Topics: Helping visiting mediums (Alan). 2. Physical bodies are the same; all are particles, but their spirits are different. (Ling).

We Are All Made of the Same Stuff

First spirit (Alan): Good evening, this is Alan.

Sitters (Hilton, Jenny, Ken): Good evening Alan.

Alan: We have one or two questions that we would like to ask, pertaining to your next meeting.

Firstly, friends Jenny and Hilton, will you normally be in Auckland, the city?

Hilton: Next Tuesday I think we'll be at Waiheke.

Alan: Thank you.

Now normally, we feel that it would be better if this circle is in abeyance for one week.  But if, by any remote chance, the two visiting mediums, of their own accord suggest a circle we suggest that you go ahead.  I don't know about the latter part, but this must come spontaneously from them. Do you understand?

Ken: All understood thank you Alan.

Alan: I imagine if it did by any chance go ahead, that you would be informed on that occasion, as to whether you would continue on later.  This is an unusual occasion and we would not like it to be anything but spontaneous on their part. So there will be no circle next Tuesday, unless you are called upon by your circle leader Ken.

Jenny and Hilton: Thank you.

Ken: Alan, I take it that it's all right if I tell them that we usually meet on a Tuesday evening, but on this occasion we are in abeyance. That gives them the chance to say, "Oh let it go ahead and maybe we could join you", or "Let it go ahead and we'll stay out in another room".

Alan: True. But don't make the opportunity. We want it to be completely spontaneous from them. No indication that you would like it, which no doubt you would. But we would prefer that it was spontaneous from them.

Ken: Should it not occur on the Tuesday, but somewhere in the other two or three days that they are with us that they wish a circle, what is the situation then Alan?

Alan: I would suggest that you go ahead, if your friends are available.

Hilton: Yes we could make ourselves available.

Alan: But, you realise that they are possibly working themselves for spirit on one or two evenings and during the day. It can be quite an exhausting experience, particularly for people such as them who are doing it continually, away from their home environment.

Ken: Understood.

Alan: They are the ones that are under stress, and we should all do our best to help them.

Sitters: Thank you.

Alan: Well that is all from me if you clearly understand.

Sitters: Yes we do thank you.

Alan: Well God bless you and in a moment or two I think Ling will be with you.

Sitters: Thank you Alan, good night.


Second spirit (Ling): Greetings.

Sitters: Greetings Ling.

Ling: I am pleased to hear that you have made progress this week. (mirth)

Jenny: We've tried.

Ling: A little understanding; now please continue.

[Note: This refers to an earlier spirit request for us to see if we could find out a little about, "Wave-particle duality".]

Ling: We don't want you, as I think I have said before, to delve into it to the extent where it becomes a burden and no longer interesting. But you will have a better understanding of what you are, and what little part your physical body plays in your life. "Life" in capital letters... because you are just a mass of these tiny atoms, which your spirit inhabits. Your spirit is actually living within your physical body.

Now, a few weeks ago, you’d have begun to think of all sorts of things I imagine, if that had been said to you. Now, you perhaps have a little understanding of what is going on. Your spirit is a free thought, but because you, and those that help you have decided that you need the experience of a physical body, you decided to come and inhabit one for a given number of years, or until you have learnt a particular lesson, or perhaps you are not there so much to learn it yourself, but to help others to learn. But the people who do that, the rare teachers, are few and far between.  Most of us inhabit earth, to learn.  To learn amongst other things, "Compassion".  Because when you are in spirit, people can talk about pain, and it means nothing, you cannot conceive of it or many of the other things that are upsetting on the physical plane; and when you come here on earth and feel the emotion of the physical body, you are learning.

Parting, in the spiritual plane, though it happens, is no worry because you are perfectly aware that it is very temporary.  Mind to mind can very quickly come together again.  But on earth of course, parting, particularly at death, has a very dramatic effect on the physical body, but also because the spirit is inhabiting the physical body, it too it has the opportunity to learn from that emotion.

With the learning of what the physical body actually consists of, the knowledge is more easily assimilated, of the fact that every human being is made exactly the same. When I say exactly, I don't mean skin pigmentation or that type of thing, but you are all particles so why should, all of us at various times in our lives, look at another nationality and say, "Oh he's different". Physically, (and this is what we have to understand), physically they are not much different. It is the mental thought, the spirit thought, which is different.

