Topic: [Tom (a soldier from WW1), passes over.]

Tom (a soldier from WW1) Passes Over

Spirit (Tom): ‘Ullo.

Sitter: Hello. Welcome friend. Can we help you?

Spirit: I was told to come, because I can’t forget what happened, and they says to talk about it.

Sitter: Good, well you tell us about it.

Spirit: Well ‘Arry and me, we decided we weren’t doing too well so we’d join up and go to France. Mate it was bloody ‘ell. We were in the Hampshires – First World War. We got past Ypres, in fact we thought nothing of Ypres but your body lets you down. The noise, the wet, the screams, the smells, and then they give you a tot and tell you to go over again; and you knew that you didn’t have much hope, that when reinforcements came most of them would be killed in the first time up and over, ‘cause we were trying to get up a rise. It was a war of stupidity, but I can’t forget. But there was no one I could talk to.

Sitter (H): It was a stupid war, a horrible war. It was a long time ago friend. It is now two thousand and three here, so it was eighty odd years ago. I noticed the other day that our last New Zealand serving man in the First World War has just died.

Sitter (J): At a hundred and five.

Sitter (K): You friend are reliving an old experience, it is a sort of a dream, but that’s all it is now – a dream; and when you can realise it is only a dream, then you can move on.

Sitter (H): It was horrible, but what is ahead of you is not.

Sitter (K) And all that happened a long time ago.

Spirit: Where are my mates?

Sitter (H): You will meet them eventually. I take it Harry was one of your friends, what’s your name friend?

Spirit: “Hey you” most of the time. (Mirth) But back home I was Tom.

Sitter (J): Right.

Sitter (K): Do you realise, Tom, that you’ve been dead for quite a while and that there’s a new life waiting for you, and you’ve probably just about got there now.  Have you been speaking to anybody on the other side at all?

Spirit: No.

Sitter (K): Well you look around you friend because there will soon be somebody there to meet you, somebody that can help you a lot more than we can. Can you tell us now what you can see?

Spirit: What I want to know is… Harry had half his head blown off, I know my arm was gone and there was something wrong with my back, and you tell me I’m alive!

Sitter (J): They’re only parts of your physical body, you are a spirit.

Sitter (K): And though your physical body is very dead your spirit lives on. Those people you speak about have probably gone just a bit ahead of you, into the next world.  Soon you’ll probably find that perhaps them or perhaps some of your relatives will be along to meet you, or as sometimes happens, it will be another spirit friend or maybe a pet.  Did you ever have a particular pet?

Spirit: Not really.  There were horses that I sometimes looked after, but God, you should hear them scream.

Sitter(K): Now look around you friend, and  see if you can see anything unusual in the way of a light. Do you see a glow anywhere?

Spirit: Huh, you’re going to laugh at this but I can hear the sound of feet marching.

Sitter (K): That’s still part of your dream friend. We’ve got to come past that dream because we’re trying to get you to this next world that is waiting for you.

Sitter (H): Yes it was a terrible time but is now long gone.

Sitter (K): Sometimes people tell me that they can see a tunnel. Do you see any sort of a tunnel there?

Spirit: Just a road.

Sitter (K): A road, good. Now would you walk along that road please but keep talking to us so we know what is happening, because very soon you are going to see somebody, or something, that is a little bit different and when that happens, do tell us.

Sitter (J): You might even see Harry, so keep looking.

Spirit: We were just kids.

Sitter (J): Yes very young.

Sitter (K): If you do see Harry he will be whole again, he won’t be crippled.

Sitter (J): He’ll be perfect.

Sitter (K): So just look around. Once you can make the initial contact the rest comes easy.

Spirit: There’s someone coming down a hill.

Sitter (K): Good, do you know them?

Spirit: Wearing a Sam Brown.

Sitter (K): I wonder if it is your friend?

Sitter (J): Could well be.

Sitter (H): With a Sam Brown it’s usually an officer.

Spirit: Harry was my friend and some of the other officers were friends, but some, I wouldn’t like to tell you what they were.

Sitter (K): Yes we can guess. Now is this person coming down getting closer to you?

Spirit: Slowly.

Sitter (K): Good. Sometimes these people seem to have a sort of light around them. Does this person have a light at all, a sort of glow?

Spirit: Yes the sun must be behind him.

Sitter (K): It can look like that, yes.

Sitter (J): And that’s good.

Spirit: Mmm, they’re waving.

Sitter (K): Ah, somebody knows you.

Spirit: You know it might be Harry?

Sitter (K): Yes, you wave back friend. Let him know you’ve seen him.

Spirit Now he’s running and I’m going to run too.

Sitter (J): Oh lovely. Good.

Spirit: With these blasted boots… but we’ll meet. I hope you’re right friends, I hope you’re right ‘cause God it was awful.

Sitter (J): It’s behind you now, and you’re going to have a wonderful life.

Sitter (H): Yes you’ll be right now. God bless you.

Sitter (K): You’ll be able to tell us in a few minutes. Is your friend getting close?

Spirit: Yes.

Sitter (J): Does it look like Harry?

Spirit: Yes, but he looks so much younger than when I last saw him.

Sitter (J): Oh he will, yes. All his worries and all his problems will have gone.

Sitter (K): And yours will be gone too.

Spirit: It’ll be great to feel clean.

Sitter (J): You’ll feel wonderful soon.

Sitter (K): Yes very soon.

Spirit: Well thanks I’m going to go now, and talk to this fellow.

Sitter (J): Oh good.

Sitter (H): A pleasure.

Sitter (K): Our pleasure friend. Good-bye.

Spirit: Blimy. Oh God!

Sitter (J): Is it Harry?

Spirit: Yes.

Sitter (J): Oh wonderful.

Spirit: Me mate! Who’d have thought it?

Sitter (K): That’s great.

Sitter (J): Oh that’s wonderful. So pleased. You go with Harry and our love goes with you.

Sitters (H & K): Good night.

Footnote: After the circle, the medium asked if these few things she could remember were significant.

  1. Harry was from ‘The Big House’.

  2. Tom was the gardener’s helper.

  3. Harry and friend Tom had talked of going to war.

  4. The two boys went and enlisted.

Harry’s father used influence somehow. (Perhaps to keep them together).

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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