: those you meet and those you work with, those you talk to and, as we have said so often, you are influenced by what comes to you through your radio, your television and newspapers, your books, articles and magazines; the whole time you are growing.

You think about your helpers, as you call them. Don't visualise them in the form of Earth; think of them as being a part of Spirit, a part that is attracted to you, as you are attracted to them. There is so much for you to learn while you are on the earth plane and a lot of it cannot be learnt in any other way except by experiencing it in a body of matter. Always keep your faith firmly fixed upon the fact that you are a part of God and the knowledge, the love and the wisdom that is God, permeates into everything that has life, everything that moves or breathes or has expression in being, not only on your earth plane, but on the various planes scattered throughout your universe. One of your poets has put it in a nutshell when he said "To see eternity in a moment and infinitesimal knowledge in a grain of sand"; from the biggest to the smallest, it is all part of God, part of Spirit, part of your heritage upon Earth.

Send your thoughts out, send your love out; try to live your lives on Earth making the most of every opportunity that comes your way of being of service to your fellow men and women. Continue to send your thoughts into the Spirit World to reach those who are being limited by their ideas of Earth, by the way they were brought up, by the way they have been taught to worship.

You are coming up to your Christmas season, a season of good will to all men; peace on the Earth. Pray for peace but always remember Earth is a school of learning and you cannot always learn through the simple and easy things of life; sometimes it is necessary to have the difficulties; to have the darkness as well as the light, to have the evil as well as the good.

We wish you a very happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year and we leave you with our love and our blessing.