Unfolding Your Personality

A talk by Sister of Mercy

Recorded in Circle on the 21st of January 1992

It is with pleasure that we come into your Circle once again bringing with us a blessing from those in the World of Spirit who have been close to you, and who will still be close to you until the end of your time upon Earth.

Each one of you, while you are in the earth plane, have attracted to yourselves a group of spirit souls. Sometimes some of them are people who once lived on the earth plane and who now find that, because they have left undone something of their purpose in life, they come back to you in order to work with you, and to experience through you that particular event which they omitted to do when they were "alive" on the earth plane.

As you know each one of you before you came to Earth had a plan, an idea of what you had got to learn while you were in a body of matter and the things that you learn are the things that you will take with you when you leave that body behind and go on into the Spirit World. We know that there has been much talk about, what you term, reincarnation. We would prefer to just call it incarnation into a material body, a material life. Each one of you has had many, many incarnations. Some of them on the earth plane, some of them upon some distant planet, in some distant realms. But wherever they have been, you have been conscious that within yourself there has lived a soul that has no beginning and no end.

One of the difficulties that you find, when you come to the Spirit World, is to understand the concept of time not existing. This is because you are so limited while you are on the earth plane by your sense of time. As you may know there are many universes, there are many things which you cannot pretend to understand, partly because you have no language in which to express them, and partly because, even if we could bring them to you in words of one syllable, you still would not understand.

You have got to learn to be content with the knowledge that you have gained while you are here. You have got to remember that while you are on the earth plane you will have many different experiences, many contacts with other people, many different aspects of life. And when you come towards the end of your time on Earth and you look back you will realise that you are a very different being from what you were when you first came to Earth. The obstacles and the difficulties, the experiences, all these have added to you, and have made you into a different being. It is the memory of those experiences, of those contacts, the memory of events in your life that have probably faded from your consciousness now, but will be in full flow once again when you leave behind this particular body of earth and come over onto, what you term, the other side of life.

We come back to you from time to time so that we can encourage you. So that we can make you understand that if you do have difficulties to face, then it is not unexpected, because it is one of the things that you will have chosen before you came to the earth plane. One of your wise men has said that there is nothing new under the sun. To a certain extent that is true, but it is not the whole truth, because you do meet with new circumstances, with new experiences, with new people. You have many different forms of matter that you find you have to cope with.

But we do want to say to each one of you do not be afraid. Tackle the new experiences that come your way, knowing that you have got within you the wisdom to cope with life as it is on Earth. Each one of you has attracted to yourself a little band of Helpers, Guides, we do not mind what you call us. Our job is try to help you to see the pathway that you have to tread. To try to give you strength when you feel feint, to give upliftment when you feel despair, to give you healing when we can do so without interfering with your Cosmic Path, and, when the time comes that you are going to leave this particular incarnation, then we shall be there to help you over, what you call, death; but we would rather term it Birth into Life.

Always remember that there is a purpose behind everything that happens. Whether it occurs on your earth plane, whether it occurs in the psychic state, whether it occurs in the next life, in the next world. The purpose is the unfolding of your personality, the developing of your soul, if you like to put it like that, and everything that occurs to you on your journey through Earth is just one more small brick in the building of your Cosmic Whole.

We leave with you these few words, just wanting to give you each our love and our blessing and a promise that you will never have to face that which is too difficult for you. You will always find the strength to cope with your circumstances, you will always find the joy that there is in life and in all of your knowledge, in all your links with Spirit, and your links with those on the earth plane around you.

Do not shut yourselves away from life, make the most of it. Know that one day you will see the purpose that lies behind the work, the travail, the unhappiness, the sorrow and the joys of your period upon Earth. Such a short time when you see it from Spirit, but such a long time when you are experiencing it yourselves.

So we say good-bye and God bless each one of you.