Extract from 'Facts Not Fiction'

by W. R. Cross

The principle of Newton’s Law that cause and effect are equal and opposite could be applied. Belief or disbelief of the operation of these laws is quite immaterial. We do have free will of a kind - it is always within those laws. Our free will, for example, does not enable us to decide we will not physically die, so it is wise to listen to those who have died when they tell of their experiences. Details have been given over many years, many countries, and many ancient races were well acquainted. Socrates knew a great deal about death and spiritual life and discoursed at length on both. He died in 399 B.C. Today's evidence shows that he was correct in his understanding. About that time Plato was recorded as saying that when death approaches the mortal part of man dies but the immortal parts depart safe and incorruptible.

Impending passing is known in the spirit world and calm peaceful assistance can be given at the time of normal passing by those in spirit who have been trained in this work, the counter­part to our midwives, without the tribulation. The first major happening after shedding the physical is to see the life just completed as though watching a film being shown rapidly backwards to birth. Many people who have been near to death in an emergency say that their life flashed before them. It takes longer when death occurs but no emotional feeling is aroused, the film being viewed in a disinterested fashion.

The next stage usually involves the sensation of movement in darkness, floating effortlessly through a tunnel towards a light at the end. I have seen a seven hundred year old painting of this scene in the Doge's Palace in Venice with a light at the end of a darkened tunnel held high by someone robed in white. The accounts agree that a person in spirit is visibly waiting to give a welcome and conduct to an appointed place of rest for a period of sleep which continues until there has been suitable recuperation and release of the mind from the burdens of illness and age. For some the resting time is short and for others it is long, very long by our time, for in spirit there is no clock time but only condition or state of being.

Awakening comes, probably dreamlike at first, with gradual acknowledgement of surroundings and of people nearby who give care and love, trained to assist in acclimatisation to a world of dimensions real and solid to the senses of the spirit body.

William Lang makes a point of tending all his healing patients due course after their passing and he removes any effects of physical illness etcetera from their spirit bodies. There are hospitals in the spirit world for this purpose and what could be more appropriate for a person knowingly in hospital on earth who unknowingly dies and awakens in a bed, tended by nurses and medical staff who reassure and 'cure' their condition; gradually made aware of their passing, then 'discharged cured' to enter a new beginning. One of the Home Circle rescue cases reported in a later chapter was in this category, a lady who already had too many children and was having another. William Lang told me although George Chapman had no medical training, when he is asleep his spirit body is a doctor in one of their hospitals; he has no memory of this on waking, but William Lang said it will all come to him when he passes over.

After the introduction to the new sphere comes the learning of new techniques including a more extensive and efficient use of the mind in a world where distance and time present no barriers. Much more sensitive feelings are acquired - we could say that psychic power is developed - and when in a condition which is suitable, and not before, another phase arrives - the judgement. With prior knowledge this could be quite soon after passing. When the process commences it carries on to completion and cannot be prevented or even interrupted. God cannot be evaded or placated and the mode of judgement is identical for all; no favouritism and no special selection.

There is no judge as there is in law on earth, where an exceedingly able but fallible man may be influenced by opinion. There is no legal or other representative for the defence because no defence or appeal for clemency is possible. We are not accused so there is no prosecution. We are in complete isolation with no-one to lean on. God's laws apply a justice that takes everything into account without omission, deviation, or assistance; we are taken over, and see that film shown again from the beginning. Played back is every word we have spoken, every thought that has passed through the mind, every feeling and action and every intention. No let up, only the truth, in which we are immersed to the exclusion of all else. Happiness and pleasures which other had as a result of our life we feel to full. They are now ours because we made them. The pains and sorrows which others had from our life also are ours to the utmost degree and we experience them too because we are responsible. What we had believed about life and God is far less important than what we did or did not do with our opportunities. Belief was noteworthy so far as it influenced actions and services rendered to others.

The film is followed by a cumulative representation of the fruits of the life; we bear and feel the weight of all that was untoward and all that was worthy. We have impressed on our mind the value of one against the other. God's mercy is that are not falsely accused or made blame-worthy for anything not our responsibility with due regard to our understanding or ignorance at the time. The final issue is perfect justice, and can complain about that? However, the issue is held in abeyance until another matter of history is reviewed.

Our birth was planned before conception. Spirit people have given detailed accounts of how this is arranged in spirit, and they have said that the earth is a training school, a place of problems and difficulties for evolving people. We lived in the spirit world and made use of the facilities for learning and progress that were available according to our ability, and then realised we had come to a halt. We perhaps dallied in this frame of mind but sooner or later were discontented and frustrated. We worked out the particular traits of our make-up that need to be rectified before we could advance further. We had assistance in this from those wiser than ourselves, and the advice that our needs could be met only in the kind of life existing on earth, the training school where we would meet circumstances with a great impact and bearing on those deficiencies which we had to overcome in order to evolve further spiritually. We decided to attend this school, and the matter was then taken out of our hands and spirit people with the necessary qualifications and experience arranged for our transfer and birth into an environment which would in some form or other not precisely pre-ordained, produce the trials we came to undergo. An essential part of the expedition being that our memory was effaced so we started here with a clean sheet and it was up to us what we made of it.

All this now falls into place. Our memory is returned and we know for what purposes we came. We know to what extent we have succeeded and we see our recent episode of earth life in true context. The judgement is coming to an end and our position and surroundings in the spirit world are settled according to what we have earned and deserved. This is the back-cloth to all types of communication between people in spirit and those on earth.

The hopeful prospect is that new fields for exploration and learning will be opened for the gaining of truth, wisdom, happiness, and further evolution along with many valued and loving friends.

I consider that most of the spirit communicators have not long completed this judgement, or to put it another way, they have not progressed far after the judgement, while some may still be moving around in an earlier in-between stage, while for others their acclimatisation has scarcely commenced. This certainly influences the tenor of communication should they be able to come through. As a rule the regular communicators have passed through the judgement and adjusted to their surroundings with varying degrees of progress, but they have a strong residual urge to engage in service to mankind and are pleased to learn that there are facilities for them to do so. Some communicators have said this will involve a temporary postponement of their move into other progressive spheres, while, others, including, William Lang, have said that it does not.

We were told there is no shortage of people on the spirit side willing to train in Home Circle work but there is an unfortunate lack of suitable Home Circles on earth where willing psychic people can be instructed how to co-operate with them.

The organisers of a Circle are mature in experience and understand the members, their innate abilities and potential as well as their deficiencies, and frame the curriculum accordingly. They introduce other spirit people who will fit into the plan although not as knowledgeable. The overall limiting factor is the quality of the Circle members. If they are shallow or frivolous, then equivalent spirit people will run the Circle …


  • This extract includes the most consise description of the 'Judgement' I have come across.
  • Spirit communicatiors have said that we judge ourselves and that the judgement is automatic.
  • I have heard that the judgement can be put off but it must be completed before we can go on.
  • It is the lowest down in a Spirit Teaching Group who links with the Medium as they are closer to the earth.
  • Advanced (progressed) Spirits find it difficult to make direct contact with the earth due to the 'distance'.


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