Topic: Names from the Spirit World.

Names from the Spirit World

Spirit: Good evening. You are calling me ‘Cloud’.

I put it that way because I want you, if possible, to understand many of the fallacies regarding names from spirit.
You may have noticed, that our medium has many times said that she cannot see the faces of the spirits, but she would recognise them if they came into the room. She is recognising the ‘essence’.

Many people feel that they have what is known as a ‘Guide’, and that guides must come from one of the races that are different from the European. If you think sensibly, why should this be so? Why should a Chinese, an Indian, or any other so-called coloured race be a better guide than any of the Europeans? Being sensible, there is no reason why it can’t be Europeans. I am not saying that there aren’t some coloured guides, helpers, doorkeepers, etc, for there are.

Now some of them will tell a story of what they can remember, of some part of their lives… remembering lives are very long! So the vivid memory they have of a particular time, may have the face of someone that they no longer are. If they are sufficiently advanced to be doorkeepers or true guides, they probably have no name, no race - but a beautiful light… it is the ‘essence’ of these people.

Now how these names can come about and people supposedly see them, is because the medium, through reading, through going to another medium, may get it into their thought, into their mind, that they have a very fine African as their guide. They picture him or her. The picture is in their mind. Another medium picks that up and confirms it. The first medium immediately says “Yes, that is my Guide”, whereas in reality their guide might be a beautiful, shimmering, oval light, with the essence of the soul showing through this coloured light.

So that’s why names really do not mean very much. An example is the doorkeeper you know. He told you a story that he remembers of part of some life he had, where he wandered across the deserts. Do you think he had the name of Alan?

Sitters: No.

Spirit: It is most unlikely. But it is one that was easy for you people. Your tutor… he at some time lived the life he told you about, but he chose the name of ‘Ling’ for the simple reason that it is rather like your Smith or Jones… an easy simple name that everyone can remember. It is easier for the medium to accept it.

Some of these people who come to you… they are correct in the name they give, they are closer to earth, the memory is more vivid.  These are more likely to be the people who have lived in the last, we’ll say, ‘hundred years’.  They will give you a name that is vivid to them, perhaps because it was their own, or possibly even a nickname.  In my own case, well, I feel like I am more like a cloud than a person.  I just ‘am’.  To call me ‘Cloud’ is better than calling me ‘Oval’.  (Mirth).

I hope that this explains something to you so when people say to you, “My Indian Guide is…” oh, any name you choose… you can think to yourself, “This may be so”; but you know, that if they are getting knowledge that is a little more advanced than your present thinking, or perhaps knowledge that makes you think, knowledge that is a bit different… you can think, “Ah, that person you have is probably a beautiful light, you are contacting the ‘essence’”.

This may be a little bit advanced for some people’s thinking, but we feel that you people perhaps can accept it.  It is something for you to think on.  You are contacting in most cases, with your teachers, your guides, your doorkeepers, a beautiful circle of light, which is an ‘essence’.

Well on that note, this egg (laughter) will gradually retreat.

God bless you my friends, you are on a long and important journey.  May it always be enlightening for you.

Good night.

The source of this material is Ken Hanson of Waiheke Island, New Zealand, whose Cockney wife is the Medium.
Ken passed to the Higher Life in August, 2009.

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