Topics : 1. Circle organisation matters. (Alan). 2. A suggestion for holiday thinking. (Ling).
COPY OF TAPE OF TRANCE CIRCLE No. 418. Held 12th December 2000.

Organisation and Holidays

First spirit: (Alan) Good evening, this is Alan.

Sitters: (Hilton, Jenny, Ken) Good evening Alan.

Alan: A little business shall we say. As you may have realised, this will be our last meeting.  We hope that it will not be our last meeting but the last for this year. All being well we would like to convene again on the... I think you will find that a Tuesday is the 23rd. of January.

Now there are two things here. As far as we can ascertain the work that we are doing now, both the group with Ling and myself, and the other group that are working separately, will be back with you: but it is not for us to say that this will definitely be so.

As you know, people who have far greater knowledge than our­selves, decide how things will go, approximately, for the following year. So with that understanding, we will meet on the 23rd as usual.
But, we are aware that there is a lady who would like to visit this circle.

Note: Several months ago, a lady named Joy was asked if she would care to visit the circle: but because of the current program of spirit experimentation the visit had to be held over.

Alan: Now it would be most convenient for us, if she was to attend the meeting on the 23rd. This would enable us then to get back to the basic circle, with which we are all working, after that date. Would you Ken contact her, and see if she is able to come, or give her warning of that date.

Ken: Yes certainly.

Alan: At that time, all being well, our group would like to speak to you again, letting you know perhaps what we have done during the intervening weeks, because it is a time for us of gaining more knowledge, in various directions. But for now, we all wish you the blessings that you would nor­mally expect, over your festive season: and good health in the coming year.

God bless you all.

This was Alan.

Sitters: Thank you Alan.

Jenny: And God bless you all and greetings and love to everyone.

Second spirit (Ling): Greetings.

Sitters: Greetings Ling.

Ling: I heard much passing of information earlier in the evening, [mirth]

[Note: Ling was referring to sitters exchanging information on work he had suggested for us during recent weeks].

Now over these coming weeks, try and extend your knowledge of the universe, space, its construction: and then think along the lines of, "What does it mean to you? You, as spirit. Communication, knowledge, life". It is all involved in the same thing.

See if you can knit together the facts that give you the understanding of the wonders that you are part of. Much of it you will get from books, but a considerable amount should be your own thought, your own thinking, and perhaps not on the 23rd. but the following week, all being well, if we are together I would like you each, as individuals, to tell me of any conclusions that you have come to.  They may be way out, they may be quite wrong, but they also may be very enlightening, not only to each other, but to us here, because after all... you, are spirit! You are the same as us for (in this) you have the ability that we have.
Think on that my friends.

Now that is all I am going to say for tonight, unless there is something pertaining to that, that you would like to ask me before Igo, and if I can , if we can, we will try and answer it. [long pause ] .

I have heard it said that silence is golden. [laughter] . Well it would appear that at the moment you have nothing to ask.

You surprise me Ken. [mirth]

Ken: I'm trying to come to terms with the homework you have given us.  I'm trying to visualise the thinking of a spirit point of view.  Without the background of you folk I think we may find things a little difficult, but never mind we'll save it up for next year.

Ling: Remember that you are spirit in a body. You are spirit as much now as you will ever be, so make use of that spirit.

Ken: Thinking about spirit and space however, I fancy that it has been said that spirits are associated with our world, and don't travel through space to other worlds. If that is so, I'm still not sure exactly what we are supposed to be doing?

Ling: Well that is what you're to think on, isn't it. [laughter]

Ken: Right, we'll give it a go.

Ling: As we say, you may come up with some ridiculous ideas. Perhaps if you start with a pencil and paper and jot down these ideas, don't cross any out unless you can prove them to be ridic­ulous, because they may have something to them, and we can perhaps enlighten you further on that thought.

Don't make a burden of it. It is your time too I believe, for relaxation, but in your time that you spend quietly by yourselves, let your minds wander, away from your body. Think of that universe out there: you are part of it.

Well with that thought in mind, our little group will leave you for tonight, and hope that in the coming year we will all be to­gether again, and I'm sure we will be of advantage to each other.

Sitters: Thank you Ling.

Ken: We look forward very much to that, and thank you very much for indeed for all your teachings over this last year.  I do hope that we are together again next year,

Jenny: Thank you Ling very much.

Hilton: Yes, thank you.

Ling: I hope so too, but think... you have taught yourselves a lot of this, I've only given you the thought.
May God bless you and all those that you care for; and our friends would like you to sit again if it is convenient tonight,

Sitters: (yes certainly)

Spirit: One thing that I had better mention is that if you have a visitor on the 23rd, you won't be sitting in the dark afterwards.

Good evening.

Afterwards lights were again seen.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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