Topics; 1. What is 'life'? 2. More on Quantum Physics. 3. Spirit encouragement and help to improve our learning.

More on 'Life', Quarks and Encouragment

Note; At the commencement of the circle a comment was made that we guessed that Spirit June would have enjoyed the pre-circle music.

First spirit (June); Hello, can you hear me?

Sitters (Hilton, Jenny, Ken); Yes we can, etc. [laughter]

Spirit; You can guess who it is eh?

Ken; Yes June.

June; Well I can only stay a minute; but you ask the medium just what she was doing when she came in here and ask her why eh?

Ken; Alright.

June; You do that after. [laughter]

Sitters; Yes, thank you etc.

June: 'Bye.

Sitters: Goodbye.

Note: Afterwards, it was learned that the medium entered the room, also thought that the music suited June, and started to dance as if with June.

Second Spirit (Ling); Greetings.

Sitters; Greetings Ling.

Ling; Now we are aware that you have been having discussions, so I am going to ask each of you in turn, as we are interested in what you have retained from your discussion.

Note:This refers to sitters having discussed some homework, suggested by Ling at last week's circle, as to what we thought 'Life' was.]

Jenny: Who goes first?  [laughter]

Ling; One at a time but ladies first of course.(Mirth)

Jenny; [laughter] Thank you Ling.

Well I've come to the conclusion that/rocks and anything like that are spiritual, crystals may have an energy, I don't know,but it certainly isn't a spiritually aware type of energy or consciousness.  I think that anything that is growing develops , has consciousness, and can expect I guess emotions.  That's where the spiritual side comes in.  I'd better not say any more or the others won't have anything left.  [laughter]

Ken; No, carry on if you can remember it. [laughter]

Ling: Mr. Hilton.

Hilton: Basically I'm the same.  I think you were quite right last time before we were side-tracked, (mirth), the living things, that's humans, animals, plants are spiritual life force.  Minerals , rocks, all those things don't, even though it is possible for some of them to actually grow (because of other factors), like precipitation in stalactites and stalagmites, and where crystals can be formed in solutions; but that's not life.

Ling; Ken?

Ken; I have such trouble remembering but I think one thought was about, 'anything capable of reproducing itself with animated young'. Another was, 'anything with a development of consciousness'.

Ling: Ahh.  That we like!

Ken: I forget the third I'm sorry.

contd . . . (Topic 2).

Ling: 'Consciousness' is really the essence of our being.

You may look at a flower, and say that that has no consciousness, but as you have learnt from photography, it can react.  It also,(as I think one of you mentioned earlier), reacts to light, so there is something conscious there. We may say that it is a fairy twisting the stem, or give it all sorts of names, but in reality it is 'life' which is 'consciousness'.

I was in error last week when I said that it was anything that grows, because as you have pointed out, and researched for yourselves things like stalagmites and stalactites and volcanoes, all these things grow in size but they haven't got 'consciousness'.

You all did very well.

And doesn't it make you feel better to be using your brain rather than stagnating?  Because it keeps you younger, and you people who have got young people coming along... in some way you may be able to help them.

Now, we'll go a step further... 'Quantum physics', (mirth) You have heard of 'Quarks'?

Sitters; Yes.

Ling;  There are six parts to a quark; and three colours. See if you can find out what they are?  Six parts and three colours. Also a 'Photon' consists of three particles.  See if you can name them.  This should come more or less in the same paragraph,(for want of a better word), of knowledge; under 'Quantum Physics' .

You may think, "Why, why do we have to learn this"?  You don't have to my friends,

Sitters: We'd like to, etc.

Ling; Well I'm pleased that you do this, because in your cases it is something that you haven't touched on in your lifetime, to any depth at any rate, and it is part of the world that you live in, and the world that you will live in, because it is all one.

The teeming movement that is around you is incredible.  If you closed your hand on 'nothing', you would be holding a terrific amount!

One man once stated that "There is a whole world in a grain of sand".  I haven't the ability to recall his name; you people yourselves may know it.  I don't know whether it was a poet or a scientist, but it was a thinking man; he realised that there was so much in that almost microscopic particle.

It makes the world so much more interesting if you can realise the forces, the potential, the movement, the colour.  We use over here a different portion of it.

Wo do away with what has been found unnescessary for our learning.  Much of what is on earth we don't have, for example 'time'. We are conscious of time, otherwise we would be late, or never turn up at your circle meetings, but it is, as I think we once said before, a "Discipline* for us; because we do not have night or day, we do not have Summer, Winter, Autumn or Spring.  We do not have the man made hours, and minutes, days and months, so if we are interested in any particular discussion, or musical event, or just plain enjoying ourselves we do not have to be aware of time. It makes it very interesting for us, because we can discuss

contd. . . (Topic 3).

something to its conclusion, and that is how we educate ourselves.

If we are unable to get to the schools or to the 'Masters", who know a great deal more than us, we discuss in our groups of like-minded people, (like draws to like), and we come to our conclusion, and when we go to a school, or we have the priviledge of someone coming and talking to us, which they do at times, then we say. "This is the conclusion we have come to.  Is it correct".

And that is more or less what we are trying to do with you people; pushing you so you come to a conclusion, bring it back to us, and we may not be able to say straight away, "You are correct", but we'll take it away and have a discussion and come back to you with an answer if we are able to work it out.

There is so much in advance of our thinking that we cannot comprehend, and so much in our world that we are unable to explain to you because there is nothing in your vocabulary to account for it.

Note: Sister of Mercy, who spoke through Lucy Hale in the UK also stated this. J. H.

A simple example would be colour. The vast range of colour, of tonal values that we have here , is so considerable that we couldn't say to you, "Oh, it's that colour", because almost inevitably it would be beyond your range of acceptance of colour.

It is like that with a lot of our knowledge; that we can only give to you what is within your range.  But we can help you to extend you minds so that you think, and when your time comes that you live in a different vibration, you will be able to accept and extend your mind even further, and possibly say, "That accounts for why I was not able to come to a conclusion on that subject".

For us it is the same as for you.  We are each limited to what we have earned, but the more we work in our own particular vibration, the sooner we will get a little more knowledge, and advance.

It makes life so exciting!  And when you no longer have to think of a physical body, it's even better, because you can put, well using your 'time', twenty four hours a day into your thinking. Because, without a physical body, you don't get tired.  You may relax and enjoy relaxation, but you don't have to have it, it's just a pleasure and it is perhaps a greater pleasure when you have a companion or companions, of like thinking.

Sometimes it is up to us to ask someone to join us who possibly doesn't think quite the same, but they add a little spice to our thinking perhaps;  they make us extend our minds to possibly see their point of view, or we may be able to point out to them our point of view, and so we each help each other.

Well I think that that is enough for tonight. I realise that time is short for Ken and his [typing] work this week, and I have spoken rather quickly I think, [mirth], and perhaps you will agree with me that I am talking far faster than I used to.

Sitters: Yes, that is so, etc.

Ling; Communication is becomming a little easier.

Ken; Good.

Ling: Now whether that is anything to do with our other friends I don't know, and as yet we have not heard anything from them about colour, so I cannot help you as to whether you use your cloth again.

Ken: I'll keep it handy just in case.

Ling; Well I will say goodnight. We have all enjoyed being with you again and it does encourage us if you too work at the problems we give you..  May God bless you and your circle.  Goodnight.

Note; Experimental time afterwards produced lights as usual.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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