Topic: Why repeated deep booming noises are not good. (Soo Lee)

Deep Booming Sounds

 Spirit (Soo Lee):  Hello. It is Soo Lee.

Tonight I will talk with you.  It is my pleasure. Ling, our Honourable Gentleman will not be with us tonight. Sometimes it is too difficult. You understand this?

Sitters: Yes.

And as you know I am now most interested in music... but if one could call it music, it has its negative sides, and this is happening mainly among your young people.

There are many booming noises... boom-boom, boom-boom, boom-boom, boom-boom, booooom… and it is vibrating around in tin vehicles.  This is most bad!  Bad in a number of ways, one, physical, very bad for ears.  Causes deafness, perhaps when one is quite young, but definitely as one advances in years, if one keeps up this practice of listening to boom-boom. But apart from that it is disturbing of the vibrations of the natural elements of your world. It can generate... mainly fear, and people who knew this and understood it well, were the people of Africa, the black people.  They did not necessarily have drums, they used their feet; but it was in rhythm... steady boom-boom. In large mass they would do this and keep it up for some considerable time, before attacking their enemies. It generated such fear that it made the conquering of said enemies much easier.

Amongst the Indians of America it was used many times for communication, but they also were well aware of using booming noises to bring fear to the enemy; depending, this did, on the tonal value of said noise; higher pitch not quite so bad, for then it could be used for dance, but in stamping feet one got the deeper note.

What I am trying to emphasise is... deep notes are needed in music.  They are the foundation, but they should not be a repetitive note over and over, and very loud, because that is disturbing to the world, to the atomic structures.  I think you are now in the position to understand this?

Sitters: Yes thank you.

As friend Ling has said, we must have balance, and by breaking this balance by overdoing deep noises, we are doing much harm. Young people must learn to discipline themselves, and we in my part of life, and you in yours, when opportunity arises should try and point this out... that continual deep sounds disturb the physical body, the hearing, and the world around, setting up negative thoughts.

How we are to overcome this I cannot tell you, but if we ourselves are positive in our thoughts and send out good vibrations against loud and deep booming noises, it will help, because all thought is powerful and the more thought along said lines the better.

I hope I have made myself clear?

Sitters: Yes thank you.

Sitter (K):  Soo Lee you might be interested to know that I have just spent part of the afternoon fixing some low booming sounds on my organ, because recently we had a group of organists here and those low bass sounds were very disturbing.  They are now fixed.

Spirit: As you would say, 'Good for you' [mirth] and I am interested in this Ken...  Do you think I am less frivolous now?

Sitter: Much less frivolous, yes. [laughter]

Spirit: I will let you into a secret.  I still like pretty things. [laughter]

Well that is all from me tonight. We are not continuing any longer to talk as there are various things atmospherically, that are disturbing for spirit communication that is, and so I hope you will understand that it is possibly a little shorter than Ling would have given you.

Sitter: Soo Lee, if is difficult do you still want us to sit afterwards for the other group?

Spirit: Oh... that is something I do not know.

Sitter: Well we will sit anyway and see what happens.

Spirit: May I suggest that that is a good idea and I am sure that you yourselves will feel that it is time to go if things are not right.

May God bless you and your circle.  We love coming to you, and I was very pleased at the opportunity to come to you tonight.



1. Communication difficulties tonight included effects of exceptional sun-spot activity, inclement weather, and both the medium and a sitter having had teeth extracted yesterday.

2. We remained after close of circle for a further twenty minutes, again witnessing lights and coloured fog, but both well down on usual.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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