God's Plan Is Working

Sister of Mercy Talks about the Problems in Russia

Recorded in the Circle on the 19th of August, 1991

Today the news was full of the take-over in the Soviet Union
of President Gorbachev by a group of people.

He is being held prisoner in his summer retreat and there are
tanks on the streets of Moscow.

It is indeed with pleasure that we come into your Circle once again. We have been reading your thoughts and know that you are wondering how things are going to turn out in your world but we would remind you, once again, that the whole of your earth, your present lives, are just one speck in infinity. There are bound to be ups and downs as your Earth begins to prepare itself for its future role. You know that because we have told you on many occasions, and what is happening at the present moment means that, for a little while, progress in a certain direction seems to be halted, and yet you know that you cannot alter completely the destiny that lies ahead for your world.

As you go through your life we want you to remember that by facing the difficulties and the obstacles in your journey through life you are progressing in a Spiritual sense and when your time upon this Earth plane is finished, for this particular episode, then you will find that the things that worry you at the moment will seem very unimportant. The main things that you will take with you to the other side are the lessons that you have learned and the development that you have made while you are here on the Earth plane.

My Medium has been reading about the future and some of it she cannot understand, but that is inevitable because there is so much that you, being limited by your bodies, by your minds, by your brains, can never understand; especially the real meaning of infinity. You have often been told that there is no time, as such, on the "other side" and my Medium is exploring the possibility that has been put forward in her reading that future, present and past, as you term them, are just terms and that they are all occurring at the same time.

Have you ever stopped really to think of the meaning of time not existing? It is a question of development; of reaching out to the limits of your mind, your earthly mind, and accepting the fact that there are many, many things that you will never understand while you are limited by your material body.

As you know we come back to you from time to time. Trying to give you a hope, trying to give a perspective about your own lives. Of course you have a duty, while you are on the earth plane, to do your best for the Earth; whether it be from the ecological point of view; whether is be from a Spiritual standpoint. In whatever way it is the work that comes to your hand is the most important for you at the present time.

Because you have knowledge, to a certain extent, of the eternity of life, we will not say the continuety, we will say eternity; so you have the privilege of being able to pass on parts of your belief to others. It is so simple when you look at it from that point of view. You cannot force your opinions onto anyone. Other people have got to arrive at it on their own using their own brains, their own intuition, their own knowledge, their own reading. All you can do, when the opportunity arises, is to say a few words about what you believe, what you have accepted, and leave the matters of state, the development of your world, leave all that to the future. By all means send out your thoughts of love because it is through love that your world will evolve; but at the same time pay attention to the things that lie beneath you hand. Remember that the little deeds that you do, the words that you speak, the actions that you take to help others, they will all count when you finally leave your body behind on the earth plane and step over into your true Spiritual Home.

There is much that we could say but at this moment but we do not want to say anything more except to reassure you that the plan for God's Earth is working and, even though there are many things that seem to be hindering, yet there are also many things that are making the progress that is necessary.

Good afternoon and God bless you all..

At the time of writing this out from the tape conditions in Russia have changed.

President Gorbachev is released and back in Moscow.