Topics: 1. Development advice for a sitter. 2. More about particles.

Advice for a Sitter and More about Particles

Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

Sitters (Hilton, Jenny, Ken): Greetings Ling.

Ling : First I wish to apologise.  It is completely my fault, of the misinterpretation by myself and the medium, of protons and photons.

Ken: (mirth)  We did wonder about that.

Ling : I am sorry.

Hilton: That's alright.

Ken: We all make mistakes.

Jenny: It has been good for us. We have learnt both.

Ling: Yes I appreciate that.

And now Miss Jenny it's for you in particular I wish to speak. May we suggest that you take to heart what the medium suggested.

Note: This refers to a talk we had before circle where Jenny spoke of being alone and seeing lights.

Jenny: Thank you.

Ling: It would be advisable, (but we are not telling you that you have to), not to try and develop in any way yourself, separate from this circle.

If you want to develop, (you have freedom of choice of course), you should go into a proper development circle. It is dangerous not to, and I emphasize this, to try and develop by yourselves. The power of spirit is beyond your comprehension, and not all spirit is worthy.

Jenny: Thank you Ling. I wasn't really thinking about developing, I'm very happy here. It's just... idle curiosity I suppose.

Ling: Well it is a discipline, and we must try and abide by the laws of spirit; but the choice is yours my friend, you do not have to do as we suggest, but we sincerely advise you.

Jenny: Thank you Ling, I would much rather do as you suggest. Thank you.

Ling: Phenomena happens occasionally, naturally, to people who are interested, but outside the circle we should not try and seek it.

Jenny: Thank you.

Ling: Now Ken, can you tell me something about 'quarks'?

Ken: Well I think you asked for the six types and as I recall there is an 'Up', 'Down', a 'Top', a 'Bottom', a 'Strange’, and a 'Charm'.  I think that the 'Top' one also has another name 'Truth'.  The 'Bottom' one too I think had another name...

Jenny: Beauty?

Ken: Yes 'Beauty'. Thank you.

The colours that you asked for I believe to be... red, blue, and green.

Ling: Good.

Ken: I had a lot of help from the other two as well, (mirth)

Hilton: Yes we've discussed things together.

Ling: Well that's what it's all about...

Now Mr. Hilton, can you tell me the extra that you did, 'Protons'?

Hilton: Protons are made up of quarks. They consist of two 'Up-quarks', which are in effect positive, (I think that is what they mean by 'Up'), and one negative 'Down quark', which together make a whole. Quarks are I think the smallest particles so far discovered. They make the proton and these are part of the nucleus of an atom. I'm not sure there is anything else I can remember about quarks in particular ...

Ling: Photons?

Hilton: Photons are the smallest bundle of light, (I think that's how they described it), a sort of messenger particle and it is possible for photons to separate momentarily into two parts, a 'Neutron' and a 'Positron' and I'm not at all sure of what a positron is made up of...

Ling: Thank you, and now Miss Jenny can you add to...

Jenny: Oh after that lot I'm not so sure, (laughter)

No I don't think that there is anything else different that I know... apart from Neutrons: I can tell you about 'Neutrons'.

Ling: All right, you tell me.

Jenny: A Neutron has two 'Down quarks' and an 'Up quark' and their charges cancel out and become neutral and I think that's why they are called Neutrons.

Ling: Thank you.

Ling: Now I don't know whether I can explain this to you as I don't completely understand it myself.  I am not a scientist, but all these microscopic, infinitesimal particles are used by spirit.

As far as I can understand, the human physicist is not capable of controlling as yet, many of these tiny subjects, but in spirit they are usable.  I can only give you two examples that I know of.  One is music.

Now I think it was Soo Lee that spoke of music having ' light ' and 'colour': that as a note sounded, you saw things.  Do you remember that?

Sitters : Yes.

Ling: Now what do you think she was speaking about?  What is that light?

Ken: Photon energy?

Ling: Yes that is as I understand it.  It is energy caused by the wave movement of the instrument.

Now as I understand it again, in physical manifestation for you people [on earth], it often starts off as a small area of fog-like substance, as the spirit who is trying to communicate or manifest tries  to build up,  very seldom in accurate size, usually considerably smaller.  And as this is a very difficult thing to do, both, what we would call artists, and chemists, get to work. The chemist  collects the small and various particles to make up this fog substance, which the artist tries to shape in the likeness of the spirit.

That is why quite often the medium who sees this manifestation and is trying to describe it to the recipient, will not get it accurately...  because it is an artist... and he may not be a very good artist. But it is these chemicals, these waves, these particle dualities that are used, with other (unknown to me) substances, to help manifest for you people: and in our case for music, for us.

Our world, to us is solid.  To you it is these unknown, physical shall we say, manifestations that help us.  I find this difficult to get over to you.  If you are not clear... perhaps a simple question?  I say simple because you are speaking to a very simple physicist. (laughter)

Hilton: I think I've followed what you explained.

Ling: And you Miss Jenny?

Jenny: I was just thinking that when we sit in the dark we see a lot of fog, or it looks like fog or mist, and we all seem to see it in different colours. Is that something that is used by spirit too?

Ling: I am not seeing this fog, I do not know but it sounds to me as though it is possibly so. Although in your case, as far as I know, they are trying to use your energy to manufacture rather away from you, than around you.

Hilton: Oh right, thank you.

Ling: But that's only as I understand it. Ken?

Ken: No questions at this time thank you. (laughter)

Ling: Thank goodness! (laughter)

Now we have no intentions at this stage of giving you 'Home­work' as you call it, but if you could continue your reading, in easy stages, not only accepting what we presume to be correct facts in your books, but think for yourselves of spirit... of this other world that does exist... and how it interrelates with yours and the knowledge that you are getting. Do you understand what I am getting at?

Ken: Like an explanation of how things can move through other things?

Ling: Yes.  For example, about the beginning of this century, oh, last century, we have moved on, one of your scientists was very interested in Aether.  It might be a subject that you could read more about.  (I am not referring to the aether that I believe is used to put people to sleep, or was used).

Hilton: Right, that's something for us to look up.

Ling: Well my friends, I think for tonight that that is all. I know that our experimental friends are anxious to get on with what they are doing and if you are seeing as you say, fog, and perhaps lights don't just accept them, think 'Why?'

And may God bless you and help you in your thinking.  I will do my best.

Ken: And will you tell us 'why' next week Ling?  (mirth)

Ling: If I can!  (laughter)

Sitters: Thank you Ling.

Ling: I too need to go to my masters. I too am limited but if I can stimulate you in your thinking, I feel that my task is being lightened.

Sitters: Thank you very much.

Ling: Goodnight.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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