When antagonism and injustice were mentioned, Silver Birch told his questioners:

Antagonism and hostility are the children of ignorance. They are irrational. Sometimes they are due to fear. At other times they are the result of what you call brainwashing. Minds have become polluted and are unable to reason apart from a set, predetermined course based on teaching given when they were too young to resist.

You must be sorry for them. How sad it is to see millions of people in your world living in darkness when they could be in the light. Why should so many prefer ignorance to knowledge, superstition to truth?

It is sad for them because the whole purpose of their being on earth is to have a spiritual awakening, to achieve awareness and, as a result, to have the guide lines that will enable them to live so that they do not waste their earthly years, and are ready for the next stage of their eternal existence when death comes to them as it must to all.

If you meet with antagonism, just pray for help that you may be given the words which can help those who, alas, have not yet found the rich jewel of truth which you possess. And if you can help them, then your meeting has not been in vain. If you cannot help them it means they are not ready. And when the soul is not ready there is nothing you can do.

I always tell my friends that what is expected is to do the best you can. You are human beings with imperfections that have to be outworked gradually until you eliminate them. But this is a long task and will not be achieved in one earthly existence.

In your world there is so much injustice and inequality. Some have too much, some have too little. Some find their path easy to travel. For others it is difficult and full of stones that make it harder. But this is the reason why you incarnate into earth so that through the variety of experiences it can offer, you can develop your spiritual nature to its greatest possible degree.

If you could see with spiritual eyes you would realise that it is better to have an earth life with problems and hardships, with adversity and struggle, because all these are challenges to the soul and enable it to express more of its latent divinity. If you could see with spiritual eyes, you would be sorry for those who live only on the surface where all things appear materially well, with no problems to irk them.

Yet so perfect is the natural law that a balance is struck, not often in your world because it is not possible, but when the soul leaves earth and takes up its life in the world that you call Beyond. Really it is a part of one unfolding life. There are no lines of demarcation between the life in your world and in ours. Life, the essence, is spirit, not matter.

What I am trying to tell you is that you have much to make you rejoice. The trials, tests, difficulties and problems are all part of the soul's pilgrimage. In the fullness of time it is travail that helps the soul to unfold, not lotus-eating, not tasting to the full all that matter and sense have to offer. The law of compensation will, because it must, fulfill itself.

The whole purpose of earthly life is to make mistakes and learn from them, to fall and pick yourself up, to meet the daily adventure, to realise always that you are a spirit with a body, and that what is most important is the effect on the spirit; to get your priorities right and to hold on to the fundamentals.

You come to earth to enrich the soul, so that through the widest possible gamut of experiences it develops, unfolds and grows in stature and strength, and exhibits at the end of your earthly life more of the latent divinity than when you began. That is what it is all about.

Despite this text being given by Silver Birch many years ago
it refers to the Headline News of the day.

This was the reading given in the Cowley Road Church, Oxford, on Thursday the 4th of January, 2001.
Taken from 'More Philosophy from Silver Birch' published by the Spiritualist Press. Page 112.