A Few Small Changes

You, within whom greatness lies dormant like a sleeping saint, arise to your hidden splendor! We do not ask you to be world leaders or heroes, but to do what you have been given to do, with loving care and your best ability.

There is much, much more that you may know, that you may do, and that you may be. Seek out your highest calling and respond with your all. Do a little, if you wish, but do it well.

Seek not greatness in the eyes of the world, for the world loves its own, and would have you be a part of it. When you serve God, you serve the World, for the World knows not how to serve itself. It believes it can serve itself, but only encumbers itself with thicker delusion. Seek worth in the eyes of God, who would have you be great through humility. Meekness is the refuge of the mighty which the arrogant cannot enter.

Be not deluded and blinded by the small thinking of men. Their goals are as foolish as the paths they take to reach them. You are living in a world of erroneous thinking. You must break out of the patterns of thought that bind men to themselves.

Begin your liberation with a few small changes in thought, and you mark for yourselves the right to walk the entire Kingdom.

Extract from "The Dragon Doesn't Live Here Anymore" by Alan Cohen.
Page 88. ISBN 0-449-90840-2