Freeing Yourself From Matter

You can never learn too much

Recorded in the Circle on the 9th of September, 1991

It is with joy that we come into your Circle once again.

We have been looking into your minds and seeing some of the thoughts that have been circulating therein. You are beginning to wonder about the theories that lie behind your ideas of religion. You have been introduced to books that open your mind a little bit further and we want to assure you that you can never learn too much. Of course there will be ideas that will be beyond you at this stage of your evolution but even those ideas can have offshoots that will take root in your mind and give you pause for thought.

We have often wondered whether it is better to speak the things that you know, to give you opinions with which you agree, to give you ideas of philosophy that you can accept, or whether it is perhaps better at this stage in your spiritual pathway to open up before you ideas that are alien to your mind; to try to make you stretch yourselves to see some grain in truth in what has been given from Spirit.

Of course the most important thing to remember is that each spirit is an individual, even as you are, and in the Spirit World, which is a world of thought, each person creates their own heaven; their own individual place in which they pass their time and yet, because there is no time, that is really an anachronism, is it not?

Of course you cannot understand everything while you are imprisoned in a human body. You are limited by your physical senses and even though your physic awareness begins to grow, begins to develop and understand things, yet still you are at the kindergarten stage of your spiritual pathway. May we remind you just once again that life, as you know it on the earth plane, which is limited by your physical body with it's weaknesses, with it's needs, with it's desires, is yet just one small step in your pathway of spiritual evolution.

To you, especially when you are suffering with various aches and pains, life, at times on the earth plane, seems to be everlasting and, as your body grows older, as you begin to be more aware of the limitations of flesh, as your physical abilities decline, so you are coming nearer to the Spirit World and yet, as we have tried so often to point out to you, your life upon the physical plane of Earth is most important to you because it is through the experiences of Earth that you will develop Spiritually.

We know that you are suffering at the present time, we can sense it, and we know that, although Spiritual Healing can give you relief to a certain extent, yet it is limited because of the physical characteristics of your body, and those physical characteristics are what you have inherited from all those of your ancestors who have gone before.

Your scientists are beginning to talk about the genes and how they can affect one person or another. Remember that genes are passed on. Although your physical body changes and alters as you go through your Earth life yet your genes, the inheritance that you physical makeup has taken upon itself, so that can never alter. It is only when you leave the physical behind and step out into the next world that you will realise that your aches and your pains, your difficulties, your defeats and your triumphs, you will realise that they are all a part of your Earth experience and yet they all happen, in your terms, in the twinkling of an eye.

When we come back, as we do from time to time to have a chat with you, we have to lower ourselves into your vibrations because otherwise we would not be able to work on your wavelength and you would not be able to pick us up or to hear what we say. To do this we have to use the human brain, we have to use the mind, we have to use the knowledge that is within that mind and if we give you ideas that are strange to you remember that they are just adjustments of your thoughts. Sometimes these adjustments can make sense to you quite quickly and other times they may seem to you to be very far fetched and completely impossible but there is nothing impossible with Spirit.

Once again we urge you to make the most of your time upon Earth; to use the experiences that come your way in order that you may develop spiritually as well as physically. When you come to the end of your time upon Earth then rejoice because you will be going forth into a new state of existence. Instead of being governed by the things of matter, by the length and the breadth and the height, by the days and the hours, the weeks and the years, you will enter into Spirit where you will work on a completely different vibration altogether. There will be no sense of time, there will be no sense of pain except the pain that occurs in your minds. But all the time you will be learning. When you can learn nothing more then you will find that you will be spiritually extinct because all Spirit is a question of learning, a question of developing, a question of going forward until you eventually come to the union with the Great Spirit.

We try to put these things into a language that you will understand. Sometimes we succeed and sometimes we don't because we are limited as we come to Earth. We are limited by your physical perceptions, we are limited by your physical minds, we are limited by the circumstances under which you meet; all the things of Earth go together to make up experience. Take hold of that experience and use it to the best of your ability; to the best of your physical ability and to the best of your spiritual ability.

You are fortunate because you are able to worship in this way. You are fortunate in that you can meet in a Circle and you can link up with Spirit when there are so many souls upon the earth plane who completely shut their eyes to anything of the Spirit, thinking that the body is the be-all and end-all of their existence. Just look upon the experiences of life as being necessary for you. Enjoy life on the earth plane to the best of your ability. Rejoice in the simple things that give you pleasure: delight in your pets and in your links with nature; in your expeditions and excursions; remember you can learn through happiness even as you learn through tragedy and sorrow.

As we go we give you our blessing and assure you that you have, each one of you, a group from the other side of life, as you term it, who will be with you to the end. A group who have been with you from the beginning of your adventure into the physical and who will lead you when you leave the physical behind.

We say God bless you, each one.