You Are Part Of Spirit

A talk by The Arabian

Recorded in the Circle on April 8th, 1991

Good afternoon.

As we come so we bring a blessing from Spirit and in bringing this blessing so it is spread further and further as, in whatever way you are connected to other people on the earth plane, so the blessing spreads out.

Our message to you this afternoon is quite simple. It is just to assure you that whatever love you give out, whatever thoughts you give to other people, whatever service you give to others, you are giving it to yourself as well. Love can never be limited in any shape or form; it will encompass yourselves, your families, your surroundings; all those who are in any way connected to you. As you send your thoughts out into your world, thinking of the difficulties and the troubles that there are in far off places, so you are sending love to them as well.

So often it seems as though it is much more important for you to concentrate upon those who are close to you in the physical sense and you are sometimes inclined to forget those who are also linked to you but who are in far off places; those who are still in a physical body and yet who are so remote from your own particular lives.

As you know when you come to the earth plane you choose the circumstances into which you are born; you see the lessons you need to learn while you are here and that is the life that you chose. Sometimes your plan is plain before you and you can see the purpose of the various events that take place in your lives but, in other instances, it seems to you, especially as you look back at your life, that you haven't achieved what you came to the earth plane to do. That perhaps you have strayed from the pathway that was there very plainly before you at one time and you begin to despair a little. But we want to assure you that provided that you keep the ideals in front of you: the ideals of service, of love to your fellow men and women, being ready to help where there is help needed, giving out thoughts of healing to those who are sick, it doesn't matter if the pattern that you draw in your life is slightly different from that which you had in your mind originally.

You are all on a pathway. A pathway that will eventually lead to God; to union with Spirit. And always you have to remember that there is the aspect of life which is consisting of free will, and it doesn't necessarily mean that it is your own free will, it is free will on the part of other people, and remember that we cannot give the details of your life upon earth, even as you saw the broad outlines of what lay in front of you when you were in Spirit before you came to the earth plane; remember that that pattern can be altered.

When you come to the end of your time on Earth and you come over onto our side of life. When you begin to look back and see where your pathway has led you it will not matter whether you have stuck to the letter of the law that you laid down for yourself while you were still in Spirit. What is important is how you dealt with the everyday things of life. With the day to day business of living. Whether you tried to be true to what you knew to be right. We have often said that failure does not matter; it is what you do after failure that will count.

Sometimes a life upon the earth plane will be cut short before it has completed the purpose for which it came to earth. Do not grieve if such is the case because there will always be another chance, another opportunity. If a soul does come to Spirit before it is due then it has to mark time until the day when it is really due to cross over the border called death. Then it will have the opportunity of starting again.

You cannot understand, while you are in an earth body how your spirit has really developed. It will only be when you leave your body and the physical conditions behind that you will be able to see the progress that you have made and, rest assured, that even if your life does seem to consist of failures, even if there are disappointments, even if you feel that you haven't lived up to your potential, always remember that when you come to Spirit you will be able to see all the circumstances of your life and you will be able to see which part of it conforms to the pattern that you set and which has wandered from it; there is no finite about it. Always there is the opportunity; the opportunity of progressing spiritually.

The period that you have just gone through on your earth plane. (The United Nations war with Iraq over their invasion into Kuwait) The circumstances that are surrounding you at the present time are part of the plan for the Earth; not necessarily for the individuals on the Earth but for your world as a whole because, as we have told you before and we take no apology for repeating it, your Earth is in the process of evolution even as you are. A few short years upon the earth plane what are they compared with the millions of years that your world, that your universe, has been in existence?

All we want to do for you is to give you our love and to assure you that however much you may stray from the pathway you cannot get away from Spirit; it will always be there with you helping you where it can, giving you love, trying to make sure that you never lose the belief that you are part of Spirit and Spirit is a part of you.

As we leave you now so we want to give you our love, our blessing, and we want to assure you that wherever your pathway leads you in the future you will still be a part of Spirit and Spirit a part of you.

Good-bye and God bless you all.

Lucy said that The Arabian used to be a regular communicator but this is the only time I heard him speak.
Fortunately, as usual, I had my tape recorder with me.