Your Vision of Spirit

Sister of Mercy says a few words

Recorded in the Circle on the 4th of February, 1992

It was rather unusual today. Lilly came and said a few words and then she ran into some kind of problem.
We did not know what it was but I will write what she said.

Hellos everybodys.

We wants to give you all our love, and to tells you that we's helpings in the, what you calls them, the health conditions? The things that's not very nice at the moment. But we's very pleased that the weather that you's been complaining about, that it's cheered itself up. We wants to says that there will not be much more of the nasty weather that you's been, that you's hads. You's had lots of it.

I's not knows.. My Medi not.. I don't know.. It's not easy.. (Long pause). My Medi been complaining that there's been lots of the things that's not rights. I's not knows. Another long pause then she said to Mary. We's trying to get the headaches aways and you should feel it beginning to goes. Lilly seemed to be having problems in linking with Lucy and we asked if we could do anything to help. Lilly spent a little while quietly talking to herself saying that it was difficult and she could not get through. Then she said. Sometimes I can comes throughs and then there will be no troubles at all, sometimes it's just not right. We tried talking to her to see if that would help but it did not seem to have any effect. After another pause she gave up and said that she would go. We thanked her for trying to come and speak to us.

We just expected Lucy to say something after Lilly went but another of her Guides,
Sister of Mercy, came and spoke to us.

I am sorry that the little one could not get through clearly but she will come again and speak with you.

I just want to give you my blessing, and I want to tell you that we are doing our best, from the other side, to help in the problems that you have to face. At the moment each one of you is facing an obstacle, an experience, something that you have to undertake, something that you have to cope with. We want to assure you that Spirit are very close to you and will help you in the condition. We want to say to our little sister (Mary) that we will take away the headache and that we will raise the vibrations around her so that she will look on the bright side again.

We always think it is difficult for you on the earth plane to cope with the problems that come along and you are affected much more than you realise by the events that are happening in your world. You try not to worry about them but inevitably they do have an effect upon you and it is then that you have to remember your links with Spirit and join up with those from the other side who come to help you.

As we come through we try to bring you peace, upliftment and happiness because we want you to be happy, we want you to show other people how the knowledge of Spirit Values can affect your lives and can give you the upliftment, and the firmness of purpose, that is necessary in your circumstances.

It is often difficult for us to make a clear contact with you and the circumstances surrounding each one of you is a barrier that we have to get through. So our message to you is very simple. It is to ask you to make the best of your circumstances, to face your problems and deal with them as they come along, knowing that each one of them that you overcome, each time that you are able to give help to someone on your earth plane, so you are building another stone in your house, your edifice, whatever you like to term it, that you will inhabit when you leave your body and go onto the other side; when you come to our side of life.

We cannot say all that we would like to, partly because of the barriers that are erected, partly because of the difficulty that we find in linking with the world of matter. But we do assure you that Spirit is close by each one of you. That you Helpers and you Guides are there with you, not solving your problems for you but helping you to face them, helping you to deal with the awkwardness that there is around you in your life upon Earth.

We pray that each one of you will remember your links with Spirit, and that Spirit will give you the strength that you need, will give you the courage, will give you the hope so that you are able to fulfill your destiny upon Earth.

Life seems so long to you upon the earth plane and yet, by our standpoint, it is so quick. The future seems very shadowy to you and yet, from our standpoint, we can see the fulfillment of the purpose for which you came to Earth.

We give each one of you our blessing and we pray that you will always hold on to your vision of Spirit. That you will hold on to the truth as you see it and that you will pass it on to those with whom you come into contact. Try not to let the things of Earth press too hard upon you. It is only for a short while and remember in your sleep state you link up again with Spirit and you get renewed, renewed help, renewed uplift, renewed love.

God bless you all.

This talk is also listed with Lillys Talks.