Coming Tests in the Work

We have in front tests. We have in front a certain measure of treachery to withstand.

There are those who are angered because the Christ Mission is going forward, and we are calling in thousands all over your world. But in time their anger shall give way to humility and then they will come to us, and so gladly we will gather them in with love, with understanding, with a mighty hope that they in turn may be used to bring in other straying souls.

I say that the future is charged with much, with that which seems as the Judas kiss: but we are unafraid. We know where our strength lies; that strength is in the Cross, not in the dead Christ but in the Living One: not in the cross of sorrow, but in the Cross of light; not in the Garden of Gethsemane or on the hill at even-tide, but on the third day when the Master rose in His glory - the promise fulfilled, the joy cast out upon a wondering world!

That deep step was cut by Him so that those who have lost their way might see the gleam of the shining step, hasten their footsteps and climb in turn.


Extract from The Zodiac Messages. Page 71.

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