Make Earth A Better Place

Sister of Mercy

Recorded in the Circle on the 10th of March, 1992

Good afternoon and welcome to your Circle.

We send that welcome out, not only to you, but to those from the other side who have linked up with you this afternoon.

You are wondering why it is that people from the past, or what you call the past, come back but remember that as we have told you before there is no time in Spirit. It is impossible for you with your finite Earth brains to grasp the concept of all events happening at one and the same time. That the future, the past and the present are all occurring simultaneously, as you understand it. We sort them out as we come to speak to you and those who come from your past come because they have made a contact with you once and they want to renew that contact. As you so rightly said there will be so many whom you will meet when you pass from this world into the Spirit World. You will find it very easy then to recall all those with whom you have had any contact whatsoever.

When you look back over your life you will realise how many people you have met. People who whom you may have only exchanged a few words but nevertheless there has been a link made and that link will always be there.

Of course there are a number of people on our side who come over to Spirit and perhaps stay for just a short while before proceeding on their journey, their adventure, their life. They may come back to Earth again in another form, as some other being, some other person, or they may go a little bit higher and step away from the influence of Earth and then they can no longer make the contact without going through very special preparation.

We who come here, you call us Guides, Helpers, we come because we have chosen to work through the earth plane and we have, if you like to put it this way, stepped down from our normal place and made the link with Earth again because we wanted partly to teach you, and partly to learn from you.

Contact with Spirit is two way. It is not just Spirit that comes to you but it is you that goes to Spirit. As you know in your sleep state you progress to a degree that would astonish you if only you could remember it. You talk about service, about love, about helping others. Remember that we is the Spirit World want to help, want to give you the benefit of our experience. We want to try to show you how much bigger you are than what you really understand. We want to show you that your disappointments upon the earth plane are just a part of what you have to learn and it is through the disappointments, through the misunderstandings that you will make Spiritual progress.

You take upon yourselves a body of matter when you come to Earth and with that matter so you take on the pains and the tribulations, the difficulties of the earth plane. Remember that you are never asked to carry more than you can. You are never asked to do more than your soul is capable of. But the things that come your way; the way in which you tackle the difficulties and the problems, the way in which you help others are all a part of your growth, your Spiritual growth.

As we link with the Earth we pick up some of its difficulties, some of its tragedies. We pick up the pain that there is, the unrest, the dissatisfaction, and we try to help as best we can. Not by telling man what he should do or what he should not do but by showing him that within him is the eternal, the eternal flame, the part of God, the part of Spirit. If man will listen to that Spirit then he will find that the difficulties of Earth will be capable of being solved. You think that you cannot do anything to make the Earth a better place but you can by your light, by your words, your thoughts and your prayers you are helping to bring about a new state of affairs.

We have said before that Earth will progress. That, as a planet, the life upon it will evolve and some other planet in another universe is being prepared to take souls that are at your stage of evolution. We repeat that to you, assuring you that everything that happens at the present time, at your present time, upon the earth plane is a part of the eternal plan.

Look upon the bright side of life. Look upon the happiness that there is. Look upon the love that exists upon Earth. Try to find the good that there is in everything and always remember that you look at time in your Earth sense but time in the Spirit World is completely different.

Each one of you has a part to play. Each one of you has your own path to tread. Each one of you has your own development to undertake. You have come so far along the pathway of life; always remember it may seem long to you but it is only a flash of an instant in the time eternal.

Good-bye and God bless each one of you.