Topics: 1. Do not move close to a trance medium. 2. Space, Universal-Mind, and Reasoning mass deaths. 3. "Wave-particle duality".

Space, Universal Mind, Wave-particle Duality

We've Got a Lot of Learning to Do

Note: At circle commencement sitter Ken, in poor light leaned over too closely, (approx one to two feet away) to the medium going into trance. He was checking to see if she had the tape microphone clipped in position.  (The medium was suddenly jerked backwards).

First spirit (Alan): Good evening, this is Alan.

Sitters: Good evening Alan.

Alan: I'm just here for a minute to correct. Please, never move towards the medium again.

Ken: Oh sorry... I thought she might be sitting on the microphone, and perhaps I could get it in a better position.

Alan: No, it is better that you have no recording, than to come too close.

Ken: Thank you.

Alan: We understand perfectly your anxiety, but it is also our anxiety.

If she was in trouble that was serious to her, we would cor­rect it or stop the circle, as you know we have done in the past. But a material thing, like you not having your tape, we would prefer that you would leave it. We know that it means a lot to you. We appreciate that you are doing this work and copying it, but to us the medium is more important and I think you would understand that.

Ken: Yes, all understood. Thank you.

Alan: Well Ling will be with you shortly, and we're still friends? [laughter]

Ken: Yes certainly.

Alan: God bless you.

Second spirit (Ling: Greetings.

Sitters: Greetings Ling.

Ling: Your atmosphere is stressful to you, not to us, but I am aware that you have great humidity and heat.  [Note: All very true].

Now my friends, one by one, (mirth), I don't like that laugh? (laughter)

Hilton: Who is to go first?
Ling: Don't I even have to give the question?  (mirth). Well just tell me your thoughts at least.

(Note:  This refers to suggested study given by Ling just prior to our vacation period).

Jenny: Well I'm sorry Ling but I have done very little, not because I haven't wanted to, but because we've had a house full of visitors ever since, from before Christmas. I have thought to a certain extent about space, but the absolute enormity of it all leaves me feeling very confused.  So I'm afraid I'm no better than that. Sorry.

Ling: At least you have thought.

Hilton: I haven't done much more either, but I have read a little about space and like my  wife I think I'm staggered by the  incredible immensity of it, the millions of galaxies, stars... just where I fit into it as a spirit, I'm not entirely sure. It seems that Intelligence, Mind, Great Spirit, whatever, operates in our area, and I presume must have created the whole of these galaxies, but being such a tiny little fraction of it, I'm not sure where I fit in.

Ling: Well the only thing that I can say to you at this moment is that you are as important as any other collection of particles. It is your mind. As friend Joe said, "It is your 'Think'" that counts.

Ken: Well I'm very confused, because, the Intelligence that organises space, other worlds, this world and everything in it, must have great power.

What I can't understand is seventy thousand people dying together in an earthquake in India: for to me I don't really see that they would all have had their time on earth up, at that particular time and all in the one place.  I just don't follow the reasoning, how a Universal Mind, an Organiser, could justify such action.

Hilton: Perhaps 'He' doesn't do it.

Ling: It is a question that many of us ask. I myself have been to what you may call a 'tutorial', and I have heard and seen many things.  I am as bewildered with it, as you are trying to learn about space: but it is a continuing evolvement of our minds, and all of us, (and this is if one can in spirit say 'guarantee'), it is one guarantee that we can give... that eventually, every one of us from the humblest of persons, the most lowly in mind, to those who think deeply on spiritual things... every one of us will one day understand.

I perhaps, without boasting, understand a little more than you, but it is only a little in comparison to the knowledge that is there. It becomes (the only way I can describe it in your earthly terms is), a ‘feeling’, an ‘emotion’, an ‘understanding’, a ‘comprehension’, and I’m still getting there.

So I’m sorry Ken, I can understand your questioning it, I do myself when things like this happen, but I do not have the answers at this period of time in my development.

Ken: Thank you Ling.

Ling: But perhaps to help you a little more in your thinking, have any of you come across, (now this is put into words which are available as I understand it, on your earth), "Wave-particle-Duality". Does it mean anything to any of you?

Ken: Yes, I've read about that, I'm trying to recall it.

Hilton: Yes, like Ken I think I've come across the term but that's as far as it goes. It has passed by me probably. I unfortunately tend to read a little fast and don't take in as well as I should.

Ling: It is a basic fabric on which you base your 'quantum' thinking. It explains the microscopic particles of the atom, and similar, so that movement through what you call solid objects, takes place.

There is an understanding coming amongst certain scientists of your world, that are making a breakthrough in understanding, not in being able to physically pass through solid objects, because they are unable at this stage, (whether they will ever manage we yet don't know), to alter the vibration, which you people realise is an essential thing in communication.

So if you can go back and somewhere find out about 'Wave-particle duality', and its relationship to 'Quantum physics', I think you will open a very wide field to yourselves. Now we do not expect you to become qualified scientists by any means, or to have the mathematical understanding, but if you can just get the outline I think it will open quite a wide field of understanding for you. You may see the ultimate logic behind the difference from the physical body, to the etheric body that walks through walls!

To you at the moment, it is probably a 'No-no'.  You go to touch a solid object and you can't pass through it, but with the understanding of the mechanics, and the realisation of the change of vibration, I think you will have greater general understanding.

Is that clear... as mud? (laughter)

Jenny: Thank you Ling.

Hilton: Thank you.

Ken: We'll try.

Hilton: 'Wave-particle duality'.

Ling: Yes, I'm sorry that I cannot say to go to book so-and-so, but it is something that is understood today.  Whether it is put out in a simple form, (and I'm not down­grading you in saying, “In a simple form"). (laughter)

Jenny: We need it that way.

Ling: But it is an adventure.  Look at it that way.  It is a new world that you will comprehend. And when it comes your time to join us, you will understand what is happening when you go to a medium who can tell you about your aunt or uncle or whatever... you will understand better how they can do it.... how these people in etheric bodies exist.

There are two worlds literally. One could say, 'Side by side', but really it is almost intermingled. It is an interesting study!

If you can, over this week... or as we realise that this is a busy time of the year for most of you... perhaps we will say, that in about a month we would be interested in hearing the conclusions, or theories, because much of it is theory in your world, that you have come to.  You may have something that would enlighten us in your thought... a new branch, a new way of thinking: but don't stagnate.

Think when you have time, doing simple earthly jobs such as dishes, or sweeping a floor, or polishing your car, or possibly mowing your lawn, although I notice that you do sometimes have obstructions when you do that job. (mirth)

But take that opportunity to think, even though you may be busy Try to put aside a little time each day.  "What was it about a waving particle that has two things?"... If you can only remember that it will probably remind you that it is 'Wave - particle- duality'!

Well my friends, our other friends [the spirit experimental-group], would like to be busy with you tonight, and I think that possibly I have given you something to think about.

Sitters: You certainly have.

Ling: So on that note... goodnight, good searching, God bless you.

Jenny: Lovely.

Ken: Thank you and our love to you all.


Footnote: After the circle closed we continued sitting for spirit experimentation and again witnessed many lights and foggy areas of varying colour and size.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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