You Chose the Physical

An Address by Brother Bernard

Recorded in a Church on the 12th of December, 1989

This talk was recorded at a small meeting in the Oxfordshire's Spiritual Centre, which later became The White Dove Center, on the evening of the 12th of December 1991 in the Masonic Hall, Witney, Oxon.

Good evening friends.

It is indeed with pleasure that we come into your little group to speak with you for a short while and leave with you one or two thoughts that might give rise in your minds to others. Perhaps the most important thing that we want to stress is that we are not going to dictate your lives for you, we do not even claim that what we say is the truth because truth is varied according to the individual and according to the time of life of that individual. If you look back over your life you will realise that your ideas today are very different to what they were, say five years, ten years, fifty years ago, and yet throughout the whole of your life you have been following the truth as you saw it.

Perhaps that is one of the most important things in your life. To realise that truth is what the individual sees, what the individual recognizes, what he acknowledges to be right for him and if it is right for him it may not be right for anybody else.

You come to the earth plane, as you know, from the World of Spirit and when you have finished your time upon Earth you will go back to the World of Spirit.

This period that you are here on Earth is just an interlude in your existence; a chapter. An experience that you chose for yourself that will eventually teach you something that will be of value to your soul, to your spirit; to that inward part of you that is everlasting.

We sometimes wonder whether you realise exactly what eternal means? It means that you have been before you came to Earth, even as you will be when you leave it.

Life on the earth plane was never intended to be an easy path for you because you have chosen to come in order that you can learn certain lessons. After all, when you send your children to school you do not want them always to be doing the easy subjects; to be working within their limited capabilities. You want then to be stretched, do you not? You want them to fulfill their potential; to learn as much as they are capable of learning; to apply their intelligence to the problems that face them in their school, in their home, in life when they enter into the greater part of it. In the same way that your children are taught first the easy subjects and then gradually on to more difficult things.

So when you come to the earth plane you take upon yourselves certain aspects of life. Perhaps you are subject to illness from time to time, perhaps you have a difficult path to tread, perhaps you see around you people who sail through life without any of the difficulties that you face and often we hear you say "it isn't fair", "Why should this happen to me?", "Why should I be the one to be given the sack?", "Why should I be confined in a hospital, or to an invalid bed, or to a wheelchair?". "Why should I loose my sight, my hearing, my voice, when others, who seem to be so different from me, just sail through life without any serious difficulties?". We want to say to you that if your path is difficult; if you do have a hard roe to hoe; if the work that you do seems to you to be far harder than anybody else's then you should rejoice because it means that you are strong enough to cope with it.

When you come to the end of your life and you step out into the new world leaving behind your body with it's physical aches and pains you will find yourself in a very different existence.

The Orthodox Church can speak about angels and harps and so on but in reality the next world will give you the opportunities for work in the same way that this world does. The only difference is that you will not be worried by the physical there. It is a world of Spirituality; a world of mental powers. A world where time, as you know it, does not exist. A world where you will be able to fulfill whatever ambitions you have that weren't able to be satisfied while you were on the earth plane.

As you go through life we want you to take the things that happen, the events that occur, the tragedies and the joys, the sorrow and the gladness, the good and the bad. We want you to regard them all as being part of your experience; part of the life that you chose before you came to Earth. You read quite a lot in the Bible about judgment day and sackcloth and ashes, being cast into eternal fires and so on. But you have always got to remember that what is in the Bible may have been applicable to those days when it was written but a lot of that has been passed by; has been superseded by the understanding that comes from Spirit.

There will be no judgment day. There will be no court in which you will have to testify as to the reasons why you did this, that, and the other. There will be no judge waiting there to see you when you leave the body and come into Spirit. Instead the only judge will be yourself; and it will be yourself as you begin to understand, as you begin to develop, who will look back on your life and begin to make an assessment, we will not call it a judgment, will make an assessment as to what you have done and of what you have left undone.

