Topics: 1. God is the energy that makes matter move.  2. Keep extending your thinking.
3. (Note: witnessed a light display for 2nd week)
COPY OF TAPE OF TRANCE CIRCLE MEETING No.402. Held 29th August, 2000.

God is Energy

Spirit (Ling)): Greetings.

Sitters (Hilton Jenny Ken:) Greetings Ling.

Ling: Much whirling of mental cogs? [Refers to a problem given us last week.]

Sitters: ((laughter) Yes.

Ling: Each briefly, tell me your final, (although I should not say final for nothing is ever final, but I will use that word), final conclusion. Who is going first?

Ken: Ling would it be all right for us to refer to notes with a torch that has been heavily covered with red paper?

Ling: Try and manage without. Knowledge should be in the mind.

Hilton: Shall I go first? I've done quite a bit of reading of dictionaries and a book on physics and so forth and I'm not able quite to agree with your statement that 'Energy is matter in motion'.

You may be right, but the general feeling that I got was that 'Energy is the capacity to create motion and matter', rather than, that it is matter in motion. Energy is 'Life' as I take it.

Ling: Thank you.

Jenny: Well likewise I've been doing quite a bit of reading on that, and I've sort of worked it out vaguely, very vaguely. God is intelligent energy, God is also spirit, we are spiritual so we have intelligent energy. When we come down to matter, matter is nonstop vibrating unless it reaches absolute zero (Kelvin) when it stops. So that's where I'm lost I guess... ah, memory's not too hot... yes energy is life, so is our life force, our energy, which is spiritual... is it that way of looking at it that is wanted?

Ling: Thank you.

Ken: Well I tried to do what you suggested. I took the three words and extended them as the thoughts came to me, and then looked at the dictionary meanings, and then I looked at what you had told us by way of assistance; and I think you said, "Could one word be found for energy?" and yes, 'God' (intelligent energy).  I forget exactly your other questions but it boiled down to, “Do we all have this energy?'...Yes;  "Is there another name for it?" ...Yes, ‘soul’ or ‘spirit’.  You mentioned energy in solid things and as has been mentioned, in solid things there is energy internally, although we don't see it as such; but then I came down to where you said that "Energy is matter in motion", and I'm afraid that I still can't see through that; because if energy is matter in motion, and God is energy and not matter... I can't figure that out at all.

Ling: Well, two things... it made you think! (laughter), the second is, what is boiling?  You said, "When", (now I'm not quite sure here), but "When it's all boiled down", I think you said. What does that mean?

Hilton: “When you summarize it all”, I think that's what it means.

Ling: Thank you.

The final. The essence. (I am not too sure what this means. J H)


Ling:: Well, we think that you have done well.

If we had said, "God is the energy that makes matter move", you would have accepted it, and wouldn't have thought another thing! (laughter).

It seems a bit unfair, but it has stimulated your ability to learn.  Keep it up, carry it on further! Physics, particularly as it is known today, is of value in spiritual, or 'life' thinking.

Ken: Please Ling can you tell me that if ‘energy is matter in motion', and God is not matter, then how can God be energy because you say that "Energy is matter in motion"?

Ling: The only thing that I can say there, is that you couldn't see the question mark after the statement.
Do you understand?

Ken: Now, yes thank you.

Ling:: It has made you think, it has made you work. If we had said that “God is behind all matter, through all matter”, you would have accepted it as a statement of fact, and forgotten it by the next day: unless someone reminded you. Have you not done similar with your pupils at school?

Ken: I guess so.

Ling: Not so good when it comes back on you is it? (laughter) Take the opportunity when it is available, with like minded people to discuss such things, taking them if possible, to a final conclusion, for example...
Tonight beforehand you had music from Greece, each of you give me a word that personifies for you - 'Greece'. In the same order that you went before.

Hilton: I think of our basic civilization really, they started thinking philosophically in cultural things, which we still use today.

Ling: Thank you.

Jenny: I think of beautiful islands and lying in the sun. (mirth).

Ken: And I think, "Bouzoukis".

Ling: All good answers. But for our thinking, the most important, is 'Socrates'. That man, because of his pupil Plato, became the foundation of 'thinking', of 'thought', of 'questioning'. He did not accept what others told him. He searched, and when he came to conclusions he passed them on as his conclusion, but not necessarily one you had to accept; because all knowledge must be what you accept at that period of time in your life.

It would probably be quite useless going to one of the indigenous people of some remote island, and telling them that they should read the teachings of Socrates. It would mean absolutely nothing to them, and it would only be by 'rote' learning, and not by 'understanding', that they could accept it.

Had you thought that that is how many of our religions are passed on to others?

You have the opportunity and the ability to extend your minds personally. You are people who can discuss things between yourselves. You can argue, "I'm right”, "No you're not", "Prove it to me", without coming to physical blows; because you know what you are doing. You are trying to get to the basic knowledge.
Even a little cheating is acceptable in those circumstances, as we did to you last week, (mirth), because it has stimulated your thinking.

On a number of occasions, similar ideas have been given to you, 'Oh a good idea. I must think about it', but nothing gets done! Now you have started, we suggest that you continue.

As the years advance, you have bodily functions that slow down. You cannot occupy yourselves so much with the sports and the out­door interests that you had, but as long as you have sight or hearing, you have the ability to gain knowledge; more this century than probably any other.

Over the last hundred years a great deal of progress has been made, in printing, in your radio, your TV's; but we would ask that you be selective. In your reading, by all means read for pleasure, your travel books, or autobiographies, or whatever interests you; but also read for knowledge... it is that that you carry with you. It is that that you can make use of for the rest of your life; and if you really think of the rest of your life, you can fit in an awful lot of reading, because when you leave your material body, you can still read; and if you put the foundation down now, you will be selective in your reading, and able to cast out that which is not applicable, or of benefit to your development, and to the development of others that you may contact.

Keep up your work friends, and may God help you, the 'Energy' that is around you... help you in your work.

Now you asked about the lights, [Hilton asked at circle opening] that you saw last week.
It is not my field, but I am sure that if the four of you saw what you say, and spoke about it, out loud…

Sitters: Yes we did.

Ling: Good, those that are working in this field will be aware. As I understand it, you may not always get phenomenon, but there will be times, and it does make a great interest for you people and it helps us; particularly if you comment selectively.

Do not allow yourselves to become emotional over it. It is a science that you are dealing with, so deal with it in a practical fashion such as you did last time, and try and describe what you see, or possibly hear, accurately.

Now as far as I know, tonight there will not be anyone else, so please after two or three minutes would you turn on your... no I'm sorry, for our experiments you're not having lights any more are you?

Sitters: No.

Ling: Just make sure that the medium is out of trance and with you, and would you continue to sit for twenty to twenty-five minutes, and we will somehow let you know when the time is up.

God's blessings on you.

Hilton: Thank you.

Ken: Thanks very much again for your teachings... we'll try and do better.

Goodnight and thank you for coming.

Hilton: God bless. Goodnight.

Jenny: Goodnight.

Note: During the next 20 minutes of sitting in darkness for spirit experimentation, we again witnessed myriads of lights all around and rather brighter than last week, and more of them. We also saw a pale purple colouring of what looked a little like fog, and some other small different coloured lights that appeared and disappeared with great speed. Joyce and Jenny also reported seeing many bars of light (each about 5 to 8 inches long), moving around and between each other.

Note: From a check later with the leader of another former circle, we discovered that before their circle unavoidably disbanded, they had several times witnessed similar pinpoints of light, but over a much shorter period.]

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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