Aspects Of Truth

Recorded in the Circle

We come into your Circle once again bringing with us a thought from the other side of life, as you term it.

We are glad that you are discussing some of the problems that you face on the earth plane and in your links with Spirit. You have got to remember that your life here will be one of trial, it will be one of difficulties, it will be one of ups and downs. There will be times when you despair, when you think that you are standing still, when you do not appear to be progressing in any way, spiritually or materially. Yet you have got to remember that in your links with those on the earth plane, against whom you come into contact, there will be opportunities for you to exercise the tolerance and the love that is part of your religion.

You have been talking about Spiritualism and about the wideness of its message and about the fact that all the great religions of the world have got their foundations upon God.

Over the years there has been many variations of the truth, but is doesn't alter the fact that the truth is there and you have got to look for it. You have got to realise that each one of you will see truth in a different aspect and, at different times of your lives, you will find different truths. After all what was true to you when you were very young will not be true to you when you are getting older. When you come towards the end of your time upon Earth then truth will seem very different from what it was when you were young.

Of course you have your failures in life. There are times when you do not live up to the best that you know but these are necessary parts of your education. After all that is why you are in the body upon Earth; in order to learn the lessons of Earth. If you never had failures, if you could always succeed in everything that you tried to do how much would you learn? You learn by the very reason of your failures. It is by learning the lessons of them that you progress in a spiritual sense. You know so much about life upon Earth and life in the Spirit World and yet you realise that there is so much to learn.

Knowledge is always available and it always will be available. Even when you come to Spirit you will not find that you will stop learning. The whole of progress is learning and your progress is towards perfection; towards union with God. We cannot tell you when that will be or how you will face it because we can only see a little further than you do but that little further enables us to watch over you, to give you the help that we can, not solving your problems for you, but trying to put into your mind ideas that will help you.

Yes, there will be occasions when you will despair. There will be occasions when other people will let you down and occasions when you will let yourself down. But they are just occasions. There will be other times when you will win through; when your higher self will be able to utilise the things that are around you in order to progress, in order to help, in order to be of service.

We are glad that you come to your Circle week by week because it is a link with Spirit for each one of you and even if you cannot measure your progress in so many different words, so many different ways, yet each one of you is making progress. Always remember that your life can be considered like an iceberg of which there is one small portion visible above the sea, but the majority is still below. So it is with your conscious and your subconscious. The conscious part of you manifests itself in the world of matter in a physical sense but the subconscious manifests itself in unseen ways both the the physical and in the spiritual.

To give you a small piece of advice. Do try to spend a few minutes each day in linking up with Spirit: thinking about things that are Spiritual, thinking about the next world, thinking about your links with Spirit, sending out your thoughts to your helpers and guides, linking up with God. It need not be very long because the most important thing, as we have told you before, is that, while you are on the earth plane, you have to live the Earth life to the full

And so we say to each one of you be proud that you are Spiritualists, that you know something of the truth of Spirit. Be thankfull that you have got the knowledge that is denied to so many of your people on the earth plane and always remember that knowledge brings responsibility.

Because you know about Spirit so you have a duty to be better men and women than other people. You have got to translate into your everyday lives the truth about love, about brotherhood, about tolerance.

We leave you with these few thoughts praying that the love of God will go with you every step of the way. That your links with Spirit will grow even stronger, and that the help that you get from the Spirit World will enable you to be more perfect, more loving, more spiritual.

Goodnight and God bless you all.