Extract from 'Facts Not Fiction'

by W. R. Cross

One communicator, who came only once, said through Ivy, “Hello, very nice to be with you. I am Nicholas. This is my first time and I have come to see how you operate. I was a bit of a fuddy-duddy on earth and didn’t believe in all this mumbo-jumbo, but now I am learning for myself the truth. I am deeply grateful and gratified that there is a life beyond the one we know on the earthly plane. It would be terrifying if we felt that this was the end, that we became as dust and disappeared, never more to rise and take our place in a higher form in a higher system of living and development. We must indeed be thankful if we can learn the truth while we are mortals on earth, for it is difficult for many people who have passed over to learn to develop, for they enter this long period of rest, darkness, and resuscitation, feeling there is nothing left for them, and they cannot reach out for they know not what they are reaching for. It is a long time before loved ones can reach them. You are indeed blessed that you have learned the truth before passing over to this side. Good night”.

  • Bear in mind that there is no ‘time’ in Spirit as we know it. Time has been referred to as the amount of progress an individual has made. There is a line in a hymn – ‘A thousand ages in Thy sight are but an evening gone. Another communicator stated ‘your life on earth seems very long but, to us, it is the mere twinkling of an eye.


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