Topic: Be positive and remain cheerful.

Be Positive and Remain Cheerful

[Note: There has just been much talk in the newspapers of a possible war involving the USA and Iraq, also a space vehicle burning up on its re-entry to earth, killing all seven people on board.]

Spirit (June): You don’t make it easy.  It’s June.
It’s not you we’re blaming, but it’s the people in your world. There is such a cloud building and I guess you know it. It makes it harder for us to make contact because even in your wonderful little country, there’s such a lot of negative thought at the moment. But the thing is, that negativity grows on negativity.

You people… well you can’t stop the foolishness of people, but you’ve got to do your best to remain positive.
Now a very good example and I really don’t feel like blowing trumpets (it is not right), but there were the people of London. They had everything going wrong… there wasn’t enough food, there wasn’t enough clothing, the weather in London (well you know what that’s like at any rate), and we were getting bombed and our houses were getting burned, and you were queuing all the time, and then you’d be late for your job so you’d have to keep going for hours and then the alarm would go again and you’d find you’d missed your possie down wherever you were going, because we all had our own posies down in the bomb shelters and all that sort of thing… and when I look back on it, everything was against us, but I would say that a good ninety percent of the people were cheerful. You had to be because you knew that you might be dead the next day, so you may as well keep cheerful now.

And the thing is, that all this trouble that your world’s got at the moment… well it may come to nothing, we’ll hope so, but people thinking negatively does not help.  So every one of you send out positive thoughts and not just to your own country.  Think of some of those people including leaders who are putting the wrong foot forward - they’re to be pitied really.

Those seven people that died, well that’s part of living… it’s unfortunate, it’s affecting a lot of people, but it’s not on a world wide scale which is what you are frightened of, and we are frightened of.

All this doom and gloom about a possible war makes it harder for us to help.  Thoughts not only of war, but also of “What can I make out of the war?”  There are people like that already, thinking “What can I do”, “How can I take advantage of this situation?” and they are not always the people you think of as the baddies either!  You get it in your own side whichever your side might be… from the little man who takes advantage of a smashed window to grab himself something for his home, to the man behind the polished desk who doesn’t care just how many he is responsible for killing.  They are all in it with the thought of “What’s in it for me?” and that is what has got to be overcome.

Yet there are a lot of people who don’t think that way, there’s a lot, but they need encouragement, they need to see other people keeping cheerful. You think yourself, if you were doom and gloom, miserable because your country’s at war, your men are going away, some are members of your family, you hear news that they’ve been killed, you can’t get enough to eat, your clothes are worn out and there’s nothing to replace them… all the negative things that can come out of this… it is up to you as individuals knowing what you do about life after death, to remain positive and cheerful, remembering that all those things in the end won’t matter! 

If you can’t keep a smile on your faces it’s going to make it awfully hard for spirit to try and contact and influence for the best.  There’s got to be a circle of light, a circle of love going round the world, into each country, because the enemy that you possibly may be fighting, has got in it people who are as good and as developed as you are, or are struggling to learn.

So try at this time to put positive thought out into the world…Now!

We are not saying that anything terrible is going to happen – we don’t know.  Mankind decides this.  Man’s stupidity or man’s greatness, it will be one or the other… so choose your side (and I think you are wise enough to be on the side of greatness) and the greatness is being positive. The good will come out of every situation. I don’t know what else I can say.

I’ve been through a war, I died in a war and really I was better off when I was dead!  But perhaps I was fortunate, for although I had friends and there were people who missed me, I didn’t have anyone dependent on me.  But for people who have, it’s important to remain cheerful and to keep going.

You know there was something that came out just before the war… if you’re not much good at singing you could perhaps sing a little bit and then, ‘whistle while you work’.

Well think on what we’ve said, don’t let it get you down, be positive and carry on, because in the end really it’s all joy, it’s all greatness, it’s all living - and it’s for all for us!

Good night; this was June.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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