Topic: Thoughts on ‘Life’ needing a spirit within.

Stones have Life?

Note; At circle opening Hilton commented about our weather recently being very trying, and that he surmised that that was not a problem in the Spirit world.

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

Sitters (Hilton, Jenny, Ken): Greetings Ling.

Note: Unfortunately the tape recorder failed to tape so the following is from memory:-

Ling first explained that weather when in the spirit world, was something that newly arrived people could imagine for themselves, but soon it would be forgotten.  Normally there is no variable weather.

Ling's main talk was about 'Keeping a balance'.  He said that a number of people are now going overboard in giving life to inanimate objects, and asked us individually what we thought 'life' was.

There was some confusion between 'life', and 'energy', in say a stone or crystal, (internal movement of particles, etc), but it was also thought that a living thing would need a soul or spirit to activate it.

Ling confirmed that life does indeed need a spirit within, and so stones don't qualify.  He thought that life could perhaps be thought of as something that grows.

Ken suggested that maybe we needed to think of something else as he remembered from when in school a tiny crystal of copper-sulphate which in an experiment grew to be about six inches long, but he didn't think that it would contain a soul.

Ling replied that he would need to think deeper and come up with something else, and that perhaps we could think some more too!

(The circle ended with a lot of laughter as we all visualised the topic arising again next week).

After the circle ended, by request we again remained to allow another spirit group to use our energies for their experimentation.

During this half hour period we again witnessed lights and coloured mist but Joyce was also aware of a large human like shape.

Further note: This topic is not so straightforward as might appear. Seth, in his communications through Jane Roberts, spoke about inanimate objects, like rock, having a consciousness of sorts and such things being on a very long evolutionary path of progress. Progress to what you may ask. J. H. Dec, 2010.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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