The Opening Prayer

Given by Lucy in the Cowley Church, Oxford, on December 9th, 1990

The Opening Prayer at the start of a Service is said by the Medium. Usually there is no preparation for this
and the words given are those which come into the Medium's mind at the time.

Loving Father.

We send out our thoughts to those who are sick and we want to add prayers for those in the countries of the Middle East who are facing the war, the threat of war, those who have been occupied and those who are doing the occupying.

We cannot see an easy solution to the problems of our world and yet we feel that if only men could have love in their hearts; if only they could be tolerant; if only they could accept that people can differ in their opinions, in their views on religion, on politics, in fact on every aspect of life. Then men could learn to work, to live, to pray together in harmony. Our world seems so small when we consider it; when we think about the other worlds in our Solar System, in our Universe.

We believe if men could get together; could start talking things over that they would come to understand each other and that there would be peace on our Earth.

We pray for all those whose lives are in danger and we send out our prayers especially to those who have left their loved ones behind. Those who are in the desert facing conditions that are very, very difficult because they feel it is their duty.

We do pray for peace, Father, and we pray for understanding between the nations. We pray for the leaders of those nations that they may come together and work our their differences in peace.

We also send out our thoughts to the animal kingdom. To all those suffering because of man's inhumanity. We send them our love believing that everything that has life is a part of Thee; even as we are.

We come to our Service, Father, because we want to get in touch with those we love on the other side of life. Because we know the truth of life carrying on; that death, as we see it, is not the end but the begining. So we send our love out to those in the Spirit World who are gathering with us tonight. May they come through clearly and may they be able to give messages to their loved ones without being altered by my own mind.

We ask for a blessing upon each one of us and upon our Service and a blessing upon those who are coming from Spirit. May we all feel the love and the peace that is within this building and may we take it with us when we leave. And so, Spirit, we leave this Service in your charge praying only that it may be given in Truth and in Love.


Lucy spoke about people in the desert doing their duty. Was this prayer given when the Gulf war was going on?
I am not sure about this as I never made a note about it at the time.