Topics: Various. [An outline of some of our spirit group's activities during our annual circle closed period].
COPY OF TAPE OF TRANCE CIRCLE MEETING No.419. Held 23rd Jan 2001. Visitor: Joy.

Various Topics

We've Got a Lot of Learning to Do

First spirit (Alan) : Good evening this is Alan.

Sitters (Hilton, Jenny, Ken, and visitor Joy): Good evening Alan.

Alan: We hope you are all rested from your labours.

Ken: Thank you, yes.

Alan : And I guess, as usual, you would be interested in knowing something of what we have been doing.

Sitters: Yes please.

Alan: As you are aware, I am for want of a better name, called a doorkeeper or gatekeeper.  It is my job to protect the medium and also the rest of the circle, from interference. But now my abilities are going to be extended further. I too am learning. As you are aware there is another group of people working with your circle who are attempting to open corridors, path­ways to other speakers [on higher levels], and it my job in the future, once I have learnt how to cope with this change, to keep these corridors open if possible to our circle, meaning yours and mine.

As yet, I am finding as much difficulty in learning and under­standing this, as you people are having in understanding what Ling wants you to.

Ken: Yes indeed and it sounds exciting what is coming up.

Alan: It is not prophesy friend, it is hope, for all of us.

Now no doubt you are anxious to hear from the others, but over the last few weeks apart from discussions with others as to our circles, and where they are going, and what is we hope to happen, over the next few months, I have had that extended learning which I am trying to cope with.

But now, one of our other speakers will come and tell you what they have been trying to learn.

Ken: Thank you for coming Alan, thank you very much.

Sitters: Thank you.

Alan: I will be back later.

[Note: 'Ling' referred to above is a spirit teacher of higher learning who regularly comes to instruct the circle members]

 Second spirit (Jean): Good evening this is Jean.

Sitters: Good evening Jean.

Jean : As you are perhaps aware, it is my job to look after the health of the medium: and when I am not doing that, I attend to the stressed little souls that come over here. But now I am learning, and hopefully will be able to help the little souls that are already on earth that are distressed. Now this is, as you would understand, going to be difficult, because I have not the ability to physically move them. So it has all got to be done by mind.

If for example, there is a little baby in an intensive care crib, who is uncomfortable, because its little foot is slightly twisted, it is my job to get that little soul to move its own foot, to tell it with kindness and understanding, that it would be more comfortable if it moved its physical body.

This may sound quite easy, but it is not: and I will be doing that sort of thing with sick children. Possibly I will also be working with the distressed children of this world, (for example, the one that is starving, is terribly distressed); but through mind to mind, perhaps I can distract it, that it will look at the stars or a cloud. It may only be momentary, but it will have had a brief time of joy. And this, amongst other things is what I am learning to do, and hope to do, in this coming year.

Have I made you understand what it is?

Sitters: Yes thank you.

Jean: Good. Naturally I will look forward always, to being with you whenever your circle is here; but in the meantime that is what I am trying to do.

Good evening. This was Jean.

Sitters: Good evening Jean.

Third spirit (Soo Lee): Good evening, Soo Lee.

Sitters: Good evening Soo Lee.

Soo Lee: Well as you may guess, for me it is always ‘music’, and this time it is not only the joy of learning about music, but they have extended my field into... the best way I could say would be the psy­chology of music... I must learn to understand the effect of most sound, (I cannot say all sound), most sound, on people, people on earth, people in the physical body.

It distresses us a great deal, the effect that sound is having throughout the whole world.

Because of communication now being so instantaneous, not only the beautiful but the bad, travels, and if people are not educated into appreciating the good, (and by that I do not necessarily mean the wonderful music of Bach), but also the 'Folk' music, the delightful little songs, the simple rhymes of what English people call 'Nursery Rhymes', the little melodies.

