Find Time to Work for Spirit

Recorded in the Circle

It is with pleasure that we come into your midst once again bringing with us a message of hope for you and a blessing from the world of Spirit.

We wish to give our new friends a welcome to our Circle. You are new to the Circle but you are not new to your Spririt Guides and Helpers. There are those who will with you and through you and it is entirley up to you as to how you make room for them and for their work.

Everyone who comes to the earth plane comes with Guides, with Helpers, with those who want to work with them. Sometimes, when they come to the Earth world they remember who they are and where they have come from but others it is as though the curtain is drawn covering all that was previous and, perhaps, for years they go on their pathway not knowing anything about the Spirit World or what it can achieve. Then, one day, something starts to remind them and the curtain is pulled back a bit and they begin to see the Spirit people; they begin to understand something of the work that Spirit is trying to do through the instruments on Earth.

It is up to you to be an instrument, or not, as the case might be. We do not want to force any of you to work for Spirit but we just urge you to do your utmost to bring about a more spiritual outlook in your own lives and in the lives of those who are round about you.

As we have said so often before the important part of your life upon Earth is the Earth atmospere; the experiences that you gain through Earth. The people that you meet, the contacts you make, how you face the difficulties of your lives and the efforts that you make to overcome the obtsacles. That is far more important for you while you are on the earth plane than work with Spirit, but we do want you to keep room for that.

We want you to have a link with Spirit to enable you to let your helpers speak through you.

As you know there is a great need for Mediums on the earth plane today because so many of those who are working at the present time are coming to the end of their life on Earth and we want to have the younger people to take their places.

It is very difficult for you, being Spiritualists and living in a material world, especially a country like yours that seems to have almost forgotten its religion. But you must look upon it as a challange, realising that, because you have got the gift of Spirit, because you can make contact with the Spirit World, because you can speak and use your tounges to show others what Spiritualism is about, so you have the greater responsibilty, and so you will have the greater reward at the end.

You must not force your religion upon people but, where you find there is a need, where you find there is somebody who is perhaps groping for a light upon their pathway, someone who seems to be completly oppressed by the physical world, then it is right for you to explain your links with Spirit and try to show that other person what a difference it can make if they themselves link up with Spirit.

We give each one of you our blessing and we pray that each one of you will find it in your pathway to work for Spirit.

Goodnight and God bless you all.