Topics: 1. A discussion on 'Ether'. 2. A possibility for sound travel. 3. Gain scientific knowledge to help explain 'spirit'.

Ether, Sound Travel and Gain Knowledge

 Spirit (Ling): Greetings.

Sitters (Hilton, Jenny, Ken): Greetings Ling.

Ling: Much turning of pages has gone on this week?

Sitters: (laughter) Yes.

Ling: Have we a volunteer or shall I name you Mr. Hilton to tell us about 'Ether'? (laughter)

Hilton: They were all telling me it was my turn. (mirth)

Now, 'Ether'.  It seems to be a substance which has been postulated, (if that's the right word), to fill space, between the stars, between the atoms and particles, but it hasn't really been proven at this stage. It is perhaps hypothetical. I think that Sir Isaac Newton brought this theory forward, Einstein apparently said, "No, there was no such thing", but it has come back into favour and I believe that they are actually trying to produce a machine to find them. They talk about W.I.M.Ps which is 'Weakly Interactive Massive Particles'. They feel that all the space is filled by these Massive Particles, (I presume they mean heavy), which move through matter without doing anything, at a speed of about one thousandth of light speed. At the same time it doesn't seem to me that they have 100% proven that it's there. It is a theory which seems to fit many things. In other words they feel that something is required for light waves, radio waves, all these things to move through space.

That's all I can think of.

Ling: Do either of you want to add anything?

Jenny: (laughter) No thank you Ling.

Ken: I think too there is a difficulty in working out anything that will test for these WIMPS; because since they pass through everything... well that's the difficulty. I have read that they have discovered that cosmic rays from space go down a thousand feet into the earth, so they are now doing their tests in a coal­mine, at a greater depth than a thousand feet to limit the effect of other things on their testing machines.  They know what these WIMPs do, but they don't yet know what they are.

I think that's all I can tell you.

Ling: You say, "What they can do", what do they do?

Ken: They have the ability to pass through solid matter.

Hilton: And I presume also to conduct various waves.

Ken: Oh yes, light waves, heat waves, radio waves.

Ling: Correct.

Now that brings us to a story that June told us.  June sometimes visits my little group, my group of friends, on invitation. She is a thinking person, and takes much pleasure in listening to our discussions and occasionally putting in her, 'spoke'.  Is that correct?

Sitters: Yes.

Ling: And she tells the story... (now first I must say that we were discussing the WIMPs and the vehicle that everything must travel on. When I say 'Everything' I mean the various waves).  And she tells the story of how... (you all knew she was a flower-girl for part of her life?)

Sitters: Yes.

Ling: And how she delighted in the music of her youth, a lot of which was the very bright happy music of your Mr. Gilbert and Mr. Sullivan.

She would become aware of whenever the theatre was being used for their performances and tried to have her basket of flowers there, because she earnt her living by selling flowers. But she had another motive. She found that if she leaned on the pillar supporting the porch she could hear the music from within. Now as she describes it, there was the pillar, space, the doors, the foyer, doors into a reception area where the gentry and those that were able to afford it would have refreshments during the break, further doors with heavy curtains, then hundreds of people plus seats before you reached the orchestra which was in a pit, then up to the stage where the singers were. If she moved from the pillar out six inches, she no longer heard the music. How, (she wanted to know), could she hear the music with such a barrier between herself and where it was being produced?  Also, she found that it worked if she went round near the stage door, but there she said she knew of three thicknesses of brick walls, between her and the music... but she could hear it if she was against the brick wall.

Have you an explanation? She wants one. Yours may be different to ours. (Pause)

Ken: My guess would be that sound will travel through solid objects. For example children used to get much amusement using two tin cans with a long piece of tightly stretched string between them. One would talk into one tin can and the other could hear what was being said, as the sound had travelled along that string. I wonder if, in her case, the sound travelled from the ceiling of the building when the music was being played, and down the pillar to her ear.

Hilton: Yes I was thinking something like that too. Perhaps it missed the walls and went up and over the top of all this.