So we should try and be compatible with all our brothers and sisters on earth, and learn from them, because they are spirit.

Many of the indigenous people, of various countries, have a great deal to teach the likes of say us.  Myself, as an Oriental must admit, that I didn't always think that the white man, such as yourself, was worth listening to, and vice-versa.  But being spirit, I realise that in talking to you I am talking to a person, who physically is equal to me, and spiritually in some fields, probably greater than I am.

So we must have compassion for all humanity... but keep a balance. That is a word that I think applies so much to everything we do.  Unfortunately many people get on their... something horse?

Jenny: High horse?

Ling: Ah no... 'Hobby' horse.

Sitters: Yes.

Ling: And they can only see that they are right, for that group. They cannot see that their ‘rightness’, if it is aiming at equality is not just for that group, but it is for all mankind.

One day, we hope, that people's knowledge, (and this cannot be everyone, because we cannot expect... now I'm not looking down on the Aboriginal of Australia when I say this) but we cannot expect many of those people to understand the physics of our world.  But in their own way they understand the world of spirit, better than we might.

So there is, or should be, equality for humans, with 'balance', with 'compassion', with 'understanding', because basically, (as you will understand as you delve a bit further into "Wave-particle duality”, that we are all basically made up and work the same way.  It is the spirit that is the individual.  It is the thought that is important... that is your ' soul’. So in being condescending to a fellow human, you are not hurting him, you are hurting yourselves.

And there are many other aspects that we could point out to you, but people such as yourselves, who have intelligence... you can think it out for yourselves... all I am here to do is to prod you to think, to expand your minds ever outwards: and that will also help your physical body to stay healthier because a body that is working, whether it is physically, or mentally, stays healthier longer.

Mind you... you may all be in a hurry to get here, [laughter] but my friends... learn what you can, while you are where you are, and one day you will be here and then you will see, perhaps even clearly, the logic of this wonderful thing, called "Life".

Now as our friend Alan has said, it is most unlikely that we will be here next week. If we are, I think that possibly the other people will have different friends calling.  This is something we don't know.  But if it is in a fortnight's time, we all hope that you will bring with you just a little more knowledge of - "Wave, particle, duality".

Ken: Have you time for a question Ling?

Ling: Depends if I can answer it. (mirth)

Ken: I think you said that in the case of somebody from another country their spirit thinking was different.  I can see that there is a difference in their appearance, there's a difference in their thinking in terms of conditions they live under and that sort of thing, but I would have imagined that basic spirit thought, whether one is in a white body or a black one would be the same rather than different.  Please would you explain why they are different?

Ling: Basically you are correct, but remember that as far as the world is concerned, until we start thinking, we believe what we are taught.  So if a man is brought up in a religion that says that there are ten Gods and they must slaughter animals or humans, he believes that, whereas you are brought up perhaps to think for yourself right from the beginning, you are just left... you couldn't accept that because you couldn't see the logic of it.

The difference is initially in the education of the little child, but... there are always the gems that come through, and when they join together, meeting other people from other countries, that's when, (we hope), there'll be a lot more peaceful interaction between countries.

Ken: So educating the individual, no matter which country, is educating their individual spirit to a greater or lesser degree.

Ling: Until the spirit starts to think for itself: so many people believe everything they are told. An example... your T.V.  How many people believe implicitly in everything that they see on that form of media, called T.V.?

Ken: Yes quite.

Ling: That's why right at the start when I first joined you people I kept saying, "Expand".  Expand odd words, expand your mind!  Is it clearer to you now?

Ken: Yes, thank you.

Ling: Well on that note I will leave you for tonight.

I think in about five minutes your friends in the other group will be with you but no doubt you'll be able to tell that yourself, by the pretty little lights that you sometimes see.  (mirth)

God bless you and keep up that thinking!

Ken: Thank you for your teachings once again Ling and now our love goes out to you and to our other friends there with you.


Hilton and Jenny: Thank you. Goodnight.

Ling: Goodnight.

Note: After the circle closed we continued sitting for spirit experimentation and again witnessed lights etc. as before.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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