The Value of Thoughts and Prayer

Recorded in the Circle on the 29th of January, 1991

As we come into your circle so we bring with us, as you know, a blessing from those on the other side whom you term your Guides, your Helpers. We come so that we can give you a few ideas for you to think over for yourselves.

You come to your circle week by week and you link up with Spirit in the circle, you send out your prayers, your thoughts for those who are sick and you give help wherever you feel it is needed. But have you stopped to think of the value of prayer, the value of your thoughts?

As your world is going through a state of turmoil at the present time [the war in the Gulf] so it is even more necessary for there to be positive thoughts in your world in order to counteract the negativity of the wars that are occurring. Sometimes you are in despair at the state of your world because you cannot see any possibility of there ever being peace, real peace upon Earth. May we just remind you that Earth will never be completely peaceful, that it was never intended to be simple. Always there will be things that you have to fight against; things that you have to try to change.

We come with a very simple message just asking you to do the best that you can because that is all that you can do. It is up to the ordinary man and woman, the average person to send out thoughts of love, thoughts of compassion, thoughts of sympathy and of healing. We can use those thoughts and we can add to them and, in a way, we can weave with them a web that will reach out into every corner of your world.

We try to influence the people of your earth plane, not so that they can avoid the difficulties of their lives, but in order that they can come to an understanding that there is more to life than the things of the material; that they can reach out into the Spirit World asking to be put into touch with their Guides; asking to be given comfort and upliftment because those are the things that we can bring into your world. We cannot alter the events that take place, we can only alter the minds of man, if man is prepared to listen; if he is prepared to take what we are trying to give and is prepared to put those precepts into his life. It is only by altering man that you can alter the circumstances of Earth.

It is very simple to have the message of love; it is easy to say but, of course, it is far easier to turn the other cheek, to step on one side, to try to live your lives away from the things that are taking place on your earth plane, that are things of evil, things of non-spirituality, things that seem to you to be products of darkness as opposed to the things of light, the things of Spirit.

We are trying to put into words the concept that while you have to accept the limitations of your lives upon Earth you can explore the realms of Spirit with your mind. You can link up with Spirit. You can set your sights upon things that are away from the world of matter and those things that you do reach out to if you can apply them in your lives you will find that you can achieve a state of spiritual calm.

It is very difficult we know at a time when there is a war going on, when it is thrust at you from all sides. You cannot know the truth, you cannot know the hearts of other people. All you can do is to send out your love, to send out your prayers, to send out your thoughts of peace but a peace that will be just and equable. A peace that will give account, that will take notice of all types of people, of all religions, of all races. A peace that will use the benefits of Earth for all mankind.

We are trying to help where we can and, as you doubtless know, there is much for us to do in the Middle East, as you term it. But you have to remember that the blame does not entirely lie on one side; that there have been mistakes of judgment made by all the great powers as well as the lesser nations. You have got to suspend your judgment, to try to look at the problems from all sides and above all you have got to pray.

It is very easy sometimes to speak, it is very easy to pray, it is very easy to live your own life keeping yourself to yourself, but it is much more difficult to go into the rough and tumble of the ordinary world and try to see the points of view of other people.

We leave you with this thought that if the simple rules of Spirit were applied to all your problems both personal, national and international, you would find solutions to them all.

God bless you.