Ling: So what was carrying it?

Ken: Maybe the solidness of the construction of the building.

Hilton: I was thinking more in the nature of through the air and along until it got to the pillar area and then perhaps travelled down it. I honestly don't know.

Ling: I think there are probably two explanations. One could be that the sound was conducted through the ceiling, the roof, and it would depend very much on its construction for this to work, but.... have you ever had the experience (and this is something common to us here and I don't know whether you have experienced it on earth yourselves, although many of our great composers have), where you hear music, but as far as you know, there is nothing that could bring that music to you? It is there!

Sitters: No

Ling: It is our theory, like your physicists perhaps, that this music that is occasionally heard by people on earth and often heard by composers, (and I don't mean present day composers!) (mirth) but some of the masters. For example you know of Beethoven was it, who was deaf and composed his music?

Sitters: Yes.

Ling: Is it carried on 'Ether' by the WIMPs?

Hilton: That's a possibility.

Ling: Yes, we feel that this is a possibility. Now I'm going to go a step further. You are probably wondering why we are getting you to think like you are, to learn more on a subject that you feel you should have learnt in your teens, if you were going to learn it at all so you could make use of it. But even if we are not tutoring you, we want you to think on these lines. Now, it was said by many of the Master Teachers, and I'm going back thousands of years, that there would be a great revolution in thinking. Unfortunately, as you are well aware, money and narrow thinking were far more powerful, and the teaching of 'Spirit' went underground.

Fifty years ago, (yes it would be about fifty years ago) a medium brought through messages saying that there would be a revolution in thinking and it would take time. You may be aware, (I think most people would be), that there is a revolution in thinking, not always for the best, but the churches as you people were brought up with, are having to think, to change their minds, because people are better educated and they are beginning to accept, either scientifically, or through their own experiences, the thought of spirit existence.... other life, other existences.

People such as yourselves may not see a big swing, but we feel that it is coming. That the religions as we know them today will swing back not to the pagan, but to where they will accept what you call mediums, and it is your generation and those that are coming, that must teach the truths of spirit.

Gradually we hope that those who are in it for themselves, either for their own glory-making, "I can do something that you can't", attitude, "so get down on your knees", or to line their pockets, well these people must be gradually, (if we can't do it quickly) shown their place. They must realise that they have a gift that if developed properly can do a great deal of good. So when the opportunity offers, with future reading that we hope you will continue to do, you will not necessarily say, "I am a Spiritualist, and I believe in ...", whatever, but you can say that a certain professor or college has found out this, and that explains this, so that it will be accepted by the people who wouldn't dream of entering a church nowadays, because to them, the church has let them down. When I speak of the church, in your case I'm speaking of the Christian church.

There will be other mediums in other countries, and naturally they will have to adjust to their environment, to their religions, to point out that there is one God... and it gradually will be proven, scientifically. Do you understand?

Sitters: Yes thank you.

Ling: Don't give up on your learning.

If you only get one person to see things clearly, you have done some good. (But we hope it will be more!) (mirth).

Well my friends, that is all for tonight. I know that the other group is hoping that you have the time that you can spend with them?

Sitters: Yes, not a problem.

Ling: Unfortunately we don't know exactly what they are doing, only that it is a means of getting better communication, and that is what we all want.  God bless your little group.


Ken: Thank you for your teachings once again Ling. Our love to you all.


Jenny & Hilton: Thank you. Goodnight.

Note: When sitting after circle for spirit experimentation, over about a half hour period we again witnessed many lights and some areas of what looked like coloured fog...Some of the lights were like the 'Milky way' and were all around us.

Further Note The words in the Title 'Gaim more Knowledge' are quite important. This is realised by people who have a near death experience as they find that learning is an important part of life on eath as you take the knowledge you aquire with you when you 'die'; or rather when your physical body ceases to function, letting 'you' out of it - setting 'you' free from it. J. H. Dec 2010.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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