There Is Always Tomorrow

Sister of Mercy offers her sympathy

Recorded in the Circle on the 12th of November, 1991

Good afternoon.

I want to tell you that your thoughts and your prayers have been heard on our side of life and even though the requests that you make cannot always be fulfilled in the way that you would desire yet the prayers are answered but in a way that fits in with the scheme of things.

You come to the earth plane, as you know, in order that you can learn lessons from the experiences that you have while you walk the earth plane. Each one of those experiences, everything that happens in your lives, whether it give you pleasure or whether it gives you pain, it is all a part of the plan.

We feel for your sorrow at having lost your loved pony (Margaret's pony had been put down today as it was getting old) and yet you know that it is well and that it is being cared for on the other side of life. Everything that has a spark of life has a spark of God within it and that spark can never be extinguished.

The spark of life manifests in many different forms but, throughout the whole of its existence, it too is in a path of progress. It has to experience various lives, it has to experience various stages of existence. As each experience comes to a finish then that spark of life goes on. A rest, perhaps, for a short while and then it will come back to Earth in some other form or it may be that it will go on to some other world in some other form of life. But always that spark is taking its experience and adding it to all the other experiences that it has had even as you, in your earth plane, experience different forms; you experience different aspects of your whole; you gain knowledge, you gain a certain amount of wisdom, you certainly gain understanding.

It is through the combination of all your lives, of all the lives of the animal kingdom, of all the lives of the whole world of nature that the spark of life, which is a spark of God, develops and grows, acquires knowledge and wisdom and goes forward.

Your earth plane, as you know it, is in a sorry state at the present time and yet you know that there is such a lot of goodness among the creatures of Earth; there is such a lot of God being manifest in many different forms, in many different ways. Because you are in a body of matter, because you have a mind of matter, because your experiences upon the earth plane are experiences in the realms of matter so all these experiences are taken by Spirit and are woven into the scheme of things. When your time upon the earth plane is finished you will take with you what you have gained through this particular life and you will add the knowledge that you have gained, the wisdom and the understanding, you will add all of those to what you have acquired in previous lives, in previous forms of existence.

You have often heard about the Group Soul, as you term it. If you think of life, if you think of God, if you think of Spirit as manifesting in many different forms, in many different ways, gaining experience the whole time and combining that experience in the other side of life so you will realise that there is a purpose in all the events which come to you in your time upon Earth.

It is difficult for us to put into words some of the ideas that we have in Spirit but we do assure you that nothing that happens in your lives is unnecessary, nothing is wasted; everything goes towards combining to make, eventually, a whole soul, a whole being.

As we come down into your earth plane we feel the sorrow that there is, we feel the unrest, the struggles that are going on in your world. But all these things are necessary for Earth to evolve. We have told you before, and we repeat it again, that your earth plane is due to take a step up if you like; to progress from a world of matter into a world of peace, a world of upliftment, and there will be some other world that will take the place of Earth.

Each one of you, as you manifest, as you work in your human body, has a definite job to do; a task to carry out to the best of your ability. You cannot see everything that will happen, we cannot even see the future very clearly, but what we do say to you is to ask you to make the most of the opportunities that come your way to learn, to grow. To give your love, your sympathy and understanding to all the creatures upon Earth whether they be of, what you term, the animal kingdom or whether they be creatures of the world of nature: plants and trees and flowers, or whether they be human beings. Try to look upon everything that is upon the Earth as being a part of Spirit, as being a part of the Great Soul.

Sometimes your lives seem very humdrum. You just go along from day to day and it seems as though you are circumscribed on every hand; as though you have nothing exciting to look forward to and yet, when you consider the whole of the world of nature, when you consider the whole of the race of men, when you look back in your history you will realise how far you have come. Of course time, as you see it, is eternal; there will always be a tomorrow for you to face, for you to live through.

God bless you.

An interesting talk. Sister of Mercy seems to be saying that animals may come back in a different form. Does this mean that a dog may come back as a horse? We have been told many times that the spirit which inhabits a human body has never used an animal form. That is an old Indian idea.

If you have any interest in this subject you will have heard of the Diva Kingdom; a parallel path of spirit evolution through animals and birds. Lucy's helpers never spoke about this. Does it exist?