Topic: More on 'space', 'mass', and 'gravity'.
COPY OF TAPE OF TRANCE CIRCLE MEETING No.417. Held 5th December 2000

More on 'Space', 'Mass' and 'Gravity'

Spirit: (Ling) Greetings.

Sitters: (Hilton, Jenny, Ken) Greetings Ling.

Ling: In reality you have eternal youth.  Mind does not age, it merely accumulates.  It doesn't age!

Ken: Thank you.

Ling: But we understand what you are meaning.

[Note: At circle opening Ken had commented that it was now December. Another year had flown past and was now nearly gone making us all another year older.]

Ling: And following on from last week I have found out that the sun does move, [mirth], but I think...  I had better first explain a little about myself. I am not a scientist, I am more a philosopher. I have little or no mathematics, but my philosophy follows (I would hope), a logical pattern. So that is why I cannot always answer your questions, but I do like to find the answers myself if they occur in a logical manner.

Ken: Thank you.

Ling: Now I think that possibly you people like myself, think of the planets, stars etc, (because of illustrations that we have seen), as whirling masses.  The rings around many of them give the impression of 'tops'.  But if we apply logic to this... if all these masses in space were whirling round in a manner that we possibly think that they do, so many pieces would be breaking away and forcing their way through the field of gravity, that earth and all other planets would be continually bombarded.  This did happen, if we go back to the beginning of the world: but since then, things have slowed down, gravitational fields have settled, and we have the universe as we know it now.  But I would now add this question... What is 'space'?

Now, we know that ‘mass’ grabs hold, or forces 'space' and forms, or helps to form, a gravitational 'hole'. I would like to explain this in a simple form (at which mathematicians would probably have what you call a 'fit'), but we will say that space is a square.  It is horizontal and soft, something like perhaps a mattress... in fact that gives us a good idea.  We have a flat mattress. Two people of slightly different weight lie on it.  Immediately gravity takes hold. The lighter person moves towards the bigger person. Or, it could be put this way... we put two balls on that soft surface. A big one and a small one. They will both form hollows. We get a much smaller ball and roll it between them: gravitation wi6ll move it to the bigger ball.

But to make things more difficult... ‘space’ is three dimensional. I gave you a flat surface. Now if you start curving that flat surface you get what is space around objects.

But what I would like you to think on is, 'What is this thing called space?' It can be pressured. It can be walked through as you do yourselves with the gravitational pull at your feet. Space is everywhere and is manoeuvrable, and helps to form gravity. What is it?
Can anyone answer me now?

Sitters: No, not off-hand, etc.

Ling: Do you understand what I was trying to explain to you?

Ken: Can we go back a little bit? You spoke of a mattress and two people, one light and one heavy, and of the light one being attracted towards the heavy person by gravity. Are we not thinking of a person's gravitational pull when we should perhaps be thinking of the earth's gravitational pull... in other words the pull is noticed from beneath the mattress as the person is pulled down towards the floor. That would be most noticeable, but the pull from a smaller person towards a larger person, well I'm not sure that that pull would be noticed by anybody.

Jenny: Perhaps as you settle for the night.  [mirth]

Hilton: What happens though is more likely to be that the mattress gets a bigger dent in it by the bigger person.

Jenny: Yes and I roll over and can't stay away. [laughter]

Ken: Have we confused the issue there Ling?

Jenny: I'm sure we have, [laughter]

Ling: Not really. Everything that we perceive is 'mass'. Even the smallest ant is mass, and as it moves through space it forms a gravitational pull of its own. All mass has its own gravitational pull: though infinitesimal, it is there.

Ken: "As it moves through space" - does it have any if it doesn't move?

Ling: There again it would be the chemical structure of that object, like you are probably aware yourselves that various parts of the earth have more of a pull than others. Some planets have more of a pull than others. Does that explain?

Ken: Depending on overall 'mass'.

Ling: Yes.

Hilton: Yes mass is affected by motion isn't it, I seem to remember reading that somewhere?

Ling: Referring to the train again... the mass moving past has a gravitational pull. If you are stronger than the train's pull you can resist it, as long as you are not right touching it.

Hilton: When you are talking about space, is what you are talking about what we inhabit. as well as about stars and planets?

Ling: Yes. Space.

Ken: There must be something in space because with radio waves and communication, there must be something to enable it to get from one side to the other.

Hilton: I think I remember in the reading that we did a few weeks ago about gravitation, that there was in space some mention of... I’ll use the word 'things' for want of a better one... which gravity travels along.

Ling: It sounds as though you will be occupied for a few days. [laughter]

Hilton: I'll have to go back and read it again.

Ling: Why we would particularly like you to be... (I can't think of an English word that is suitable), 'au fait', with the subject of space, mass, and gravity, is because it is all part of your being.   The greater understanding you have of your universe, the greater use you can make of it. Now when I say this, when we say this, it is not necessarily at this particular period of time. (Then we can get on to time and start distorting that too), [mirth] but I think that you know what I mean.

You have so much ahead of you that the greater your understanding the more advantage you can take of what is around you: because we are aware that you accept the fact that you, will I say, "Live or Think forever".  There is no 'death'!

So why not find out about everything that is around you so that you can take full advantage, because there is much beyond my conception and I am keen to find out what it is, and if I can stimulate, or we can stimulate your minds to do the same, we will feel that we are achieving something.

Ken: Thank you.

Jenny: Thank you.

Hilton: We'll try.

Ling: You may feel that you have been to school, that you don't need this: and if that should occur, we will understand.

Ken: I think we all realise that we have so much more to learn.

Jenny: Yes.

Hilton: That's right. We really know so little.  We know that.

Jenny: I certainly need it. It's just a case of, can I remember it? [Mirth]

Ling: It may encourage you to know, that in spirit you have complete recall, should you so wish it.

Jenny: Yes, thank you Ling.

Ling: So it is necessary to have things in your mind in a logical fashion and in a simple fashion, so that you can recall it. I could come along having learned by rote a whole lot of mathematical equations: I wouldn't understand what I was saying and probably you wouldn't either.

Hilton: I'm certain I wouldn't, math’s was never my strong point.

Ling: So we try and keep it presented in a manner that you can appreciate and find interesting. And remember... in fact please don't ever forget... that there is what you call 'God', over all. There is that unifying wonder of 'Mind'!

On that note I will say 'Goodnight', and I know that our friends are anxious to be getting on with their experiments, which they tell me that they are happy with.

Sitters: That's good.

Ken: Thank you very much Ling for coming to us again and for stimulating us.  We appreciate it.

Hilton & Jenny: Yes, thank you.

Ling: They haven't mentioned any period of time but I'm sure that you will know, or the medium will know when it is time to stop.

God bless you and we will look forward to next week.

Hilton & Jenny: Thank you. Goodnight.

Ken: And our love to you all. Goodnight.

Ling: Goodnight.

Note: After circle we again sat about 3/4 of an hour for spirit experimentation, witnessing many lights as before.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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