Links Upon Links

We are not all High Guides

Recorded in the Circle on the 28th of April 1992

It is a privilege to come into your Circle and speak with you for a short while.

Those who link with you from the Spirit World are not always those you term the "High and Mighty Guides". Sometimes we are just simple people who have left the earth plane behind and have come over to the Spirit World. But we like to still feel that we are a part of the world of Earth.

It is not always easy to break the ties with the earth plane and, even though we leave our bodies behind, our spirits still have many links with Earth. So, as we link up with your Circle, we feel that we can give you a second assurance of the continuety of life, and something of the links that you make with Spirit in your sleep state.

Each one of you has a work to do. Each one of you has come to the earth plane, partly in order to develop yourselves, but also because you have got knowledge that you can pass on to those you meet on the earth plane. Especially to those who have no idea. To those who are bound by the things of Earth to such an extent that they cannot spare anytime, any thought, for those who are in another stage of existence.

To each one of you we say that you have a group from Spirit who work with you and, as you make links upon the earth plane, so you are linking up with, not only the people that you can see, but with those who are linked to them from Spirit.

As you go through life on the earth plane take the opportunities that come your way. Give out your thoughts of healing, of love, of sympathy, and try to understand. Try not to be so tied to Earth that you have no thought for Spirit. But, on the other hand, try not to let your thoughts be so much with Spirit that the earth plane becomes unimportant. Remember you are much more than the part of you that is manifesting in your body, and those links that you have with Spirit, that you will renew when you finally leave your body, are much wider, are much deeper, than anything that you can experience upon Earth.

We give you our blessing and the blessing of those from Spirit who have gathered in your Circle. To give you comfort if you need it, to give you help, to give you a certain amount of guidance, but, most of all, to give you love.