Topics: 1. (Ling) Extending thinking into energy, matter and motion. 2. (Soo Lee) More on above.

Extending Thinking into Energy, Matter and Motion

First spirit (Ling): Greetings.

Sitters Hilton, Jenny Ken:) Greetings Ling.

[Note: In opening the circle Ken got carried away in talking about arrangements for changes in room lighting and only belatedly remembered to come back with a welcome.]

Ling: We are sufficiently big in the head to realise that we are welcome.

Ken: Thank goodness, (laughter) Thank you.

Ling: We feel sure that you would not continue to come regularly if we were not welcome and it is much appreciated. Continue with the light you have now until the end of speaking and we would ask that you continue with your darkness, complete darkness, each week until we suggest an alteration.

Now this may not mean anything to you people at all, it is an experiment, purely on our side and if anything comes of it you will know, but basically it is us experimenting. Please do not be disappointed, or too tense, waiting. Do we make ourselves clear?

Sitters: Yes, thank you.

Ken: Ling will you tell us when you want us to close the circle, or will we just...

Ling: Well you usually know, don't you? When we come to the end we say 'Good night'.

Ken: Yes I wondered if you would, or whether I'd have to try and see the clock which may be difficult in the dark.

Ling: Oh you mean the second part of the meeting?

Ken: Yes.

Ling: Well we will make it twenty five minutes if possible. Someone will say "Finish" and that will be all: because we do not wish to waste any energy at all... just "Finish".

Now having finished that, what have you people to tell me?

Note: Last week we were given a problem. [pause...]

Ling: Don't be shy.

Ken: We have given thought to it, but a lot more thought is obviously needed, because it would seen that the answer as seen at the moment, is just too simple.

Ling: Everything to do with 'Life' is simple. I would like to hear your answer.

Hilton: My immediate thought was that we have two bodies, physical and spiritual (or another name like that), and that any harm to the physical is never reflected in the other. So that when we die, our spiritual body is completely formed. It does sound a bit simplistic but that's what I thought at the time.

Ling: And have you had any thoughts Miss Jenny?

Jenny: Ah, I'm very much the same there actually. I feel that our spirit body never gets harmed. The physical body may, and when I say spiritual body I'm not quite sure of the form... um, I'm not much help to you... sorry.

Ken: I wouldn't be of much help either for I think the same way, but also thinking that if the spirit body is 'life', is 'energy', perhaps there is some sort of a tie up with atoms and sub-particles and so forth, but I'm not into that yet.

Ling: Interesting. Now I will leave you with this thought: "Energy is matter in motion". Think that through over the next week… possibly "What is the energy that puts things such as yourself in motion?" But this applies to all matter.

Ken: Are we sure that it's not the other way around, that energy is the result of matter in motion?

Ling: Energy is matter in motion.

Ken: Thank you.

Ling: And I would question you Miss Jenny. You say that your spirit body, call it what you might, can not be harmed?

Jenny: Yes I've always had that feeling.

Ling: If it is just 'Think', to use a familiar term, cannot 'Think' be harmed, by other 'Thinks'?

Jenny: [chuckles] Yes I guess so. Bad thinking I suppose... but would that harm?

Ling: You are still thinking of material form.

Jenny: Yes, I guess so.

Ling: Just think, all of you. I am pleased, or we are pleased; but look back if you can on many of the old philosophers. They had some very wise thoughts in connection with 'matter', and 'energy'. They were ahead of the scientists, who have just caught up, or are catching up after many hundreds of years. Science is beginning to accept. When the two come together more of mankind will accept, what you people already know, but are not able as yet to put in to words.  You know!

Ken: Ling, you've got me foxed... if God is energy, intelligent energy, and God is not matter; I can't see that God, (energy), can be matter in motion.

Ling: (pause) Look into it friend.  Possibly your dictionaries may put you on the right path. 

Matter without energy doesn't move. What is energy?  Perhaps a simple word with another meaning? I'd like you to think on those lines. Don't think of God as matter. What is spirit?  Has it another name?

I once suggested that you choose a word, put it on a piece of paper and extend it as far as you can. Perhaps you should do this with the word energy, or the word matter, the word motion. You may be surprised at the conclusions that you come to, and if you don't come to a satisfactory conclusion, you at least have stimulated your thinking: which enables you to open yourself to other thoughts, and there is a lot in that.

Is there anything else that you want to ask, but I'm not giving the answer! (Laughter)

Ken: We'll have to think about it during the week, thank you.

Ling: It is an interesting thing that there are probably, (in fact I feel sure,) there are many children today, dotted throughout the world, of all nations who if they had that question put to them young enough, before they were influenced too much by either religion, or scientific thinking, could give you the answer.

It would probably be put in a childish manner, but there are many child­ren today coming in to your world who have incredible knowledge.

Looking a little into the future, and this is not a prophesy, you people may not be on earth long enough to see these children develop, but if you can extend your own minds to accept what they can teach, you may have the pleasure perhaps in some small way, of help­ing them.   Because it is quite likely that you may manage to com­municate yourselves, through these intelligent beings. It is just a thought... something to work towards; because I have no doubt that you don't just want to sit on a pink cloud with a harp.  (laughter).

When Christianity first came into my life, that was the thing that I first questioned, because I thought that a physical body on a cloud, which is water... it would fall through!  And in my mind I saw all these people falling to earth.  (laughter). That seems a trivial thing to say, but it is something like that, that often can stimulate the mind into questioning, which is something that we must always do... question!

I am not saying that it was only Christianity that made me question, because once I started questioning religions, I went on to many others.  I was in a fortunate position where education was something that I could make use of, and so I questioned.

When I died, some of my questions were answered, but I say, "Some"*, because I, like you, am still questioning.  It is something you must develop... questioning... so question.

"Energy is matter in motion!". With asmile on my face I will leave you tonight.(chuckles)

Goodnight, God bless you, and I hope you don't get too many headaches.

Ken: (laughter)) Good night and thanks for coming.

Hilton and Jenny: Thank you Ling.

Second spirit (Soo Lee): Good evening this is Soo Lee.

Sitters: Good evening Soo Lee.

Soo Lee: They have asked me to get you to think of a game you people play, with a ball and a tennis racquet. The ball and the tennis racquet are matter.  Energy is what you are, and motion is what you create in moving the racquet and the ball. Where does that energy come from, and where does it go, because as I understand it, that ball is matter in motion... is it creating energy?

We have these questions over here.

Ken: Does the energy not come from the physical person in this case?

Soo Lee: What is the physical person Ken, because are they not matter?

Ken: Yes, they are matter, but my original question was centered on the fact that God is not matter but intelligent energy; so it appears that you can have energy without matter. From your tennis story it seems that you need matter to create energy.

Soo Lee: You talk of the physical body as being matter, but what is driving this physical body because, does it not disintegrate when something moves out from it?  It is only matter.

Ken: Yes ...

Soo Lee: Goodnight!


Sitters: Thank you for coming. Goodnight.

Ken: Thank you, you sure puzzle us.

Soo Lee: You didn't think I'd come and do that to you, did you?


Note: As requested we now sat for about twenty minutes in complete darkness to allow spirit experimentation. During that time the medium was no longer in trance and we all witnessed some pale lights everywhere around, rather like stars at night seen through a fine mist and lasting for most of the time. The circle was then closed with appropriate thanks.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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