Electronic Musical Instruments

Repairs and Servicing of Electronic Organs, Keyboards, Electronic Pianos, Clavinovas and Associated Equipment.

As from October, 2005, only Yamaha equipment is repaired.

Working area is a 50 mile radius around Oxford, Oxon, UK,
but will go further if required.

Mobile: 07909 856148

Musical & Technical Services - Musatek - was created in 1972 from a scientific background in electronics and an ability to play the organ. We have been working with the technology since the first, simple, home organ; saw the introduction of integrated circuits developed for electronic musical instruments and the introduction of the computer technology used today.

Our work is dedicated to your satisfaction with the equipment that you have so that it will serve you well during its lifetime.

We are also available to assist the trade who have problems with new, or used instruments.

Our only limit is the supply of information and the spares that are required. Both these things are beyond our control.

Instruments that we have worked on

We do not repair: Televisions, Video Recorders, Video Cameras, etc.