Topics: 1. Various steps over time, of a person’s development when in spirit. 2. Spirit to earth communication. 3. Purpose of spirit experiments.

Spiritual Development - Communication - Experiments

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

Sitters (Hilton, Jenny, Ken): Greetings Ling.

Note: At circle opening Ken gave thanks to spirit for the very obvious healing he had received from them.

Ling: Your thanks have been received and we will see it is passed on.

Ken: Thank you very much.

Ling: If it is within our abilities, we want to explain the various steps in a person’s development, which over a period of time they may take, once they have left your world, your vibration.
Now you are already aware of what happens immediately after death, and the possibility that most people need a period of rest.

They waken into a world such as yours, which is very much the same... what is known in your world as the ‘Astral Plane’.  It is because it is so alike, that many people cannot accept the fact that they have died, and I would suggest that the biggest percentage of people accept where they are with varying degrees of happiness, according to what they have earned.

Now the average person has arrived in an astral plane where they have accepted that what they have done may not have been correct, and have accepted that they must overcome in some manner, the fault...  ask forgiveness, work it out in some way and then they settle down to what they feel is ‘life’.

In your concept of time, that may be hundreds of years where they are quite happy, and for all I know you people could be in that category, quite happy to live in a world free of physical...  well literally… free of the physical.

But it inevitably happens, (perhaps by the mere fact that you inadvertently come across a soul whom you feel is just a little different); you’d like to be like them.  What is it that they have got?  Something special!   You may even have had the great privilege of coming across someone like that on your earth plane... someone whom you admire and would like to be like, a goal to reach.  So with that thought in your mind, (which can be received, by someone else who perhaps understands a little bit more than you), you have started on your path.

It may take you a great deal of time to achieve what you eventually might like to achieve at that period of your thinking, but over some hundreds of years, because you have started on the path, the opportunity for progress is open to everyone.  As soon as you in any way indicate that you wish to advance, the opportunity is there, and so you progress from vibration to vibration.

Now this is very difficult for us to explain to you, but each step up that you take or each step along, however you like to think of it, is on a different vibration; and many of you people no doubt find it difficult to understand - the communication between people who have ‘died’, question mark, and people on earth.

On the astral plane, where you are close to earth, it is sometimes quite simple.  If you can contact a medium that is like yourself, you may perhaps, within hours of your death, communicate to the earth vibration.  Most people don’t know that it is possible so it doesn’t happen often, and as you go further along your path it becomes more and more difficult.

Now we have a series of paths, ladders, whatever you like to call it, and much of the knowledge that we like to pass on, may come from a vibration that is completely beyond your comprehension, where the soul involved is ‘Thought’, and for them to communicate their thoughts, it may take a considerable time, and a considerable amount of practice and work, to lower their vibrations down various steps until finally, if they are fortunate, to earth.

In the case of our small group here, you are involved in a number of vibrations, with people on various levels.  Not at every one of our meetings but occasionally, rarely, you have managed, or I should say that the spirit communicating has managed, to come to you from a very high vibration.

People like your doorkeeper are not on the astral plane.  He is a person who has advanced, but has dedicated himself to the protection of one person; and now I don’t know quite how to put this, but a number of people are involved around him, the same as around our medium.  At each level there is a circle.

On my level there is a circle.

When you have had people speak to you from even higher vibrations, they may have come through two or three circles, so the communication is going... possibly I could describe it as along a cable, which may be from New Zealand to England, so there are stops, Australia, Singapore, etc, until eventually arriving in England.  That is how it works with us too; from the highest; through until our vibrations can be brought down to match those on earth.

So in our asking for you people to sit for us in the dark, what energy is being used, what experiments we are making, may have nothing to do with your circle, immediately, but helping one of those circles on the way, to develop a little more, to make it a little easier for further communication. It is something that we in spirit are very interested in doing. We must continue to get through. We are fighting materialism. Spirit is getting bogged down on earth, with materialism. I think that you people are well aware of this without us telling you; but that is partly why we ask you to sit a little longer each time, so that all those circles can have further help. Eventually it may benefit you people in your circle, but if not you in your lifetime, it will benefit communication eventually.

Now that is all I am going to say on that subject at the moment but I have a thought for you for tonight... you hear music, you hear a note of music. It is there! Why can’t you hold it in your hand?  Or can you hold it in your hand?  I would like you to give me your ideas on that subject, next week. I won’t forget to ask.


Well my friends, don’t feel that you have to, but we would be obliged if again after the medium has come out of trance you would continue to sit again for us for about twenty five minutes. Is that possible?

Sitters: Yes certainly.

Ken: Ling, just before you go ... when a speaker from a higher plane is reducing their vibration in order to get to us, do they reduce it sufficiently that they personally can get it right down to speak to us, or do they just reduce their vibration to talk to the next plane who in turn pass the message on to the next one down, until someone relays it?

Ling: That can vary.  In some cases, depending on the medium, we are fortunate that we can get through directly, but it is not always so.  There is usually an intermediary, but you yourselves would be able to tell.
If you feel you are talking, or someone is talking to you, with knowledge beyond your comprehension, there would be a different intonation in the voice of your medium.  That is how you would know.

Sitters: Thank you Ling, etc.

Ling: It would also, I may add be usually a much briefer message.

God bless your little circle - all along the path, or up the ladder.


The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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