Injector and Magnet Halls

The two photos above are taken in the Injector Control Room. A Beam of Protons at 15Mev are injected into the main magnet ring, where they are spun up to 7Gev. This control room was not manned during normal operations. In the early commissioning days this control room would have been full of people working on their individual bits of equipment.

Here my Brother in Law, Thomas (Tom) Potter of Detroit, stands underneath the DC Gun.

The voltage, during machine operations, on the canister over his head would be +600Kev. As a proton, by virtue of the pi-meson attached to it, has a positive charge so the plate above the fence at earth potential is extremely attractive. You might note the metal arm from the wall touching the metal tube ensures the canister is earthed. The 600Kev was generated using a Cockroft Walton generator. I do not seem to have a photo of that.

Tom, who was born near Edinburgh, worked at the Pressed Steel, Cowley, Oxford (commonly called 'The Works') and was poached, along with a few other people from Scotland, by the car company 'Ford' in Detroit. This must have been during the early 1950's. He lived in a Detroit suburb called Taylor.

Stepping out of the Injector Control Room takes you into this hall where the Linear Accelerator (Linac) is placed. A burst of protons at 600Kev from the DC Gun is fed into the beginning of the Linear Accelerator, which, through a series of increasing gaps increases the velocity up to 15Mev ready for injection into the Main Magnet Ring.

Every so often the Linac has to be swept out and all the left over protons
that don't get accelerated are put in the bin for recycling!?
A view of the Linac from the Magnet Hall end.
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