The Light Upon Your Pathway

A Jewish Rabbi, perhaps

Recorded in the Circle on the 24th of March, 1992

Good afternoon.

I come just to give you a few words to let you know that your prayers have gone out, not only onto our side of life, but through into your world as well. Prayer is one of the things which you feel you should do and yet you have your doubts as to whether it has any validity. We want to reassure you as to the power of prayer, the power of thought. It is difficult, we know, for you in your world of matter to appreciated the things of Spirit; to appreciate the power they have; to accept the fact that, although your lives upon the earth plane seem to you to be very difficult at times, yet is all a part of the plan.

The development of the spirit that comes into a body of flesh; that takes on the ills of flesh; that experiences the problems that face every single person on the earth plane. Problems that cannot be solved completely while you are in a body of matter. There is such a lot that you cannot fully understand but you are beginning to grasp some of the truths; you are beginning to realise the purpose of your existence upon Earth. You can see, it may be very vaguely at the present time, the pathway that you have to tread but it is because you are, shall we use the term, advanced souls, that you find it difficult to cope with life's problems. Always remember that you are Spirit and that it is only a part of you that is manifest in your particular incarnation and, however difficult your road seems, however much trouble you come up against, however many problems you have to solve, you will know when you cross the border and can look upon your life as a whole, where your pathway has been leading.

As you know the part of you that is expressing itself in a human body has also lived many times before as it will live many times in the future, not necessarily in a body of matter, but in some form or another. The experiences that you gain through your various forms of existence will go into the whole of you.

When you leave this particular incarnation and come back to your home in the Spirit World so you will link up with the other parts of you, and your experiences will go towards making a whole. Even as the experiences of the other parts of you will also be added to that whole. It is difficult for you to understand, and you are not meant to understand completely while you are in a body; while you are in the world of matter. All we can advise you to do is to take one day at a time, to take one step at a time, to accept the experiences of Earth, knowing that they are going to making you a more complete being.

There are many things which we cannot tell you because there are no words to express them, but what we can say to you is that each day that you live upon the earth plane, each time that you send out your prayers, whether they are for those who have gone before you into the Spirit World, or whether they are for your friends, for your relatives, for mankind that is struggeling upon your earth plane. Each prayer that you send has a life of it's own; has a power. You will not see the results and it is difficult for you to have faith that your thoughts and your prayers are important. We come back in order to assure you of that and it is as much for our Medium as it is for each one of you.

So continue to send out your love and your prayers. Continue to think of those who need help, whether it is physical or mental or spiritual. Continue to go forward on your pathway day by day, accepting what life has to offer you. Giving a helping hand to any who cross your pathway who need help, not trying to dictate as to what one person should do, or another, but realising that each spirit upon the earth plane has their own pathway to tread. It may not be in the direction that you think it should be but, eventually, it will lead to the same place, because nothing that has life can be destroyed; always it will evolve.

We leave you with our blessing praying that each one of you will see the light upon your pathway, and in that light you will make progress.

God bless you all.