Predestination and Free Will

An Address by Brother Bernard

Recorded in a Church on the 20th of May, 1992

Good evening friends.

It is with pleasure that we come into your group to speak with you for a short while and to leave with you one or two ideas that might give rise to thoughts in your minds. We have been listening to those words that were read from a book and were thinking of what we could bring to you that would give you cause to argue, to discuss, because our mission, as we come from the World of Spirit into the World of Matter, is not to dictate what you should believe or what you should not. We do not want to tell you what you should do or what you should not do. What we want to do is to open your minds to the possibilities that there are within you.

The book mentioned was Lord Dowding's "Many Mansions" in which there are communications from men who died in the wars. Extract here.

You know that each one of you has got a soul; a spirit. There is a part of you that is functioning in a world of matter but that it's real home is in the World of Spirit, and yet from time to time, it has to take upon itself the obstacles that face your life on the earth plane in order that it may develop; in order that it may progress, in order that it may learn, in order that it may grow.

You come to the earth plane and you take upon yourselves the body of Earth. You inherit the genes from your forebears and you choose the type of life that you want to lead.

Before you came to the Earth you looked at the possibilities that there were and you chose that which would give you the most opportunities for developing: for growing spiritually, for learning, for understanding, and as you came to take upon yourselves an Earth body so you also took upon yourselves the disabilities of that body.

You often look around your world and you see children who are born deformed. Children who are born deaf and unable to speak, unable to see, and you think to yourself over and over again why are such things allowed? But when you come to consider that the spirit that inhabits that body, however misshapen it is, has chosen that particular life because it offers possibilities; it offers the opportunities that it needs. So it was with the men who fought in the Second World War, as you term it, and who passed to Spirit so suddenly. They had chosen their particular existence; they had chosen the moment at which they would depart from their body.

So you may say to yourself: Well, if all these things are foreseen, then what is the purpose of trying to do anything? If life on the earth plane is meant to be lived in such and such a way, then why should you bother to do anything about it? Why should you try to alter things upon the earth plane? Why should you try to bring about reforms in your nation; in your town, in your street? Why not just let everything happen as it will?

Well, of course, you have got to learn, and you learn through the difficulties that face you, and the way that you tackle those difficulties. It does not matter whether you succeed in all you set out to do, or whether you fail, because the whole time you are here, in the earth plane, you are learning; you are growing Spiritually. Of course, you cannot understand the whole purpose of it until you get to the Other Side of Life, and then, when you have adjusted to the conditions that you will find there, then you will be able to look back and see the purpose that there is behind life on Earth.

We have said many times before that your Earth is not intended to be perfect; it is not intended to show you a life that is without difficulties; that is without problems, without struggles. It is a place where you have come to learn and it is by facing the difficulties; by dealing with the problems that come to you from day to day, and from year to year, that you grow in Spirit.

Of course you feel sorry when someone you love leaves the earth plane and yet you should rejoice because you know they are coming to a world, a Spirit World, where they can be far happier than ever they were on the earth plane. Of course you will have regrets. Of course you will look back at your life and see the things that you have left undone, and see the mistakes that you have made; we will not say the sins that you have committed. You will see where you have fallen short of your ideals but you will be given the opportunity to work out the "salvation of your soul", if you like to term it that, even as those young men who came over during the war. They were given the opportunity to atone for any mistakes that they had made; they were given a chance to put them right by helping other people.

Life in the Spirit World is so different from life on the earth plane and one thing that we would try to put over to you is that each one of you will see life in Spirit differently from anyone else. Two people can look at the same view on the earth plane and they will see different aspects of it. Two people will listen to a talk that is given to them, whether it is from Spirit, or whether it is in the form of a sermon or chat, and they will go away with two different ideas of what has been said.

Each one of you is an individual; each one of you is at a different stage of your evolution of your growth in Spirit. And so, while one will look out and see a beautiful countryside, another will see a rocky coast, and a third one will, perhaps, see huge mountains. But whatever it is, at the moment that you see it, so it is.

You are often told that there is no such thing as time, as you understand it, in Spirit. And yet on the earth plane you are so bound by it. You try to fill every minute of the day and you think that your time has been wasted if you have been sitting doing nothing. But those periods when you do nothing, your brain is not asleep, your mind is not doing nothing, your soul is not doing nothing. Those periods are as essential for you as the times when you are busy physically. And always remember that as you work on the earth plane; as you labour, whether it is with your hands or with your minds, with your voice or with your deeds, the whole time you are working to the progress of your soul.

There is much that we could say, that we could try to tell you, and yet it is so difficult to put into words.

My brother here has said that he will ask Brother Bernard to come and speak. (I was Chairperson that evening and I said to the congregation that Brother Bernard would give the address) but Brother Bernard is just a name because you on the earth plane like names. As we come through we are not just one individual speaking to you from the Spirit World. It is as though a group of minds has joined together and focussed upon one instrument. (Lucy)

And here again we would say to each one of you that you have got psychic powers; each one has got gifts from Spirit that you can use in your lives. They need not involve you standing on a platform; they need not even involve you in being able to write down the thoughts that come to you from Spirit. But while you can give love to your fellow men and women, while you can send out healing thoughts, while you can give love, compassion and understanding, then you are truly using the spiritual gifts. They come in many different forms but there is no soul upon the earth plane who comes without them.

We can speak to you about the God that is within you. We can remind you that you are a part of God even as God is a part of you. We can give you all sorts of advice but the only person who can make use of it is you.

So, as we leave you tonight, we hope that you will talk about the things that have been revealed to you. To discuss them as you see them. Not trying to force your opinions upon anyone else but relying upon the spirit within you to interpret for you.

We leave you with our blessing and the blessing that comes, not just from those who are speaking to you tonight, but the blessing that comes from the whole of the Spirit Realms; the blessing that envelopes your whole world, and that eventually, some time in the future, will mean that Earth will link up with God to the utmost degree.

Goodnight and God bless you all.

As I sit at the computer, listening to Kevin Kern's "In the Enchanted Garden" [RM2525], which is in the CD drawer, converting this text to HTML I realise what a privilege it is to be able to bring these words to you that came through Lucy. She was not only, in my opinion, one of the best Mediums in the Oxfordshire area, but also my friend. It will be a great joy to meet her again on the other side.

I made a promise to myself, and to Spirit, that I would bring these talks to as many people as I could. What better way than the Internet. J.H.H.