Light In The Darkness

Recorded in the Circle on the 4th of June 1991

Good afternoon.

As you know there is much trouble on your earth plane, many people who need help, many places here there is devastation. It may seem to you at times that your Earth is a very dark place. I want to just remind you that in the past there have been similar times when the Earth has gone through tragedies. There was one that you may have heard about from your school days that was known as the "Black Death" when nearly half the population of your western world passed suddenly into Spirit.

There have been other devastations, many of them taking place in countries across the sea of which you may have heard nothing and yet the end result was that there was a sudden flood of souls from the earth plane coming over into Spirit. We want to take your minds further back, beyond the dawn of your civilisation, sending out your thoughts to the Earth as it was in the beginning when life first began to show itself, when Spirit came into matter and began to use that matter. We have said before that everything that has life has got Spirit because Spirit is life and without Spirit there can be no life.

Have you started to think that your Earth as a whole is also Spirit, that it has got life within it and that it is in a process of evolution, even as you are. Your scientists are beginning to probe into the beginning of things but, unless they realise that Spirit is the life force, they will never understand how things came to be.

One thing which we would remind you about is that if life is eternal it means that it had existence before it came into a body of matter, even as it will continue to have existence when your Earth bodies are finished. So throughout the whole of the universes, not just your particular part of it, but throughout the whole of creation life is beginning to manifest in many different ways. But the object of it is always the same: Spiritual Progress.

You cannot see where your pathway will finish even as you cannot see what is at the beginning. We want to point out one or two things to you that might give you encouragement at this particularly dark time on your earth plane. You have been told on many occasions that your Earth is in the process of it's evolution. That it will be moving upward in the scheme of things, not in a physical sense but it a Spiritual sense. You have been told in your literature that the darkest hour is always before the dawn and the events that are taking place upon your earth plane at the moment are the events which precede the dawn. We cannot tell you when it will be and we do not know if you will have a part to play in the actual dawn but we can assure you that every event that happens upon your earth plane that seems outside the range of man's efforts is just a manifestation of the birth pangs of the New Age.

In your past history there have been civilisations who have come, who have risen, they have achieved powerful things and then they have forgotten the light and so they have fallen and another civilisation has come into being that has taken their place.

Throughout the whole of your world, your particular earth plane, there are those who are in the forefront of progress and there are those who are dragged along behind, but always it is progress. You may not think that the tragedies that are taking place in the various parts of your world are progress, in fact you might think that they are relics of a dark age, but we want to assure you that in every part of your world, in every nation, in every town, in every village, there is a spark of the light and there is the beginning of the understanding of the continuety of life and of the reality of the Spirit World. Some of it may be buried deep within the minds of people whose only concern is to scramble for sufficient food to keep them alive, and yet we tell you that even in the darkest places in your world there are still lights.

One of the things that concerns you is the way man seems to be desecrating your world, the way he seems to be ignoring the claims of nature in the destruction of the rain forests, in the production of surplus food in one part of the world and starvation in another. Yet these are all stages that man has to go through in his quest for Spiritual Progression.

May we give you a ray of hope telling you that even though your world seems to you to be very dark the mere fact that you know it is dark in places is a sign of light, is a sign of progress, is a sign of Spirituality. All over your world there are people beginning to query the materialism of their age, beginning to ask if there isn't something more to life than their perpetual struggle to exist. One of the terrible things about your world is that you know so much and yet you know so little. You cannot see below the surface of things, you cannot see into the hearts of your fellow men and women, and yet all over your world there are people who are setting their minds on the light and are trying to bring about a better state of affairs on Earth.

Remember this! Nowadays you cannot hide from the things that are taking place in other parts of your world. A hundred, two hundred years ago you would hardly have know that other places existed apart from your own particular village, town, city or country. It would not have mattered to you if you had known because things that happened across the water were not important, not as important as your own relations, with those people with whom you lived. Whether it be in your own home or your own village, your own town or your own country.

Man has discovered many things and the progress that he has made has speeded up over the last hundred years and it will continue to do so because man will never be satisfied while he is in a human body not to explore, not to find out, not to experiment; he will always have a goal that he is seeking to attain.

You have been told so often that life on the earth plane will never be easy. It was never been intended to be and it wont be in the future. Even when the "New Age" comes there will still be difficulties because it is by facing those difficulties, by dealing with events as they come along to the best of your Spiritual understanding that you will make progress. One of your old sayings is "there is nothing new under the sun". Remember those words, there is nothing new but what is new is the fact that man is aware of it.

You are fortunate in this little group (four of us) because you have been able to link up with Spirit, because you have made contact with those on the other side and you know that the efforts that you put into the Circle are being used by those from Spirit to help some of those who have not progressed as far as you.

Carry on with your Circle, carry on living day by day, carry on linking up to Spirit and sending you love out to every particle of life upon Earth, from the greatest to the smallest.

God Bless you.

I was recording this using an empty portion of tape before the end of a side. I could not turn over as there was something recorded there already. The speaker finished with just 5 centimeters (about 2 inches) of tape left, just enough for me to quickly add the date.