Some Advice About Health

A few words from Sister of Mercy

Recorded in the Circle on the 16th of April, 1991

We come into your Circle once again just to give you one or two hints that might help you in your pathway through your daily lives.

We know that at the present time your health on the earth plane is not one hundred percent because each of you has a cross to bear with regard to it and so we want to ask you to make sure that you get adequate rest, adequate sleep, adequate periods of meditation, adequate food and a calm lifestyle. We know that these things are simple to say but much more difficult to put into practice. But if you could allocate your time so that each day is given it's due time for reflection, for linkage with Spirit, for communion with your helpers from the other side then you would find that your general health would improve.

We know how difficult it is for you upon the earth plane in these busy times to achieve tranquillity of mind because there is so much pressing upon you from all sides: so much knowledge, so much understanding, so much of outside influences. Yet each one of you has got within you your own soul, your own spirit, and that spirit requires food in the same way as your body requires it. You can obtain that food by linking up with Spirit; through sending your mind away from this world, thinking about life in the next, thinking about what lies beyond, thinking about the purpose that is hidden in all the misadventures that your Earth faces.

There is so much that you cannot understand. You have to be prepared to accept, knowing that in a world of matter where there are so many different forms of life, so many different vibrations, it is bound to have an effect upon you. But, because you know about Spirit, then you have got to apply that knowledge to the ordinary things of your busy lives and you can apply them by the practising of, well, call it meditation, contemplation, communion with the other side.

With regards to time it makes very little difference whether you sit quietly for five minutes or for five hours. Once the link is there with Spirit then you can be given knowledge, you can be given help. You can be given something which will ease your pathway; and in the linking with Spirit you will find that your material health improves.

We will leave you with a blessing that comes from many of us on the other side of life. You cannot see them. You cannot always feel them; but rest assured that wherever you sit, at whatever time, the link with Spirit is always there.

Goodnight and God bless you all.