Topic: Extending our awareness and general understanding.]
COPY OF TAPE OF TRANCE CIRCLE MEETING No. 422. Held 20th Febuary 2001.

Extending Awareness

Note: At a recent personal reading through medium Derek Jones, Ken was asked to put some multicoloured material in the middle of the circle to aid spirit energy; but whether this was for our normal circle or for the experimental circle was not stipulated, so at circle opening this was mentioned.

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

Sitters (Hilton, Jenny, Ken): Greetings Ling.

Ling: Colour my friends does help spirit, particularly if they are considering anything physical.

Now this does not apply to us, when I say "Us”, I am meaning your older friends, who have been with you for some years.  I don't think that at this stage we need to think of considering colour.

Ken: Thank you.

Ling: I gather that you are all getting a little bit... I think it is called 'Up high', over what I suggested you read...

Ken: “Downhearted” might be the word. (laughter)

Jenny: We tried.

Hilton: Yes.

Ling: Well we do not want this to happen, but we would like you to have the basic knowledge so you can understand where, and what you are, in the universe. Because, when you get down to it, as far as an earth being is concerned, you are really just a little bundle of dust. You consist of atoms, and so does everything else in the world. Looking at it that way, it perhaps brings us down to size, that our bodies as we think ourselves, are really nothing.  What is important, is what animates all that life!

People have the impression, that they are better than someone else, possibly because they are of different colour.  That part of it does not matter one little bit as far as spirit is concerned! Colour, race, creed... when one gets down to basics, you are all the same. It is the individual spirit that makes the difference!

A man who is born in one of the slums of this world, (or woman), may be a far greater person than a monarch who is on a throne, because they are kind, they are compassionate, (which is basically the same thing), and they're aware... and that is what we want you people to be... aware.

Now I'm not saying that this person born in the slums is aware of "Wave-Particle-Duality", but, he may have the thinking mind; the spirit to think, What is the difference between me and that man?  His skin possibly is a different colour, but when we admire something we are united.  Possibly when we dislike something, we are united.  So we, are very much alike.  But that other man... he thinks and looks different.  So it is not the body that is different, (he is thinking), but it is the way the man (or woman), reacts to other people and to the world in general around them.

It is the understanding, that we want you people to get; of the fact that basically all living things come from the same place and are made up in the same manner... of atoms that are held together by what?

Ken: Electrical charge.

Hilton: Electricity.

Ling: What's that?  And you keep on saying, "What's that", "What's that", and in that way, in a simple form, perhaps you will come to the conclusions we want you to.

It really doesn't matter if it takes you thousands of years, [laughter]; we are just pushing a little, so that you will open your eyes, and your hearing, your minds, your spirit, to the wonders that are around you.

Have you ever looked at a wave for example, of water when you are standing on a beach?

Sitters: Yes. Often.

Ling: But have you ever thought of where that water might have come from? Where did it originate? That one area of water, did it continually go in and out of the bay?  Or did some of it break away?  Or did something else join it?   Did it perhaps come from the big Mississippi?  Did it come from the mountain-tops, the Andes?   Has it washed down from Everest? One can go on and on questioning. It becomes fascinating.

Never be bored friends, because there is so much there to think about.

Look at the birds. Many of them in your country have travelled many hundreds of miles. How do they do it? What has enabled them to travel like that? What is in the mind of a bird? Does it feel, perhaps, like you, only in its bird world? Does it suffer like you, physically?

I think unfortunately in the past, that man has forgotten the fact that other living things can suffer too, have emotions, fear, and also a great love... you get that in your domestic animals. But they have it for each other too. I could go on and on, with things that you could think of... for example, another simple thing, an apple. Can any of you tell me what country the original apple came from?

Ken: No, sorry. (pause)

Ling: Silence is golden they say, (mirth), but in this case I would like to have heard. It's something I would like you to try and find out... where do apples come from?

It is just a means of keeping you active, mentally, and gaining knowledge, because you have eternal youth... mentally, spiritually, so make use of it.

If you are finding it a struggle with the scientific aspect of it, get a child's book. I don't mean a very little child... don't come at that!  (mirth) That wouldn't be right. But I think for twelve, fourteen, sixteen year olds… you people are quite capable of absorbing, some of it. Naturally, because you are out of the learning cycle now, and you have forgotten much that you were ever taught, or at least you think that you have forgotten, you may find it difficult, but once you can grasp that vital spark, shall we say, it will open a whole new world for you.. So don’t give up.

And perhaps in a few weeks if I mention it again, you may say, "Ooh yes... listen to this..." (mirth). We would be delighted.

Well your friends afterwards would like to be with you again. Would that suit you? Is that convenient?

Sitters: Yes.

Ling: So God bless you and keep those spirits of yours open; open to all learning.

God bless you and love from us all.

Sitters: Thank you Ling and our love in return.

Note: Circle continued to sit for about another half hour and witnessed many lights and coloured fog patches, as seen earlier.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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