Organs/Keyboards/Associated Equipment

The working area of Musatek may be 50 miles, or so, around Oxford but e-mail comes from all over the world with people asking questions. If they are requests for parts or manuals they are passed to the people mentioned in the Links Page. Sometimes a person is looking for information about an organ wondering what it is worth and who made it. If we do not know the message is passed on. The value of an instrument is often what you can get for it with many people giving organs away. Recently a church put an advert in a local paper saying they required an organ and had 15 offers.

From a servicing point of view top marks goes to Yamaha whose backup is second to none. Most other manufacturers have ceased to exist but spares are still available for some makes although the situation gets worse as the years go by.

Computers and Computing

We have been building, upgrading and repairing computers for over ten years. Windows did not exist then; everything was DOS. Problems with computers can be either software or hardware. Sometimes it is not easy to tell the difference and some testing may be required to understand what is going on. Our aim is to get your machine going as efficiently as possible. If you are able to try things yourself so much the better. Advice will be given provided we are not repairing your machine by 'remote control' for free. Time on the phone or answering e-mail adds up. However, the desire is to satisfy as a happy customer is a good advert while an unhappy one is not.

New Computers: These are built to order. Generally a list of parts is discussed regarding the propose computer and prices are obtained at the time. We like to suggest the most cost effective parts, which may not be the cheapest; this is usually for hard drives, processors, motherboards, memory, etc. Standard items, such as floppy and DVD drives, are usually bought at the cheapest price available as they are much the same across the makes.

Please e-mail if you require more information about any of these topics. If you are a long way away this will have to be taken into account.