Ken Hanson's Scripts - A New Zealand Circle

Chapter No.
Title of the Extract
Jean's Passing - Jean died of cancer.
Joe's Passing - Joe died in a homemade boating 'accident'.
Cameron - a fisherman from Scotland.
Frederick - A German Officer.
Death is not something to shun; it is a time of joy.
When children die.
Attitudes towards ‘Death’.
Entering the Spirit World. Kittyhawk Pilot Officer 'Meow'.
After so called 'Death'.
Life where I Am.
You Cannot Hide Anything.
Steps in a Person’s Development.
The Rights of Man.
What is Civilisation?
How the spirit world blends with ours.
The simplicity of being spiritual.
Developing your Spirit.
Basics. Avoiding Clutter.
Reincarnation. Don't Look Back.
More on Reincarnation.
Meditation. This chapter is all on one topic.
Communication. This chapter is all on one topic.
Life’s Journey.
About Bill.
Keep on Acquiring Knowledge.
Names and The Spirit World.
More Thoughts on 'Time'.
More on Colour.
My Life on the Earth. This chapter is all on one topic.
“We Must Kill Because it is God's Will”
Understanding the connection between the two worlds.
Spirit Healing.
How recognition from the spirit-world develops.
Learning and Teaching.
More About Life in The Spirit World. This chapter is all on one topic.
Spirits, Guides and Mediums. This chapter is all on one topic.
Spiritual Development. This chapter is all on one topic.
Insights of Historical Significance. This chapter is all on one topic.
More On Spiritual Development. This chapter is all on one topic.
Meeting Your Responsibilities and Responsibility.
Learning From Each Other.
Pathways to God.
Time and Colour.
Animals and Mankind.
The Calming Uses of Water.
Mind, Thought and Prayer. This chapter is all on one topic.
Religion, Church, etc. This chapter is all on one topic.
Happiness, Materialism and Balance.
Balance, Discipline and Compassion.
Tips for Self Improvement. This last chapter is all on one topic.
Script No.
Title of the Talk
Temperature, Movement and Gardening
Life in the Spirit World
My Entry Into the Spirit World
Extending Thinking into Energy, Matter and Motion
God is Energy
Spiriual Development - Communication - Experiments
More on 'Gravity'
More on 'Space', 'Mass' and 'Gravity'
Organisation and Holidays
Various Topics - A lot of learning to do
Space, Universal Mind, Wave-particle Duality
We Are All Made of the Same Stuff
Extending Awareness
Apples and Forgiveness
Stones have Life?
More on 'Life', Quarks and Encouragment
Advice for a Sitter and More about Particles
Ether, Sound Travel and Gain Knowledge
Deep Booming Sounds
Be Positive and Remain Cheerful
Tom (a soldier from WW1) Passes Over
Names from the Spirit World
Develop your Spirit Now
Cultivate Your Senses
From War Some Good Could Come
Do You Really Need Lots of Worldly Goods?
Have Personal Conclusions Before Passing on Knowledge
Patience(Information for sitters.)
About 'Giving'
Use Discretion When Passing On Spirit Knowledge
Making Time for Spirituality to Develop
Good Thoughts Do Have An Effect!
Take Fear Out of Your Lives
Helping a Person to Pass Over
Praise is Love Personified
Development of The Human Soul After Death
A Little About the 'Time' Factor
Questions to sitters
Know the ‘Seven Principles’
Using the ‘Seven Principles’
Presenting the ‘Seven Principles’
Personally Explore the ‘Seven Principles’
A Suggested Meditation, etc
Find Essences of ‘The Seven Principles’
A Horse Story from June
Find Time to Think, on ‘The Disciplines of Spirit’
June’s Horse Story - Continued
Keep Your Body Healthy and Keep Acquiring More Knowledge
Two Suggestions to Help Reduce Stress
Our Spirit Friends’ Activities During Christmas / New Year Holiday
Building a Wall of Protection for Us
Follow Up To 'Look for Positive Things'
Second Follow Up To 'Look for Positive Things'
Develop Your Powers of Observation
A Third Follow Up to ‘Look for Positive Things’
Gems of Knowledge
‘Balance’, Discipline’, & ‘Compassion’
Look Ahead to Better Times
Colour is Important in our Lives
How Would You Explain the Fourth Principle?