No one goes through Earth life without some form of transgression; I suppose you would call it. Everyone who is in a body of matter, a body of Earth, has got to combat the fact that it is a physical world. Your body is individual, even as you are, and consists of atoms, consists of cells, consists of all the organs that make up your physical being. Some of those are hereditary; they have come down to you from distant ancestors. You term them genes. But some of your body is also the result of circumstance: of where you were born and where you were brought up. Whether you received love as an infant or whether you were an unwanted child. On your earth plane today there are many of those. And yet, all of them are leading the life that they chose; are leading the life that would give them the opportunities to develop those facets of their character that need refining, that need adjusting, that need cosseting, that need care and nurture.

We come back to you from the World of Spirit linking with someone or other on the earth plane trying to enable you to think for yourselves. We do not come in order to tell you what you should do or what you should not do. We do not want to be relied upon to tell you when you should move or whether you should change you job and so on. We want to encourage you to think for yourselves; to realise that, as an eternal spirit, you have got a part of God within you and that part lies, shall we say, deep within yourselves? That part is the part that you have to rely upon to make the decisions; to cope with the circumstances; to grow and develop.

There are many facets of your life upon Earth that are difficult we know. But one thing we would remind you of is that things have always been difficult upon Earth. It is no use looking back through the centuries and expecting that things should go back to what they were in those days. After all a hundred years ago you would hardly have know what happened in the next town let alone the next country. Today everything that occurs in your world is flashed on your screens, is spread upon your newspapers, is reported upon you radio. There is no place in your world today that can remain isolated because everything that happens, wherever it is, whether it is a small thing or whether it is something big, has an effect upon the whole world. We are asking you to have a wider view of life, of the earth plane and of things spiritually.

You are spirits here and now. You have probably been told that over and over again, but you are spirits that are functioning in a body of matter, in a world of matter; and it is important that while you are on the earth plane you make the most of that world. Things of Earth are more important for you at the present time than things of the Spirit. You need those, yes, but more than those you need the experiences of Earth: the life that you selected for yourself before you came to Earth, the work that you have got to do, the people with whom you associate, the life of the town in which you live, of your country and of your world.

We often think that life would be a very simple matter if everything were black or white. You would have no hesitation in choosing the white if all the rest were black. It is because your world, if we may use a phrase, is all grays, and you have to choose between them. Always it seems to you that it is exceedingly difficult. We can't make up your minds for you; you have got to do that with the aid of the Spirit that is within you.

Look at life from every point of view. Acknowledge that fact that everyone on the earth plane has got a right to live, a right to exist. The same rights that you have should be applicable to everyone. And, of course, we always say that the most important thing in your lives is that you should give out love to your fellow men and women.

It is often easy to love someone afar than it is to love someone who lives next door and has the television too loud or who creates a disturbance in the night. But all these things are a part of life and they have to be accepted as part of your experience. Try to give love to all your fellow men and women. To the criminals as well as to those who are sinned against. To those who commit the dreadful crimes that you hear about day by day, as well as to the victims of those crimes. Remember every living person on the earth plane, in fact every living creature however small, however petty and insignificant, has a spark of Spirit within it; a spark that is part of God.

We have not referred to God before. Some of you may still have the idea of a benevolent Old Gentleman with a long white beard dispensing out justice. But God is not like that. God is just "Eternal Spirit" and even we who are on the other side of life, as you term it, who work in the Spirit World, even we do not know exactly what God is. All we know is that God is Love and if you use that Love wisely, if you send out loving thoughts to all your fellow men and women, if you accept life as it comes along with all its problems and difficulties and try to solve every problem with Love you will indeed be fulfilling your purpose upon Earth. And, when your time comes to step into the Spirit World, you will take with you something of value. You will realise then that the difficulties that plagued you, the troubles that beset you, the things that made you angry, and the things that make you rejoice were all a part of life's experience.

You have come to this meeting tonight because you are interested in things spiritual. Foster that interest providing you keep it on an even keel and realise that life on the earth plane is the most important thing for you at the present time. You do need time for spiritual matters; you do want to devote some moments each day to linking up with Spirit whether it is by saying your prayers, whether it is by sending out thoughts to help someone else: thoughts of healing, thoughts of comfort, thoughts of love. In every way you will be living the life that you meant to live before you came to Earth.

May we leave you just with a blessing, praying that you will have that love in your hearts; the love that will not let you condemn anybody but condemn the actions. Love that will play an active part in bringing about a better state of affairs in your world.

Goodnight and God bless you all.