If we, once we understand it better ourselves how it is affecting people, can have an influence on the mothers in particular, and then the teachers, that they in turn can influence the children. Unfortunately, gone are the days, except very rarely, where the European mother at least sings a lullaby.  "I haven't got time", I'm too busy paying off the mortgage", that is their attitude. It is so wrong.

So once I, and others who are similarly interested, can work out the effects that this is having on people, the noise, (I cannot call it music); then we can perhaps influence for the better, and this is going to keep me, and others, very busy.

I haven't got time Ken to think of the pretty things that I used to think of. [laughter ].

Ken. Yes?

Soo Lee: Well I hope you understand what I am trying to do.  I know that you in particular Ken love music, and you will find that it is a big part of your  life when you are here, because you under­stand that it is still your life, don't you?

Ken: Yes. Yes I do, but it sounds as if what you'll be doing this year is most interesting.

Soo Lee: It is interesting for me, but I hope it will be beneficial for others.

Ken: Quite!

Soo Lee: Well I must go... because you know that pushy person whom we all know very well... she is telling me that I'm learning to talk too much, to communicate... [laughter ]

Ken: Oh yes?

Soo Lee: She should talk... Isn't that correct? [laughter]

Well I will go now and God bless you with all your en­deavours this coming year.

Ken: Thank you, and thanks very much for coming Soo Lee.

Sitters: Thank you.

Soo Lee:  Goodnight.

Fourth spirit. (June): You know, the longer she's here the cheekier she gets. [laughter].

This is June, as you may have already guessed.

Sitters:  Good evening June.

June. I can remember when she was quite flivorlous, frivolous, oh dear I'm still having  trouble with words, and this is something that I want to explain to you.

I was saying how Jean was teaching me, (now this was a year ago so you may not remember), how to use my 'aitches', my 'haitches', and it not a matter of my physically... now, I don't pronounce them physically, but through the medium, because of wireless, books, and various other means, the medium has picked up some of the dialect of where I come from, so she can accept me saying, "Ow is yer?" and things like that, instead of "How", and what Jean was teaching me was to communicate properly.  That I must use my mind to communicate with the medium correctly, with the proper ' H' s, or whatever.

That is why it has been noted with mediums, that they may start off with a friend from this side and the speech, to put it mildly, is rough.  But over a period of time this develops into, I can't say 'perfect', but almost perfect communication in the language of the medium: and this is because they have learnt better how to com­municate mind to mind.  They haven't learnt to physically speak better... for example, it may happen that if I was to return to earth, and was put amongst my own people again, in other words, 'London', even though somewhere in the back of my mind there would be the thought, "I shouldn't speak like this - but Blimy I'm gointo" [laughter] Its a very disciplined exercise, and as you know, our friend Ling is very much into the word 'discipline'. [laughter]

And so when we get together, which we do sometimes just for a talk, he will quite often remind us all, "Discipline your minds".

Now I'm not getting at you, but that applies to you people too. We must be disciplined at all times in what we think, because how are you to know who is picking up that thought! It may be someone sitting next to you, which is most likely, but it could be someone the other side of the world, or it could be... now this may make you wonder, one of the Great Ones on this side, because they are interested in everyone, and 'drift' shall I say, picking up thought and storing it. So that is why it is necessary always, to discip­line your thought, no matter where you live. All your life, 'discipline’!

Well that sounds more like Ling than me, doesn't it? [laughter ]

Ken: It does a bit.

June: But he has a strong influence on all of us, because we are a group, like you are, and he wants us to develop, as well as he is trying to push you. So that is understandable I think.

I have spoken like this tonight, because Ling is not with us, he is not coming tonight. He is far away where we can't go, but he will come back with more knowledge which he will pass on as best he can to us, and to others.

June: But now there is an old friend coming to see you... you re­member Jack don't you?

Ken: Oh yes, very well.

June: Well I will say Good night, God bless you, and remember... it is all Joy, all Joy!

Ken: Good to hear from you June, thank you.

Sitter: Thank you, God bless.

June: Goodnight.