The Long and Short of It
Progress of Life?
Understanding More About ‘Time’
Jamie O’Hara - Here and Hereafter
The ‘Second Principle’, ‘Observation’, and the ‘Power of Thought’
Give Kind Thoughts
Tad, a Chimney-Sweep Boy, Talks of His Life in the Spirit World
Go to Great Heights with Music
All Religions Have Good In Them
Eternity Has No End
Don’t Get Set In Your Thinking
Thoughts on Prayer
Spiritualism - A Way of Life
Let's Get Organised
There is no 567 as the tape failed
Little Pompom Came to Offer Cheer
Ling Goes on Holiday
Tim Tells of His Death and Things He Has Learnt
Even Under Stress Always Look Outwards
The Power of Positive Thought Can Overcome Most Things
Death and Birth are the Same Thing
Think about 'Personal Responsibility'
Personal Responsibility
Seek Opinion
Sarah is Brought for Help
What It Can Be Like to Die
Tolerance and Personal Responsibility
An Experiment - Failed?
Explaining a Failed Experiment
June Invites Questions
Colour - contd.
Being Helpful After a Death
Being Helpful After a Death - contd.
Disciplined Meditation Has Many Advantages
Appreciate All Kinds of Music
Healing & Balance
Attitude and Discipline in Spirit Communication
Basic Creativity
The London Bombing and Keeping Cheerful
Discipline, Compassion and the word ‘Evil’
A Message about Music
Do you like yourself?
The Value in Sharing Possesions
Differences in Religions
Your Picture - The Art of Living
Your Picture - The Art of Living - Follow Up
Life Goes On and On
Take Some Time Off
Doing Simple Things
Mind to Mind
Overcoming Fear
Concerning the Circle
Changes to the Circle Format & Your Soul is Like a Diamond
About 'Lies'
What about Villains? - a frequent question
Next Year & Read It Again
More About Music
About a Picture
Jesus as He Really Was
God, Maths and A Little Girl
More Maths and A Poem by Pythagoras
Positive Healing and Exercise
Keep asking 'Why'
Playing With a Ball and Healing Self
'Soul' and 'Spirit'
Your Personal Development is All-Important!
Contradictions in Messages from Spirit
Speaking to a Dying Person
Improving Prayer Effectiveness
How Old Do You Think You Are?
Could I live with myself?
Don’t Make Hasty Judgments - Part One (A London Story) 
Don’t Make Hasty Judgments - Part Two (A London Story)   
Two Common Questions
Daily Thought and Tiredness
Presentation and a Dead Penguin
Be Positive and Observant
Recognise and Overcome Faults
The Essence of Being and Stored Information
June Reminisces and Leave Out the Spirit
Camel Caravans and Future Generations
Aspects of Prayer
War Can Aid Your Devolopment
Clarifying the Expression ‘Go Towards the light’
More on ‘Conscious Selfishness’
About ‘Armageddon’ and Prayer
The Fallacies of Death
Aspects of 'Fear'
Two Common Questions
The God Within You
How Spirit Teachers Use Their Spare Time
Thoughts about Spiritualism’s Decline
Patience, Contrast and Envy
Trying to find Yourself?
Thoughts Concerning Aspects of Spirit
Further Ideas on Healing
Overcome Your fears and Help Others
More about 'Fear'
Mankind Has Potential
Some thoughts on ‘What is God?’
Animal Care, Young People and Meditation
Aspects of Prayer
Astral Plane, Time and Communication
Positive Thoughts for Healing and Astral Plane contd.
'Doom and Gloom' Prophets
Simplicity of Spirit - For Beginners
Focus In Music and Healing Thoughts
Additional Information About Healing
Message from Pompom and Don't Condemn
Two Photographs that Ken sent in August 2008

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