Ringing the Bell

A friend of mine reported an experience shared by a mother and daughter. The sweetheart of the daughter was expected for dinner and was arriving by plane. At the time set for his arrival, the door bell was rung. The daughter ran to greet her lover but found no one in sight. She went to tell her mother of the odd experience. The bell rang a second time. Both women rushed to the door. Again there was no one to be seen. They waited just inside the closed door to catch the culprit the next time the bell was rung. It rang long and loud after another minute. They flung the door open and still no one was to be seen. Soon after that there came a telephone message saying the plane had crashed on landing and that the young man had been killed.

The sequel to this story came in the form of an automatic handwriting message, which told how the victim of the accident had failed to realise that he was dead and had hurried to fulfill his engagement. He had rung the bell and had been surprised that he could not make his presence felt. Only after his endeavours had proved futile did he begin to suspect that death had overtaken him. It became harder each time for him to make the bell ring. At last a dead relative had come to take him in charge.

That the bell was rung seems to indicate that the ghostly young lover had brought ectoplasm with him from his own body but that this ectoplasm was not visible to the two women. It was late evening and the porch was lighted.

The young man's mind was set was on where he wanted to be - in the physical - and it was so strong that mentally he was still in the physical.

Comparatively, those without such a strong mindset at the time of death, or near death (if that is the proper description of the state of those who are clinically dead, rather than being described as being in the actual after death state, as Martin Wynne refers to his experiences) naturally find themselves in the astral plane.

This article was found in a magazine where it is acknowledged to the
Journal of the Woodlands Sanctuary, Victoria, Australia.

I am not able to vouch for the authenticity of this article
but thought it of interest. J. H.