Topic: More on 'Gravity'.
COPY OF TAPE OF TRANCE CIRCLE MEETING No.416. Held 28th November 2000.

More on 'Gravity'

Spirit: (Ling) Greetings.

Sitters: (Hilton, Jenny, Ken) Greetings Ling.

Ling: We understand that you have all been doing some reading on gravity, etc.

Ken: Yes.

Ling: From what you have read, what is the greatest force that you know of?

Ken It seems as though it is gravity, gravity itself.

Ling: We would say that you are correct.  And you have read that there are areas where gravity is stronger than anything else.  Nothing can overcome gravity. Is that correct?

Ken: I'm thinking through the question of 'black holes'. I'm not sure about that.

Ling: What do you think a black hole is, in your opinion?

Ken: Well from what I've read it seems to be after the death of a star which has exploded… no imploded, within itself, and created a...

Ling: Gravitational force.

Ken Oh yes, I suppose it is! Something that is so great that it is said that nothing can escape, but I have recently heard that apparently there is some radiation that does escape.

Ling: So far it is a theory, it has not been proved I think you may find. The man you are speaking of thinks… and who is to say that he is not correct?

But we feel, that is my immediate friends and I, who try to discuss many things that there is possibly, (perhaps many question-marks ‘possibly’), something that can overcome gravity, and then could travel possibly into black holes and out again.

Now think for a moment. Can one or all of you, come up with what we are possibly thinking of?

Ken: Thought?

Ling: Jenny?

Jenny: The spiritual power of love?

Ling:: And you sir? Hilton?

Hilton: I suppose ‘mind’ would be the only thing I can think of?

Ling: Well you have all given the same answer, because each word means the same thing. And that too is what we feel; because as you sit where you are there is nothing to stop you, your mind, you, your love, your spirit, your soul, call it what you will... from sitting in the middle of the great plain in Russia. You can convey yourself to that area. Now you are probably thinking, "Oh, that man has really lost his..." (Now I think you've got an expression...)

Jenny: Marbles?

Ling:: That's it, that's it. (Mirth). His 'marbles'.

But think on that.  You may personally have had the experience in a minor way, where you are so absorbed in what you are doing, (or looking at is what I really mean), looking at, that you become one with that person or article. You feel what it is feeling.

Have any of you had that experience? I don't mean in dreams. (pause)  No?

Ken: Not me, but I know that our medium has.

Ling: This is possible for all of you, but it has to be in an exceedingly relaxed state of the physical body: so that you are completely absorbed in the said article or life that you are looking at.

Now my friends and I, in discussing gravity feel that mind or whatever you like to call it, can possibly overcome this.

Eventually we are all going to develop to a very high state of thought and have complete control over thought, so surely it would be a great adventure, to possibly go down this black hole?

Ken: Ling I'm not sure about this gravity business. Where you've got a mass attracting another mass, does gravity come into it only if the mass is rotating?

Ling: (pause) Hum. I am not positive on this, and as our other friends are not allocating me very much time tonight, (Laughter) I haven't the opportunity to consult with my inner circle. But I would say that that is not so, because many things are affected by gravity, as I understand it, that are not rotating...

Ken: But is it the rotating body that causes the gravity?

Hilton: Does the sun rotate? I don't think it does, yet it has a gravitational pull much higher than ours.

Ling: I was thinking that perhaps that this is a gravitational force that you may be aware of on your earth.

Many years ago when you had in particular, the big steam trains, very powerful, you did not stand on the edge of the platform... why?

Hilton: Because you could be attracted almost by that body.

Ling: Yes.

Ken: Was it, or was it from the rushing air, that you could get sucked in?

Ling: It was a force, and is that not a form of gravitation?

Ken: Maybe it could be.

Ling: Some more reading is necessary! (Laughter)

Well I am getting vibrations that indicate that I have said enough.(mirth)

You have given me things to think about, and I hope that I have given you things to think about. It is good for the mind to stretch itself.  It helps keep you young ... Yes? (Laughter)

Jenny: We need that alright!

Ling: And we wish you good health friend Ken. Thank you for being with us tonight.

Ken: Thank you Ling.

[Note: This is a reference to the fact that Ken very nearly didn't attend due to a bout of food poisoning.]

Ken: And thank you for coming and for your knowledge.

Ling: Thank you, and may God bless you all, and we are being rather rude... we are taking for granted that you are willing to sit extra for us tonight?

Sitters: Yes certainly, etc.

Ling: Thank you. I think that perhaps about half an hour is indicated.


Sitters: Thank you.


Note: After circle we sat again for spirit experimentation, chat­ting amongst ourselves, listening to taped music and witnessing lights as before.

Further note: I was looking out the kitchen window doing the washing up; the moon was bright and clear in the sky. I thought to myself: 'I wonder what the force of gravity really is'. A 'voice' in my head said quite clearly: 'Gravity is Love'. I thought about it for a while and it did make sense as 'Love' is mutual attraction, as is gravity. J. H.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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