Frequently, Silver Birch has been asked about problems and difficulties None of us can escape them. But here the guide puts life's trials and tribulations into perspective. His composite comments are taken from various circles.

Sometimes in earthly life you have to dwell in the shadows. When that happens remember it is part, not the whole. The shadow exists because it is cast by the light of the sun which is there even when you cannot see it.

Shadows are ephemeral. They do not last. In due course they dissolve and fade and allow the light to illumine your being. Hold on to all the knowledge that has been given to you, to the foundation on which you can always build and face the problems that inevitably arise in your world.

It is not possible to have an earthly existence freed from problems, difficulties or troubles because that is why you are born into your world. What is important is the way you face them and call on the indwelling, latent divinity to provide the strength to find the solutions and draw you to do what is right.

When you make a link with our world it cannot be broken. It opens a channel through which the power of the spirit reaches you. And in that form of transmission there is all that is necessary for the well-being of your spirit, mind and body.

You all know it, but you do not practice it. You allow yourselves to become bogged down by the problems of your world which require attention, by the cares that beset you, and give them a magnified existence that is not real. Everything physical is only the pale reflection the shadow of the spiritual reality.

Matter of itself has no existence. Matter exists because it is activated by the spirit. Spirit is life and the power you receive is exactly the same as the life force. You are partakers in the process of creation. If you live aright, and think aright, you can share in all the infinite bounty that the spirit has to offer.

By ordering your lives in harmony with this knowledge you automatically have at your disposal everything that is essential for your well-being, spiritually, mentally and physically. It is the thought that is wrong in allowing the physical things to predominate too much.

I am not suggesting you should disregard your obligations to the world in which you live, or to the physical body through which you express yourself But if your thought is right, and you achieve the harmony and concord as a result, then all you require must come to you.

That is why you are on earth, so that you can triumph over all that is negative and be spiritually stronger as a result. I am not saying this is easy. It is difficult. But the attainment of spiritual values cannot be easy because it involves a rigorous mental training so that your perspective and focus are always correct.

There are times when purely physical weaknesses militate against your achieving the right balance. But you can conquer them by calling on the inner power that is yours. There is nothing stronger than the divinity within your spiritual armoury that has all the weapons to fight against anything that is negative.

This is what we try to teach and instil into your minds, so that your attitude to all that life brings you is the right one, and that spiritually you are the better for whatever you have to encounter. There will always be problems while you are on earth, because your world is where you learn your lessons. And to learn them they sometimes have to contain difficulties for you to master. But you should have the confidence, born of knowledge, that all life is spirit, that the power of life is not in the seen but in the unseen. You are surrounded by tremendous love in our world, not only from your own, but from others who strive to help as much as they can.

Welcome the challenges that earth has to offer. I can say without fear of contradiction that I know of no case where those who have served have been forgotten and lack the necessities of earthly life.

It is not when life is rosy that the soul grows. It is only when facing the challenge that it has the opportunity to exhibit its latent divinity and strength, so that these can rise to the surface and help you to grow in mental stature and in spiritual grace. And that is the important thing which matters in your life.

This was the reading given in the Cowley Road Church, Oxford, on the 21st December, 2000.
I have suggested some Silver Birch and this is where the book opened.
Taken from More Philosophy from Silver Birch published by the Spiritualist Press. Page 119.