Sitters: Goodnight.

Fifth spirit (Jack): Hello.

Sitters: Hello Jack.

Jack: Well I'm not going to be an admiral as I told you once that I wanted to be.  That's understandable.  And as you know, I got the title over here of engineer; but I'm getting a step further and I'm really 'over the moon', because, I have been given the opportunity to work with you people, (of course I'm not leaving you, no way would I do that), but as a... now I don't know the correct word here... but you know the other circle, the other group that are working with you, oh I know you don't know them but you know of them, sort of...

Ken: The experimental circle?

Jack: Yes. Well they have asked me... I've got the word... to 'liaison', is that it?

Sitters: Yes.

Jack: with them, so that if the break-through occurs which they are hoping for, that I will have knowledge of it, or some of the know­ledge of it, because it is really beyond me... so that I can help our circle, help their circle.  Do you understand?

Sitters: Yes, sounds interesting.

Jack: Well it takes a bit of understanding for me too to be honest, but that's what's happening.
I'm to put in some... well time doesn't exist, but... put in some 'period', (that's another way of putting it isn't it?) of being with them, just observing, (because we can see over here you understand; we see just like you do), and storing what I learn from them.  So that if the final break is made, it will run smoothly.

I gather that this is not a new idea, it is something that has been experimented with in-ter-mit-tant-ly was the word that they used, over a considerable period of time: so they told me not to go jumping over the moon, or getting too excited because these things take time, and we've got all the time there is.  [Eternity].

You understand that, don't you?

Sitters: Yes, thank you.

Jack: When you are a bit like me, with sort of 'itchy feet', it is hard to put up with, but getting back to what they were saying a few minutes ago, it is discipline.  "Control your emotions", that's what they are forever telling me. But it's good for us, we've got to keep a balance !  Oh dear I'm sounding like Ling too.  He has a terrific influence on us people. I guess he does on you too, though you may not quite realise it.

Well I guess that's all I've got to say, but you remember, that when things are chugging along, in the background there's me, doing my best, (not literally with an oil can), but we'll just say, "With an oil-can at the wheels".

Well as you probably realise Ken, this is quite a mouthful for me tonight.

Ken: It is too.

Jack: But, amongst other things, I'm learning to communicate, and the more we learn, the better for us.

Ken: And you're doing very well too Jack.

Jenny: Very well.

Jack:  Thank you.

Well I'd better go, because I know that Alan wants to come back, and I guess that I'll be seeing you again.

Good night.

Sitters: Goodnight and thank you.

Jack: And God bless you.

Sitters: Thank you and you too.

Sixth (and first) spirit:  This is Alan.

Ken:  Hello again Alan.

Alan: I'd like to speak to the little lady who is visiting you.

As you have no doubt become aware, this is very much an experimental circle, and though we cannot ask you to join us at the moment, we sincerely hope that you will keep in contact, and there will be times when we would like you to visit us. But in the meantime, please read as much as you can, but discipline yourself in your reading. If the opportunity arises for you to join a full-time circle, question it!  Be very sure what you are doing.  If you make a decision and you join a circle, and for any reason, (and this applies to this one too if eventually you do join us), if you are not happy in it just say, "I'm sorry, but this circle isn't for me" You must be happy wherever you go in a circle.

Do you understand... your name is Joy?

Joy: Yes thank you.  Yes.

Alan: Well I hope that we have the pleasure of your company again sometime.

Joy: Thank you very much.

Alan: Well my friends I think for tonight that that is all. We have all enjoyed very much talking to you, and we hope that you have understood what our various jobs are, our disciplines, and what we hope to achieve.

I'm sure you in your turn will all do your best to help spirit in every way you can by the example of your living, and by the example of your thinking.

On that note I will say, "Goodnight, and God bless you".

Sitters: Good night Alan, and thank you everybody for coming this evening.  It's great to be back.

Ken: And we send you love from us all.


Joy: And thank you for having me.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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