Topic: Time.


A talk for Circle Members

Spirit: Good evening. It is Elizabeth. I want to briefly talk a little, on ‘time’.

Continue with your research.  You in looking up your books and learning something that is very important – extension of mind.  But the ‘time’ that we refer to, we do not think that you will find in material books.

As you have discussed, for time to be, as far as we are concerned, there must be a beginning and an end.  Now as life is eternal, how can there be a beginning and an end?  Life is eternal. You, when you are here (the same as now), without your material body, are ‘thought’.

Now we will imagine this: - A soul has passed over and because they have been a good soul, (no-one who has won prizes or anything like that, just an average good person), they have reaped their reward… most of the things that they have ever wanted, and they are happy to go about their life; everything is fine.

Now you yourselves know how the days can slip past and you have a means of judging this, but in spirit there is nothing to go by.  So as long as your soul is content you may stay in the one place without conception of time indefinitely, until you yourself think, “I want to do something else; to move on”.

But ‘time’, if you wish to call it that, is in your own mind, your perception of advancement.  No sky has told you, no season, no clock, just your inner soul.  Perhaps it comes to you that you would be interested in history.  Within the limits of your soul development, you can call on that history.  Mind – mind is everything!  Thought, soul, give it any name you like; but it’s ‘you’… you, who will live through all eternity.

There will be comings and goings, but there will be no clock or season to judge it.  The only perception you may have of time, is if you yourself come into the orbit or the influence or whatever you like to call it of earth, where time has become a factor because of seasons, because of the orbiting of the various spheres, and because man has almost made a fetish of it.

Don’t suddenly think, “I don’t need time”.  You are on earth.  Learn what you can about it, because it is part of your development, it is part of knowledge that you will have, that you will carry with you.  You may not need it, but if you decide as part of the work that you would like to do here, that you wish to pass on knowledge, you have it to pass on to others, who may be able to make use of it on earth… for the more you develop, the more your mind can contact others…  because though there may not be many obvious mediums, there are many spirits who are capable of influencing humanity.  And that is where your prayers come in, but that is getting away from the subject of ‘time’.

Time does not matter when you are here, but on earth acquire the knowledge, know what it means.  It is important, even if you look upon it as a discipline of learning, because many people when they reach the more mature years on earth, well they relax.  We would like you, (but we are not telling you that you must), to develop your mind, and your friend and tutor has particularly chosen ‘time’, because it is such an obscure, frustrating subject, for you.

I will not speak any more on it at the moment unless there is something quite obvious that you would like to ask, that I might be able to help you with?

Sitter: Yes please, but it’s not really obvious for I can’t see the reasoning of it all, yet I think you said that you could take us back in history, to say perhaps Roman times. If we are going from the ‘now’ to Roman times (to something that happened a long time ago), are we not using time, or if not and it is all in our minds when we are with you, where has it been stored that you are able to have instant access?

Spirit: In many minds. Everything is ‘mind to mind’, so you, Kenneth, want to go back to Roman times… you may, or presumably would have, in your mind a very blurred picture of Roman times.  There are other minds who would immediately think, “Ah, there is someone who is interested” and you would suddenly find that you had many helpers, much knowledge of those times… people who had lived then, people who had studied it, people perhaps who had written books of those times, many perhaps who had even lived, worked and died in those times still have the interest and when someone else has that interest, then mind to mind the contact is there.

Sitter: Thank you, so it’s in people’s minds. I had wondered if all these memories were in some sort of gigantic storage place but now I see.

Spirit: Good. It is storage – stored in minds.

Sitter: I had been thinking more of an encyclopaedic thing. Thank you very much.

Spirit: It couldn’t be in an encyclopaedia, as you at any rate would think of it, because that is a material thing; writing, it is written down.

Sitter: Yes, and I had also wondered too about some sort of bank or chamber, for all these memories that people have, a gigantic reference source, but now that you have explained it, I see it is simply kept in little pieces, in everybody’s memories. Thank you for that.

Spirit: A pleasure. But keep on learning ‘time’, and remember ‘eternity’. That is why we have not got ‘time’ here, because we cannot put a beginning to it.

Good night. This was Elizabeth.

Sitters: Good night and thank you very much.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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